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30 Good Luck Symbols and Charms

Date 3/21/2023
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There are many good luck signs around you, so keep your fingers crossed!

There are many good luck signs around you, so keep your fingers crossed!

In our enlightened age, many people say there is no such thing as luck, as they cross their fingers! If luck doesn't exist, how does that explain why millions of people purchase lottery tickets every day and win, or win thousands-- even millions of dollars when pulling the handle on a slot machine? Each year, American's spend millions of dollars on good luck charms. Are we that superstitious? Luck is probably the most universal belief amongst the entire human race. All of us have experienced the joy of good luck and the wrath of bad luck. You can help luck along.

Here are some of the more familiar signs that good luck is coming your way soon and the good luck symbols that represent them.

Four-Leaf Clovers - A Classic Good Luck Symbol

The four-leaf clover is probably the most well-known symbol for luck. In Irish folklore, the Celts believed clover would give them the ability to see fairies and avoid their tricks. The four-leaf clover represents faith, love, hope, and luck. There are many types of clovers, all with different numbers of leaves. However, the four-leaf clovers with the most luck are said to be the white clovers. If you find a four-leaf clover, consider yourself lucky.

Lucky Pennies and Coins on the Ground

As the saying goes, "See a penny, pick it up. All day long, you'll have good luck." Many people believe that finding a penny on the ground signifies that an angel crossed their path, leaving comfort and love. It also symbolizes the coming change and the end to financial issues.

Horseshoes Above the Door... Welcome in Good Luck

According to Irish folklore, a blacksmith was visited by a hoofed devil who asked for a horseshoe for himself.  The blacksmith used 7 iron nails to secure a red hot horseshoe tightly on one of his hooves, and the devil howled in great pain.  The devil begged for the hot shoe to be removed, but the blacksmith said only under one condition... the devil must respect the horseshoe and never enter any place where one was hung above a door. To this day, people believe a horseshoe can keep out evil spirits and bad luck when hung above the entrance way to their home.  Make sure it's hung correctly, upwards like a "U", to contain the luck, otherwise if hung upside down, your luck will flow out...

Seeing the Number Eight

The number eight itself is an extremely lucky number that symbolizes good fortune and abundance. In China, the number eight is extremely fortunate because the pronunciation of the word eight in Chinese is very similar to the word for “wealth.” So, if you keep seeing eights everywhere you go, it could mean that something amazing is in your future. If you have questions about what this (or any) number can mean for your life, speak with an online numerology psychic to discuss how you can experience the full meaning of your soul messages. 

Carrying a Lucky Rabbit's Foot

You've probably heard of the idea of carrying a rabbit's foot for luck, but do you know why this came to be?  There are several theories surrounding the history of this one, so it's open for debate.  In many cultures, rabbits are considered totems of fertility, prosperity, and good luck because they breed copiously and often. They are also able to escape danger as they are quick runners and nimble jumpers. Because of these traits, their left, rear foot has long been considered  talisman that brings good fortune to those who carry them (just maybe not so lucky for the rabbit.)  However, don't lose one once you find it, because that is said to cause your luck to quickly turn bad.

Dandelion Fluff - Make a Wish for Good Luck

Even though the average landscaper might look at a dandelion as a lawn problem, it's actually another popular symbol for good luck. Have you ever made a wish and blew the fuzzy seeds off of a dandelion? Next time you see one, make your wish and blow the seeds away. You just might get exactly what you need.

Lucky Number 7

Seventh on our list (see what we did there) is lucky number 7. The number 7 appears in so many different places, no wonder it's associated with being lucky.  There are 7 days a week, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 continents on Earth and 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Researchers have found that human memory works best with up to 7 things, so it's no surprise how many digits make up a traditional phone number (OK, if you don't include the area code). In the Bible, God was said to create the world in six days, and rest on the seventh. If you are into math, it's an odd number (considered luckier than even numbers) and also the largest single digit prime number (which means it can only be divided by itself). In a casino, many slot machines will pay off big jackpots if you hit the right combination of symbols with the number 7, and if you add up the numbers on opposite sides of traditional dice, they always add to, you guessed, 7. Not to mention it's references in Pop Culture: Disney's Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Sinbad the Sailor and his Seven Voyages, and of course Bond, James Bond... 007 himself.  Finally, according to researchers, when a person is asked to pick a number from 1-10, the number 7 is by far chosen the most often. We've given you way more than 7 reasons why the number 7 is pretty darn lucky!  For even more on 7 and the rest of the digits, check out our comprehensive Numerology Guide to learn all about numbers and their meanings.

But wait... there's more, A LOT more. 

We've compiled a list of even more Good Luck Symbols and Charms and organized from from A-Z for you.  We thought it would be fun to explore some examples of less traditional good luck charms that may help with manifesting goals.

The A-Z of Good Luck Charms and Symbols

  • Acorns – Often placed near windows or hung from window-shades pulls to bring luck to the house.
  • Baby’s Hair – A lock of baby hair is cut and put away by the mother for safekeeping as a lucky charm.
  • Cornucopia – The horn of plenty helps businesses thrive and expectant mothers have a safe delivery and healthy baby.
  • Dolphins – Carvings of a dolphin at a sea port will bring luck to the sailors who pass through.
  • Emerald – Considered a lucky stone for expectant mothers, a protector of eyesight, and prevents memory loss.
  • Frogs – A charm in the shape of a frog is said to attract true friends and help find long-lasting love.
  • Garlic – An effective lucky charm for curing illness and relief from toothaches. As a bonus, it also fights off vampires!
  • Hearts – Charms in the shape of hearts are associated with bringing luck in love.
  • Ides of March – March 15th, a lucky day in Roman history despite the assassination of Julius Caesar. Celebrations included consuming a cup of wine to add years to your life.
  • Jasper – This stone confers powers of health, security and beauty to its wearers.
  • Key – A key given as a gift between lovers is considered a symbol of unlocking the door to the heard and the giver will be lucky in love.
  • Ladybugs – Many people believe that ladybugs are the ultimate symbol for Lady Luck, bringing good fortune and prosperity wherever they land. If you see one land in your house, it's a sign of good things to come. If it lands on you, it's said that you have one wish to make, bringing you luck and abundance. So, if you find yourself with a ladybug stopping for a break on your hand, make a wish.
  • May Day – May 1st. It was a tradition on the first of May to cut down a sycamore tree and carry it into town to erect in the square. The branches were cut and place over doorways to bring luck to the households during planting season.
  • New Year’s – If you open the windows at midnight on New Year’s Eve, good luck will fly in and the bad luck will fly out. Plus making noise at midnight encourages the bad luck to go away!
  • Opal – Necklaces and charms with opal will make you a more truthful person and if you have a pure heart will give the gift of foresight and prophecy.
  • Pigs – Gold charms in the shapes of pigs bring good luck to any business venture. In Irish tradition, the figures should be without an ear or a leg, otherwise they don’t qualify as a lucky charm.
  • Quartz – Symbolizes the spirit and intellectual powers unique to the human race. Rose quartz makes you receptive to good luck and can help conquer depression and sadness.
  • Rice – The tradition of showering a bride and groom with rice was from ancient China, where rice was a symbol of fruitfulness, good luck, and abundance. Sneezing – When you say “God Bless You” after someone sneezes, it is a wish for luck, dating back to America’s European roots. It is based on the belief that a sneeze can expel the soul from the body and the blessing serves as a vocal charm to protect the sneezer from death!
  • Tiki – Polynesians of the South Pacific wear tikis around their neck to protect them from witches and other evil influences. If the head is tilted, it means it is listening intently for evil lurking in the air.
  • Umbrella – Unlucky if opened inside a house. However it is also belief if opened indoors when sunny out, it will bring rain which can be needed during a drought.
  • Valentine’s Day – February 14th. The day honoring Saint Valentine has always been considered a lucky day for those who wish to kindle or rekindle love.
  • Wishbone – After a turkey has been picked clean, the wishbone is a powerful luck bringer. It is grasped by two people with their eyes closed; they make a wish, and pull it apart. The one with the larger portion can expect the wish to come true.
  • X, Y and Z – Sorry, we’ve got nothing for these letters. Looks like our luck has just run out!

But don’t let your luck run out!

Remember, it's all in perception, and there are many signs all around that can point to better times ahead. When you keep a positive outlook, you can notice more little good luck symbols. If you ever want deeper insights into these subtle signs, chat with a live phone psychic. You'll find insights into yourself that can help you live your best life.


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