Is it Dangerous to Awaken Your Third Eye?

Published Date 3/7/2015
Category: Life Destiny And Meaning

Open your third eye to see more of the world.

Opening your third eye can lead to amazing experiences. The awakening can teach you about this world as well as the spirit world, but many people fear that opening the third eye will leave them vulnerable to evil and bad experiences. Learning about the third eye and how to deal with the experience will help you avoid negativity.

What is the Third Eye?

One of the most powerful centers of energy in humans, you'll find the third eye in the middle of your forehead. Once it's awakened, it acts like a gate into a place that lets you see beyond time and space. Scientifically, the third eye is at the pineal gland, a gland in your brain that many believe is important in sparking psychic abilities. Many also consider the third eye as the most powerful place of ethereal energy.

What Happens When you Open Your Third Eye?

When you awaken your third eye, you raise your frequency to move to a higher consciousness. Many spiritual experiences, such as visualization, meditation, reiki, and yoga will open the third eye. This lets you see beyond physical sight. At this point, you'll notice an increase in messages through dreams as well as psychic talents. At the start, you'll probably only use your third eye when you close your physical eyes. When you go on with practice, however, you'll learn to focus attention and receive messages by opening your third eye with your eyes open.

The Risks of Awakening Your Third Eye

Like any activity you undertake, opening your third eye comes with certain risks. The biggest risk generally is falling into delusion. Once your third eye is open, it's a natural sense that your mind will use. You must then make the choice to train yourself with awareness to balance what you see.

Awareness teaches you how not to hurt yourself with this talent. If you use the gift of the third eye with good intentions and wisdom, then it's a gift of good. If you instead use it to control people or tell them things they shouldn't hear, then it is bad.

The Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye

If you use it wisely, though, awakening your third eye offers many benefits. You'll experience increased intuition, have a better direction to your life, and understand the purpose of your life and soul. You'll have more psychic awareness and can have different gifts brought to you through your third eye. You'll learn if you're a healer, teacher, medium, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, or many other talents.

Avoiding Negative Experiences

The key to avoiding negative experiences is finding a spiritual guide. You need to ground yourself and to find a teacher that will help you understand your experience. Don't rush into the experience. Instead, take everything slowly, letting yourself go with the flow of your third eye awakening.

Awakening your third eye can lead to wonderful experiences and a deepened spiritual understanding of the world. Take it slow and work with a teacher to avoid potential risks.


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