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Finding Spirit Portals

Date 5/25/2020

Have you noticed activity associated with a spirit portal in your home?

Have you noticed activity associated with a spirit portal in your home?

Spirit portals are physical locations that allow spirits to move between realms. In this realm, spirit portals can take many shapes. These often form when there's a lot of spiritual energy in a particular location. Spirits may actively seek to form portals to reach you. You can also create a portal of your own for spiritual exploration, but this isn't something that you should undertake lightly.

Signs of a Spirit Portal

The most obvious indication of a spirit portal is a lot of spirit activity in a certain location. If you notice apparitions, unexplained noises, or items moving about in a particular part of the house, there's a good chance that a spirit portal has formed there. Hold a pendulum in the location of your suspected portal and see if it begins moving in a circular motion. This is a good indicator of a portal.

You may also notice increased activity surrounding a certain individual. People can themselves become spirit portals -- also known as channels. A psychic medium will typically serve as this kind of channel, connecting you to spirits in another realm.

Common Portals

Spirit portals can occur almost anywhere with enough focused energy. However, there are some particular locations that are more apt to become portals. These include:

  • Windows and doors
  • Mirrors
  • Wardrobes with doors
  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers or streams
  • Fissures in the earth
  • Fire pits or fireplaces
  • Ley lines

Portals are more likely to form in places where there's a lot of spirit activity. Places where spirits cross over frequently, such as hospitals or nursing homes, often form portals. The home or studio that a psychic works in may also become a portal.

How to Open a Portal

While it is possible to open a portal on your own, it's always best to work with the assistance of an experienced psychic or medium. If you don't know someone that you can work with in person, you can consult with an online psychic to learn more about properly opening a portal.

You must be skilled in meditation and manifestation to create your own portal. To open the portal, visualize an orb of light. In your mind's eye, watch this orb expand until it's large enough to allow spirit travel from another realm.

Protecting Portals

It's generally best to close spirit portals if you're not actively using them to communicate with spirits or explore other realms. You can typically do this by grounding yourself and drawing up energy from the earth. Channel this energy toward the portal. If you want to open the portal again later, visualize a temporary seal of white light across the portal. If you want to close the portal permanently, visualize the energy drawing it closed like the top of a drawstring bag.

Use portals with care to prevent unwanted spirit activity. Working with an experienced psychic is typically the best option for opening, closing, and utilizing these access points.


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