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Colors in Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Date 3/31/2021
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Puff of vibrant colors

Puff of vibrant colors

What Do Colors Mean in Dreams?

If you've ever had an emotional response to a sunny sky, a red warning light, or a green forest, you know that in your waking life, color can affect how you feel. As a matter of fact, while awake, seeing different colors often stimulates your emotions in ways you don't even realize. The same is true when you're asleep, especially when the hues of your dreams are particularly prominent. The meanings of these dream time colors can often help point to not only your emotional state, but your personality traits as well.  

Curious about the shades that stand out as you sleep? Discover the significance of colors in your dreams.


If you're one of the many people who claim to dream in black and white, you might not remember a dream that prominently features the latter shade. If you do dream in color, however, bright, bold flashes of white are sure to stick with you when you awake. White typically suggests new beginnings and new understandings and tends to have a positive connotation for your waking life.


Dark dreams that feature large swaths of black may seem ominous or negative, but that isn't necessarily the case. To understand what black means for your dream, think about when the color first appeared or how it evolved. An online dream interpretation can help you assess whether you're approaching a real threat or if you're undergoing a major life change.


Dreaming in purple or violet tones suggests the presence of magic or mysticism. A vivid purple tone often suggests the fulfillment of your deepest desires, and the potential to manifest what you truly want in your waking life.


Similar to seeing a bright, blue sky, dreaming in blue creates a sense of peace and tranquility. If the person you dream about has a blue aura or wears blue, it typically reflects your level of trust and compatibility.


If you awake to memories of green, consider it a sign that you have unmet wants. Dreaming of green usually indicates you want more from something important in your life, you need additional security, or you're seeking to improve your health.


Dreaming in vivid yellow tones often indicates you're striving toward positive change. You may be looking for a fix to a real-life problem or seeking to improve a situation that's less than desirable in your waking life. Think about where the yellow appeared in your dream and what it could represent in life to know how best to apply your dream's teachings.


Like green, orange often suggests an unmet want or need. However, orange typically indicates a need for connection, validation, freedom, and other intangible sensations. To better understand your dream, think about what element was orange and how it held you back.


Fiery red elements in your dreams usually suggest primal sensations and needs. They may represent sexual sensations or desires to take confident, assertive actions in a pertinent aspect of your waking life.

Understanding the meanings behind prominent colors can add substantial significance to your dreams, but you may want to know more before taking action in your waking life. Try a live psychic chat to learn even more about your dreams and gain insight into pursuing the desires, inspirations, and associations that illuminate your subconscious.


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