What You Need To Cleanse Your Life for the New Year

Published Date 12/23/2020
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Cleanse your mind and space so you can approach the new year with fresh enthusiasm.

As the new year approaches, you may find yourself excitedly anticipating a fresh calendar and a new start. Prepare yourself for the year ahead by mindfully cleansing your life so you can paint the next chapter of your story on a clean canvas.

Home Cleansing

Cleanse your home from the accumulated energies of 2020 and create a fresh slate for the new year. Begin by cleaning your space and getting rid of clutter so you can move about easily. Next, smudge your home thoroughly. Use sage to banish negative energies and palo santo to bless your space. You can also use cedar to promote security and structure. To smudge your home:

  • Focus on positive, cleansing thoughts and fix your intention on purifying your home.
  • Light your smudge stick at your front door.
  • Move around your home in a clockwise direction, allowing the smoke to float along the perimeter and reach all the corners.

Body Detox

A detox can help reset your body for the new year. You have many options, ranging from a full weekend fast to a mini detox where you simply eliminate a few unhealthy habits. Some things you may want to detox from include alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. Consider eliminating all beverages but water for the last week of the year and eating only whole foods.

Healing Crystals

Crystals are associated with spiritual and emotional healing. These stones resonate at distinct frequencies, which can influence the energy of a person or place. You can keep crystals in strategic places to promote positive energies in the new year. Consider putting them by your bed, on your desk at work, or in your purse or pocket. Speaking with a psychic can help you select crystals that are uniquely suited to your needs. Some suggestions to start with include:

  • Clear Quartz: For focus and purification.
  • Smoky Quartz: For grounding, clarity, and life balance.
  • Moonstone: For creativity and new beginnings.

Restorative Bath

Take a long hot bath to wash away the strain of the year and get a fresh, clean start to the new one. Light candles to create a soothing atmosphere where you can meditate on your intentions for the year ahead. Add herbs or oils to the bath, or use scented candles for added purification. Rosemary and lavender are excellent choices with positive cleansing energies.

Psychic Reading

Schedule a psychic reading to ring in the new year with fresh insights and inspiration. Speaking with an experienced psychic or getting an intuitive tarot reading can give you powerful information that will help you find the right path as you begin 2021.

A few simple cleansing activities can give you the fresh start you're looking for as you move into the new year. Get ready to rejuvenate your life!


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