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Is Opening Your Third Eye Dangerous?

Date 9/28/2022
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Open your third eye to see more of the world.

Open your third eye to see more of the world.

Like many esoteric concepts, the existence of a third eye may strike people as controversial, exciting or frightening, symbolic, or very real. We’re here to debunk the myths and help you determine for yourself whether awakening your third eye is something you want to explore.

A Guide to Understanding How to Open Your Third Eye

To understand the power of the third eye, it’s helpful to start with the concept of dimensions of consciousness. Objects come into form in the 2nd dimension, but objects lack consciousness. The human experience is played out through our five senses in what’s known as the 3rd dimension, which is where human consciousness begins.

Spiritual transcendence is the process of moving beyond the 3rd dimension of human consciousness into the higher realms of spiritual consciousness, which is where an awakened third eye can lead. This Guide to Opening Your Third Eye is an invitation to explore the world from a 5th dimensional perspective.

What is Your Third Eye?

For centuries, the third eye has provided untold sensations and intuitions to those who have learned to harness its power. The mystical concept of an open third eye is an invisible eye that gives you perception beyond the normal, everyday sense of sight. It's the gateway to your inner spaces and higher consciousness.

 Associated often with clairvoyance, religious vision, out-of-body experiences, and the ability to perceive auras and chakras, awakening your third eye can give you access to levels of consciousness beyond what you see every day. An awakened third eye brings you to a state of enlightened consciousness and can give you more control over your emotions and your mind while developing a deep sense of intuition about the surrounding world.

Experiencing the world in this heightened state can also feel disorienting, or even scary. That’s why it’s helpful to embark on this process with an experienced spiritual or intuitive guide, such as one of your favorite advisors at Psychic Source.

The Meaning of the Third Eye

Your third eye is the window to your personal and spiritual potential, but it can also tell you so much more about the nature of the universe. Despite a reputation for being dangerous, the third eye isn’t necessarily a negative force. Like the biblical story of the dangers of eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, an open third eye can lead to knowledge and understanding that you may not have otherwise. Revelations can be frightening or liberating, depending on the way you view them.

If you’re not prepared for certain revelations, you might look on the third eye as being bad. If you’re prepared for some surprising new information, though, you’ll understand why your third eye can be a positive force for good.

The Third Eye in Biology

Your pineal gland, the technical name for your third eye, is the recipient of light and other sensations from your retina. It’s responsible for controlling your circadian rhythm, or your body’s internal time clock by using input on the environment’s light/dark cycle and secreting or stopping the secretion of melatonin. The ability to convert light into biological function has likely led to the idea that the pineal functions as an eye, namely the "third eye".

The Connection Between the Third Eye Chakra and the Pineal Gland

What’s now just gland was likely a real eye for our ancestors thousands of years ago, though. Some animals still have three eyes that can receive light, possibly suggesting the way humans once looked and functioned. For more insight into how your third eye once functioned, past life readings can be truly illuminating.

The Impact of Calcification

Like many parts of the body, including heart valves, joints, and breast tissue, the pineal gland may develop calcium spots or calcifications. Calcification can impair the pineal’s ability to produce melatonin. Researchers have theorized that calcification can be the result of aging, chronic conditions, or underuse. However, none of these theories has been definitively proven and there’s no consensus whether what is assumed to be the signs of calcification--inability to sleep and migraines—can be backed up scientifically. 

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Why You Should Open Your Third Eye

Why Should You Awaken Your Third Eye

As the gateway to higher consciousness, an open third eye is an invitation to those seeking spiritual enlightenment and all its benefits. Correlated to the 6th Chakra, it’s also the way those with an interest in developing their own intuitive abilities can tap into their higher power.

The third eye helps us understand and make sense of what we experience intuitively through our gut. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when something does not feel right? Well our third eye allows us to make sense of the information we gather through our senses and in many cases our gut.

Most people fully use their five senses, but not everyone has mastered his or her sixth sense. Once you’ve opened your third eye, though, you’ll be able to use it as an intuitive sense. In a way, your third eye serves as a master sense organ, where your five senses and your brain combine to feel more powerful sensations. You can use this super sense to act appropriately on intuitions and make the right decisions about your feelings.

Another reason to awaken your third eye is to receive information only available in a person’s aura. Auras surround every person, from young to old. Many people haven’t developed the ability to see auras, so they remain invisible to most. Use your third eye to see them, and you’ll be able to intuit so much more about a person when you can sense his energy and the colors of her aura.

Is Opening Your Third Eye Safe?

Before you commit to opening your third eye, or inner eye, you need to fully understand what it is and what power it holds. While there are many benefits to going through the experience of third eye awakening, there are cautions that must be thought through with care.

When you see, sense, and feel everything, how will you handle it?

If you see the end of someone’s life, or something terrible happening, what will you do with this knowledge?

Will you try to intervene in fate, or allow the future to unfold?

Do you have the spiritual strength, are you grounded enough, to keep a foot in your third-dimensional reality, or might you get lost in the fifth dimension?

Generally speaking, the universe will only give you as much access to information as you can handle. That said, some people are so entranced by the idea of unlimited access to the fifth dimension that they will do whatever it takes to awaken their third eye consciousness. If you try to “hack the system” by using a hallucinogenic substance, for example, the universe may not be able to protect you. That’s why we advise you to practice psychic self-defense to protect yourself from psychic attack

If you follow these guidelines and still find that the information and visions that you receive from your third eye are overwhelming, know that closing your third eye is possible. Nevertheless, by learning to channel your intuition into positive actions, an open third eye can be of benefit to you and those around you.

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How to Open Your Third Eye

How Do You Awaken Your Third Eye

An awakened third eye brings you to a state of enlightened consciousness and allows you to view the world in a way that's nearly supernatural. While it doesn't mean you've become a psychic or suddenly have magical powers, an open third eye gives you more control over your emotions and your mind while developing a deep sense of intuition about the surrounding world. You can't awaken your third eye instantly, but certain practices will help you slowly open up. Know that you will move as fast or as slowly as your subconscious and conscious awareness allow.

Keep Track of Your Dreams

Some dreams function as premonitions. A dream analyzer can help you uncover meaning, but first you must log and track your dreams. You can do this by starting a dream diary. Keep this journal near your bed so you can log dreams right when you wake up. This can show you any connections between your dreams and daily life. Perhaps something you dream later comes true in waking life, which can show that your third eye is opening.

Practice Meditation Regularly

Learning how to meditate effectively will help you awaken your third eye. The more often you meditate, the more effective it will be for you, helping you grow more aware and mindful as you progress. An intuitive teacher or psychic guide can help you with this practice.

First, you should find the right environment, a quiet place where you can sit alone for at least a half hour. Sit with good posture and relax your body, releasing tension from your muscles. Then you can relax your mind, which is an essential and often particularly challenging part of opening your third eye. Focus all of your attention on the outside world.

Practice Breath Work

Breathwork strategies for awakening the third eye include facial relaxation, steady deep breathing, mantras, and visualizing the third eye as a pulsing dot on the forehead, about half an inch to an inch above the eyebrows between your eyes. The feeling of breathwork is a rhythmic alteration between intensity and relaxation. Many people find that practicing breathwork in a group setting, lying on the floor, and using music and a guided breathing exercise, helps transcend ordinary consciousness and awaken third eye consciousness.

Utilize Crystals

Certain crystals target your pineal gland and help awaken the third eye. Pay close attention to color, as violet, dark purple, and indigo crystals, in particular, stimulate the pineal gland and balance the 6th and 7th chakras. You can place crystals right on the third eye for about 15 to 30 minutes each day. Another exercise involves an amethyst wand or obelisk crystal. Point it at your third eye while, with your eyes closed, looking right at the sun.

Balance Your Chakras

A healthy and balanced chakra system is key to awakening your third eye. The third eye, also known in Sanskrit as the Ajna chakra, is one of the energy centers of the human chakra system. Along with the other chakras, it helps regulate the energy flow throughout your body and consciousness. The third eye chakra provides a gateway to the wisdom that expands beyond our 3rd-dimensional lives, providing a view to our spiritual essence embodied by the 7th or crown chakra. Some believe that the 6th chakra is the psychic center, while others believe it is the center that interprets the energetic messages gathered in our second chakra located in the solar plexus.

In addition to meditation, consider sound healing, color therapy, yoga, and reiki to balance the chakras.

Other strategies for awakening your third eye include tapping, essential oils, particularly lavender, frankincense, juniper, or neroli, and herbs such as dill, thyme, rosemary, poppy seeds, mugwort, and juniper. Don’t neglect a healthy diet and sufficient sleep either.

What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye?

When you experience a third eye awakening you raise your frequency to move to higher consciousness. It’s not uncommon to experience a third eye awakening just before a period of transformative growth. At the start, you'll probably only use your third eye when you close your physical eyes. You may begin to picture things in your mind's eye with greater clarity or detail or find that your dreams become more vivid. When you go on with the practice, however, you'll learn to focus attention and receive messages by opening your third eye with your eyes open.

How to Know if Your Third Eye is Open: Some Quick Answers

According to psychics and intuitives, some quick answers to this common question are as follows. When you first awaken your third eye, you may experience a feeling of pressure in the center of your forehead, much like a sinus headache, tingling heat or even throbbing sensation. You might hear a crackling sound coming from within your head. This can be the result of receiving too much information before your chakra has fully opened, or is overactive. These symptoms will vanish once the third eye has awakened and your body has adjusted to this new way of being.

Prepare yourself for:

  • Strong Vibrations. The experiences you have after opening your third eye may scare you. There are many ways to deal with this, though. For instance, you may feel very strong vibrations in your body, which can frighten you if you've never experienced this before. Just stay calm and allow the vibrations to overtake you, and they will usually pass. You may see with your third eye during these vibrations, as you catch a glimpse of other dimensions.
  • Vivid, Frequent Dreams. Awakening your third eye often leads to psychic awakening. Psychic readers can help guide you through this experience, letting you know what to expect and how to deal with what you experience. Vivid or frequent dreaming often goes hand-in-hand with an open third eye. When you sleep, you have no resistance to receiving intuitive information.
  • Heightened Sensitivities. An awakened and highly functioning third eye improves your psychic abilities and spiritual awareness drastically. At first, you may realize your hearing is better than normal or that you see bits of light or something in the corner of your eye. These sensations mean your psychic senses are strengthening. It's part of a normal process of awakening. You may experience feelings or knowing things, known as claircognizance, have visions, known as clairvoyance, and hear things that aren't there to hear, known as clairaudience.
  • Energy Sensitivity. Along with heightened senses, you'll also become attuned to others' energies. After you awaken your third eye, you'll start picking up the energies that others offer, both good and bad. Picking up on good energies will affect you positively. However, you'll likely feel the effects of bad energies, too. Spiritual people often feel drained after spending time in crowded places since there are too many bad energies there. If an angry person looks in your direction, you may feel the effects.
  • Desire to Learn and Grow. Almost everyone who undergoes an awakening comes through wanting to learn more. Opening up means moving on from your old self. At the same time, an awakening will allow you to remember the power of your soul subconsciously. Doing so will make you want to read everything possible about your new experiences so you can learn as much as you can and go down a more spiritual path. Awakening your third eye will lead to enhanced abilities in many spiritual realms. Though some of the experiences can feel frightening or negative at first, learning to deal with what happens with an awakened third eye will let you open up to the spiritual growth and possibilities this awakening allows.

Signs Your Third Eye is Already Open

It’s not uncommon for people to think they need to awaken their third eye when in fact it is already awakened. This is because they’re discounting the intuitive information they are already receiving in the form of gut feelings or hunches, and suppressing these messages.

For others, an open third eye is a matter of degree of openness. You may be taking in and processing intuitive information, but want to go further on your spiritual journey.

Do you sometimes feel spiritually alive and see the world from an expanded perspective? Are your physical senses heightened and your sensitivities intensified? Are psychic images, dreams, and impressions happening more frequently? These are common signs of a third eye wide open. How many of the signs of an open third eye can you relate to?

    • Feeling moody and emotional
    • Ultra-sensitive to strong odors and fragrances
    • Unusual sleep patterns such as lucid and vivid dreams
    • Intensity in visual perceptions
    • Increase awareness of changes in the surrounding
    • Sensitivity to the moods of others
    • Hypersensitive to environment
    • Increase in episodes of empathetic nature
    • Intense intuitive flashes
    • Ability to notice inconsistencies quickly
    • Able to detect when others are being dishonest
    • Capacity to understand things without logic
    • Can detect moods in others quickly
    • Increases ability to assess situations intuitively
    • Sensitive to colors, lights, and movement
    • Keen side of direction
    • Increase in comprehension skills
    • Changes in visualization skills

Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye

If you use it wisely, awakening your third eye offers many benefits.

You'll experience increased intuition, have a better direction in your life, and understand the purpose of your life and soul.

You’ll fully grasp the teaching that we are all souls with a body, rather than bodies with a soul. Just as with deep meditation, you’ll be able to shift your perspective to observe your energy, emotions, behaviors, and impact, allowing you to be both in the experience and from outside the experience, as the witness.

You'll have more psychic awareness and can have different gifts brought to you through your third eye.

You'll learn if you're a healer, teacher, medium, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, or many other talents. Note, you can take this quiz to get an idea of where your natural gifts may lie.

Other benefits include:

  • It puts you in closer proximity to the Crown Chakra, the point of union with the Divine, and in contact with the angels, guides and ascended beings
  • It gives you access to a new, 5th dimensional reality and way of seeing things
  • It puts you in touch with the infinite source of love that resides within our soul
  • It heightens your intuition and receptivity to messages from the universe
  • It frees you from anxiety and uncertainty
  • It provides information that you can use as inner guidance

Third-eye impressions aren’t just visions. For some people, visions remain empty concepts that they never act upon. The information that you intuit from your third eye doesn’t have to remain just that, though. You can take the information you glean from your visions to turn them into realities that others can see, too, turning visions into reality.

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Third Eye Dangers

Disadvantages of Opening Your Third Eye

If you’re not well-grounded, the heightened sensory sensitivities and the way intuitive information seems to flow without logic or reason can be overwhelming.

Caught up in a state of information and sensory overload, you may respond irrationally to the stimuli.

You may find yourself gravitating towards conspiracy theories or other irrational ways of explaining human behavior.

Your newfound insight might trick your ego into thinking it's invincible leading you to take risks or act impulsively.

Understanding the world through the perspective of an open third eye does not happen in a sudden flash, although bursts of insight may make it feel that way. It takes time and training to learn how to fit intuitive and spiritual information into a puzzle that also includes scientific and rational information.

Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye

The danger of opening your third eye generally is falling into delusion. Once your third eye is open, it's a natural sense that your mind will use. You must then make the choice to train yourself with awareness to balance what you see.

It’s important to remember that human beings are wired for both rational thoughts as well as intuitive knowing. Good mental health requires a healthy balance. If you begin to lose your tether to reality or fall into a state of deep confusion that leads you to question your mental health, it’s vital to reach out to mental health professionals for support.

Additional dangers of opening your third eye without preparation and support include:

  • Nightmares and intensely life-like dreams
  • Predictive information which is disturbing or frightening
  • Frightening episodes of out-of-body experiences or astral projection

How to Lessen the Dangers

The key to avoiding negative experiences is finding a spiritual guide. You need to ground yourself and to find a teacher that will help you understand your experience. “Grounding is when you are centered in the balancing energy of the Great Mother, we call Earth. In doing so, it helps to recharge us, soothe us, and balance us,” explains Psychic Jae, who provides techniques for grounding in her article 8 Ways to Ground Yourself and Balance Your Energy. Don't rush into the experience. Instead, take everything slowly, letting yourself go with the flow of your third eye awakening.

Awakening your third eye can lead to wonderful experiences and a deepened spiritual understanding of the world. Take it slow and work with a teacher to avoid potential risks.

Third Eye Chakra Imbalances

Third eye chakra imbalances can range from a closed or under-active 6th chakra to an overactive third eye. Both extremes can be equally problematic.

When the third eye is closed or under-active, the parts of the brain capable of processing sensory stimulation are stifled.

Think about the people who go through life on autopilot, missing the emotional cues that provide valuable information, or failing to notice the details of the people and environment around them. They may approach their lives in well-ordered and logical ways yet miss the emotional and sensory information available in the present moment, or the opportunity to make meaning of life’s mysteries. On the other hand, they may be emotionally vulnerable because they miss the cues that enable them to set appropriate boundaries. Personality aside, common causes for these imbalances include lack of sleep, constant stress, emotional conflict, and resistance to the information that the third eye is designed to receive.

On the other hand, an overactive third eye can present its own set of problems in terms of attention and focus. With too much stimulation, the third eye can build up an abundance of energy that needs to be released. Grounding practices including meditation and yoga can help. Try this Guided Meditation Podcast for Clearing Negative Energy by Psychic Bridgette. Dark or disturbing thoughts need to be countered with a practice of raising your love vibration. Learning how to “control the volume” of psychic impressions allows you to shield yourself from information overload when necessary, and amplify it when needed, as Psychic Indigo explains in her article Unlearning Psychological Blocks to the Psychic Senses.

Symptoms of an Underactive Third Eye Chakra

  • Poor concentration
  • Increase in anxiety levels
  • Trouble meditating and doing visualizations
  • Unable to relax or remain still for long periods
  • Easily distracted or forgetful

Symptoms of an Overactive Third Eye Chakra

The idea of opening the third eye is appealing on many levels, because of the various benefits. However, an overactive third eye can create problems that may be difficult to recognize at first. To help you recognize the potential symptoms of an overactive third eye, consider these signs:

  • Overthinking or racing thoughts
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Confusion will make it harder to distinguish between reality and hallucinations
  • Difficulties falling asleep
  • Excessively restless
  • Quickly overwhelmed
  • Impulsivity
  • Desire to escape into fantasy and daydreams

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Balancing the Third Eye Chakra

Balancing the Third Eye Chakra

Maintaining balance is essential not just for the third eye chakra, but the entire chakra system. Believe it or not, it does not take a lot to balance the third eye chakra. There are a variety of wonderful techniques that can restore the balance within the third eye chakra quite effectively. Finding a technique that works is often a matter of personal preference.

A regular routine can include a combination of the tools mentioned, or simply the use of one favorite item. The beauty of working with energy is that it responds fairly quickly to any element utilized, therefore there is no need for elaborate or expensive tools. The main key is using a system that works for your lifestyle. 

Some of the tools that restore balance within the third eye chakra include:


Color healing is useful in creating overall balance. Dark blue, Indigo blue, and white colors help create a sense of calmness and tranquility that puts the mind at ease and allows it to sustain energy that flows with ease. Colors can be in a variety of ways, such as in the selection of crystals, clothing, candles and even objects to focus upon.

Crystals and Stones

Different types of crystals will help release energy blockages as well as balance the energy levels. Every crystal and gemstone has its own healing properties that can balance and energize the different chakra centers. Crystals can be held or placed directly on the different chakra centers or held during meditation or visualization exercised. Crystals and gemstones that work well with the Third eye chakra are: Lapis Lazuli, Purple Fluorite, blue agates, blue aventurine, Sapphire, Sugilite, Sodalite.


Fragrances in the form of essential oils, incenses, flowers, herbs can restore depleted energy levels and improve flow. Each fragrance has different chemical combinations that can activate reactions that induce calmness as well as excitement regardless of the form. When it comes to the third eye, fragrances that help induce calmness are scents such as: musk, sandalwood, lavender can be used. While scents like rose germanium, hyacinth or frankincense can activate the center. Fragrances can be used in a variety of forms such as scent candles, body oils, incense, sachets, bath salts, lotions and even herbal teas. Of course, if you are allergy to strong scents, herbal teas can work just as well


You can use visualization techniques to gradually open the centers one at a time slowly and safely. Through guided visualizations you can include specific instructions to help develop desired results. Psychic Source offers several podcasts which will guide you in safely awakening your third eye. Check out Being Spiritual by Psychic Betty, Being an Intuitive by Psychic Leena, and Connect to Your Angels and Guides by Psychic Paige


There are a ton of meditation techniques that are useful in clearing blockages as well as awakening the energy centers. The range of meditations methods will vary from length of time and style. You can do breathing exercises to calm as well as to activate the centers, or you can do guided meditations that simply help induce a state of peace. Using daily affirmations, or a mantra such as “I am open to receiving inner guidance and wisdom” or “I see things clearly and trust the messages from the universe” can complement your meditation. Here is a simple meditation you can practice to gently open the third eye chakra.

Rosebud Third Eye Meditation

Before you start any meditation, make sure you have a quiet place that you can relax without being disturbed.

      1. Turn off your cell phone and sit in a comfortable chair. Slowly close your eyes and let go of all unnecessary thoughts or concerns for now. As you sit quietly, imagine a bright white light shining above your head. Envision the light, slowly covering your body, beginning with your head and working its way down your body slowly. Let the light travel from your head down to your feet.
      2. Let the light travel down your body, and you become very relaxed and very comfortable. Become aware of your body, and this time focus on the middle of your forehead. Imagine the light coming through your forehead like a flashlight. As the light shines, imagine you can see your third eye opening slowly.
      3. As the light beams ahead, you begin to notice a table. On that table is a vase with a red rose. The rosebud is closed. However, as the light shines through your forehead, the bud begins to open slowly. As the bud opens more, your eyesight in the third eye becomes sharper, allowing you to notice all types of details. As the flower fully blooms, your vision becomes sharper, allowing you to see the flower and beyond.
      4. Permit your eye to look around and visually explore without judgment or hesitation. Take a moment to view things and recall as many details as possible. When you feel satisfied, allow the images to fade.
      5. Slowly bring the light back into your third eye and reduce the size of the flashlight beam. Once more imagine the light going back to your feet and then back to you again to its original starting point at the head. Gently release the light and begin to get ready to open up your eyes slowly on the count of three: one two and three...

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What to Do After You've Opened Your Third Eye

What to Do After You've Opened Your Third Eye

After you’ve opened your third eye, it’s time to get to work. Your spiritual journey is just beginning! You’ll need to diligently practice strengthening your senses and interpreting the messages you are receiving, and self-care is critical. Not only do you have a responsibility to learn how to manage the effects in a healthy way, you have an opportunity to develop your psychic abilities to be of service to self and others as a Lightworker.

Even if you choose not to pursue a path as an intuitive advisor, as your sense of yourself as one with the universe awakens, you may find yourself naturally gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle. Additives in food and water such as fluoride and artificial ingredients may become distasteful, while your body instead craves high alkaline water and organic, whole foods. Your sense of self may gradually change, and you may find that you are kinder, more patient, and loving. You’ll find yourself reading between the lines and seeing beyond the obvious, making better decisions, and feeling more in control of your life.

Get a Psychic Reading

Our Advisors can share books, training programs, courses, meditations, and other tools for cultivating the psychic within and applying your gifts to help others. Each has been where you are now, learning to discern their way through the world of intuition and insight in order to help others. Each can share stories of their own journey of awakening their third eye, validating what you’re experiencing, and guiding you on your own unique path. A psychic reading can give you peace of mind that allows you to explore a new 5th-dimensional world without fear of the dangers of opening your third eye.

Although many people think of psychic readings in terms of asking questions and receiving answers, did you know that many clients use a reading as an opportunity to receive mentorship from an experienced psychic? As you develop an ongoing relationship with an intuitive advisor whom you respect and trust, he or she can become a mentor on your own path to doing this work professionally, as this real-life video, The Enduring Bond of a Psychic Connection, reveals. Check it out, get inspired, and reach out for support on your journey, knowing that we are here for you.

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