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Prepare for the Winter Solstice with this Angel Ritual by Psychic Angelica

Date 11/19/2020
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Honor the winter solstice with this sacred ritual to invoke the Archangels.

Honor the winter solstice with this sacred ritual to invoke the Archangels.

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On Saturday, December 21st, 2019, we honor the winter solstice, the longest night of the year with a sacred ritual and ceremony invoking the Archangels and connecting with the Medicine Wheel. This ritual is powerful as it will ground us into your intentions for the next year and allow us to release what no longer serves our highest good. This time of the return of the sun and coming out of darkness, renews our connection to yourself, others, Mother Earth and Spirit.

What you will need:
One tall green candle
A crystal 
A feather
A small bowl of sea salt
Frankincense incense
White sage

Set up: 

Find a quiet space with room to make a small circle/medicine wheel. Sage the space with a mixture of rosemary and white sage. For this ceremony I like to light different candles around the room and play soft music in the background. A great suggestion for music is Gregorian Chants by Angelic Choir. 

Place the tall green candle in the middle of the circle and place each sacred object in the coordinating direction. 

West/Small bowl of sea salt

When sacred space is created the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds begin to thin and the transformation begins. 

Begin the ceremony at dusk if possible. 

Take three deep breaths and say out loud: “I release all that I no longer need. I am filled with the light of spirit and set my intentions for the new year for the highest good.” 

Light the center green candle. Close your eyes and invoke one Archangel at a time.

Starting with the North, pick up the crystal and hold it in your hands. Speak these words: “I now call on you Archangel Uriel, thank you for blessing me with inner peace and clarity. As the sun returns, I co-create my life in the way I desire it to be.” Place the crystal back in its place. 

Now the East, holding the feather in your hands. Say “I now call on you Archangel Raphael, thank you for your guidance in aligning me with my sacred gifts and talents. I now manifest them into my soul’s work. As the sun returns, I am divinely guided to my sacred work.” Place the feather back in its place.

The South, holding the selenite proclaim “I now call on you Archangel Michael, in gratitude for your protection and guidance. I am receiving a higher vision and trust for myself and my pathway into the new year. As the sun returns, I gain strength, clarity and the courage to move forward into the new year.” Return the selenite to its place.

Ending in the West. Sprinkle some sea salt around the circle. “I now call on you Archangel Gabriel, thank you for creating a pure channel between heaven and earth. As the sun returns, I become a conduit for spirit to work through me guiding me to receive love and release all fears.” 

Take a moment to sit in meditation and to receive the love of the angels. When you are ready open your eyes and thank the angels, the power of the medicine wheel and the directions and elements for their presence and assistance in this winter solstice ceremony.

When ready, blow out the candle and close with a prayer. "Together may we increase the light and love on planet earth. As it is from above, so it is from below and within. And so, it is, Amen."

Happy Winter Solstice and may the archangels bring you peace and happiness. 

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