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Are My Spirit Guides Mad At Me? by Psychic Jae

Date 9/14/2022
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Your Spirit Guides Will Never Give Up On You!

Your Spirit Guides Will Never Give Up On You!

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If you're like most people, you've judged yourself for doing something your intuition warned you not to do. Or, you haven't acted on something you felt intuitively you should have. You might even have felt guilty or fearful of being punished for not following through on what your guides said. Perhaps you've apologized to your spirit guides because you think that they are upset with you for not heeding their advice.

Your Spirit Guides Never Give Up…

However, the power and presence that created this Universe only chooses spirits to become guides when they are all loving and nonjudgmental. These spirit guides freely offered insight and advice and are not offended if you reject it. It is YOUR life after all, and they don't hedge their value on how successful they are at getting you to do something. They know they can't control that, and they don't want to. That said, they are fully and completely invested in you being successful in all life areas. They never give up and are forever patient.

...But They May Be Blunt!

Now, that doesn't mean your spirit guides won't be firm and stern with you, because they will. They've been blunt and honest on many occasions. They may give urgency and sincerity in order to propel us forward if that is what we respond to. Also, it doesn't mean you won't have consequences for your actions and inactions. But those consequences aren't payback. They are just the results. 

Your Master Guide Has Got Your Back!

We all have a Master guide, also known as a Main guide, that has been with us since birth and will be there until death. You can't lose them. They are dedicated to you and love you, and so, their highest desire is for you to know you are priceless/invaluable and to never think you're not measuring up. Always know, that no matter what they've got your back as you go through your own sacred journey at the divine pace for your soul. 

With love and forever supporting you,

Your Spirit Guides.


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