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Rating and Reviewing Advisors

A great way for Psychic Source members to help each other find and connect with the best Advisors is through our rating and reviewing system.

Every time you get a reading, you can tell the entire Psychic Source community what you thought about your Advisor by giving him or her a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and by writing a short review of your reading. To protect your anonymity, your reviews will be published with a user name that you select. If you don’t want to make your reviews public, you can also leave private notes to yourself about the reading.

We strongly encourage you to candidly share your experiences. Please don't include personal details of your reading, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, personal details, or mention of any Advisors other than the one who gave the reading. And while we openly welcome and do publish both positive and negative reviews, we ask that you keep your comments professional; we won't publish reviews which contain inappropriate language or other unsuitable material, or are slanderous or personally disrespectful.

Aim for objectivity. We know that our members value this feature. The more reviews our Advisors have, the more information you and all of our other members have to help you decide which Advisors to call.

Reviews are posted according to the date of your reading, not the date they were submitted, so customers always see reviews of the latest readings first. We encourage you to rate and review your reading right away, you have 7 days from your reading to review it. Please submit your rating and review in your account, while the experience and information is top of mind.

An advisor then may comment on your posted rating and review. You will be able to see these comments on their individual review pages as well as on your “Review Readings” page in your account.

How to Post Ratings and Reviews

On the "Review Readings" page in your account, you will see a list of the readings you have had in the last 7 days, which lasted at least 3 minutes. These are the readings you can rate and review. Once you've reviewed your reading, it moves to the "Review History" tab.

Once you submit a review, it cannot be edited. It takes about 1-2 business days for a rating and/or review to be posted. However, you can still create and edit your personal notes, which are a great way to recall specific details from your reading to refer back to.

How to Endorse an Advisor

This feature allows you to endorse Advisors based on their subject matter expertise. You will be able to endorse an Advisor with whom you’ve had a reading, after you leave a rating and review on our website (see above). Advisors can currently be endorsed on their expertise in “Love, Relationships & Family,” “Career & Finance,” “Loss & Grieving,” and “Life, Destiny, & Meaning.” Think of an endorsement as a simple “Thumbs Up” saying that Yes, this Advisor is especially helpful when it comes to this subject matter.

You can endorse an Advisor in all, some, or none of the categories available. You will have the option to endorse an Advisor after each reading, so it is possible to provide the same Advisor multiple endorsements. Your endorsements may vary based on the subject matter of your particular reading, and that’s OK. Please note: not endorsing an Advisor in a specific category is not saying that the advisor is not an expert on that subject matter, just that it was not relevant to your specific reading.

Unlike leaving reviews, your username will not be visible with your endorsements and an Advisor will not know which endorsements you selected. Only a summary of the endorsement counts will be displayed on each Advisor’s individual bio page. We encourage you to be honest when leaving endorsements to help guide others to find the perfect Advisor for their next reading.

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