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Can Your Dreams Clue You in on a Past Life?

Date 9/2/2020
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What are your dreams telling you?

What are your dreams telling you?

If you noticed any repeated themes in your dreams, try to pay attention to how and where they resurface. Often, themes that recur throughout your dreams point toward karmic situations that you've experienced before. Sometimes your dreams can even clue you in on what you lived through in a past life.

Karmic Dreams

Karmic dreams allow you to relive and recreate karmic situations, or repetitive circumstances and actions that you’ve already experienced in the past. Whether these karmic situations happened to you days ago or years ago, subconsciously, you’re not over these experiences yet.

One of the most common reasons that people have karmic dreams is because deep down, they don’t feel as though they gained closure from a situation. Whether it’s a positive or negative situation in question, you may sense that you could have gained more information or knowledge from it in order to guide you through future experiences. With karmic dreams, you can revisit these situations to learn more. 

Repeated Dream Themes

Repeated themes throughout your dreams may mean that you’ve got the same thing on your mind from day to day, but they can also mean much more. If you repeatedly dream that you’re overwhelmed at work or that your car has been stolen, be sure to pay attention to the details. Your dreams can tell you more than you see on the surface. The work that overwhelms you in your dreams may really refer to uncertainty about your perceived purpose in life. Similarly, a stolen car in your dreams may point to a perceived obstacle to moving forward in life.

If you notice the same themes from night to night, this could be a sign that you’re not dealing with the issues that your dreams signal in an effective way. An online dream interpretation can help you work through these repeated themes and show you how to move past them. Once you understand what your dreams are telling you, you’ll have a much easier time acting upon the signals. You’re likely to find that your dreams change once your mind is able to move on from lingering issues.

Past Life Experiences

While repeated themes and karmic dreams can reveal pressing issues in your waking life, they can often tell you about your past life as well. Pay attention to the symbols, signs, and the settings for deeper meanings and clues to who you have been.

You may be tempted to rely on your own intuition, but a professional can also guide you through analyzing these dreams. A past life reading can help you recognize themes from your past life, as well as how they affect your life today. Knowing who you were in the past can only help you live a more complete life now.

Karmic dreams and recurring themes are clear signals about who you were and what you experienced in your past life. Take the time to dig deeper into these clues, and you may be surprised by what you learn about yourself.

Be sure to look for an all new series of articles about Dream Interpretation coming in August from Psychic Source. 


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