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Using a Bagua Compass to Feng Shui Your Home by Psychic Holly

Date 3/27/2023
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What is Feng Shui you ask? It's the practice of arranging buildings and objects in an environment or living space to create balance and harmony with the natural world. Chi, an invisible life-force energy is present in the earth and the cosmos. You can't see chi, but you can certainly feel it. Have you ever entered a room that's been closed up for a while? It seems stale and lifeless. That's because the chi isn't moving properly through the space, it's gotten stuck. 

Sometimes chi moves too fast like a freeway causing stress. Walking through a wooded area or sitting beside a gently rippling stream is a peaceful and balanced impression Feng Shui strives to produce in our interior environments. As chi travels through your home or office energizing all the difficult areas, it moves like us. Flow should be smooth room to room, so no boxes or clutter should be blocking the flow. Do you have to side-step furniture or other obstacles?! Sense the vibrations. Are you at peace in certain rooms yet annoyed in others? If you are uneasy, pay attention to your gut intuition.

The more you use a Bagua Map to create harmony and balance to the home, the more flow, success, wealth you'll have in your life!  As you clear clutter, smudge the house, open the windows to balance out the home/office with the elements, numbers, and colors placing items accordingly to the Bagua Map and Bagua Compass in the proper direction one will sense these positive changes. 

Wait, what is a Bagua Map and Bagua Compass?  Read on and all will be revealed.

Bagua Compass Ying Yang

The Balance of Yin and Yang

Feng Shui seeks to create a balance between two complimentary, interdependent energies that permeate our universe. These energies are known in the East as Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). Everything in the natural and man-made worlds can be categorized as either Yin or Yang. Too much Yin can cause sluggishness; too much Yang produces stress, again we are looking to design and create balance. 

Origins of Feng Shui

Feng Shui dates back to the Han dynasty of China (206 BC - 220 AD), or even earlier. Some of the philosophies behind it have been around for five or six thousand years! It was originally used to select burial sites or safe locations for settlements. As the practice evolved, it came to inform locations for grand palaces and monuments, and even the layouts of entire cities. There are many schools of Feng Shui. Scholars in northern China formed the Compass School, which uses the points of the compass to analyze the Qi of an area. The most common school presently is the Black Hat School founded in the 1980s. Black Hat Feng Shui is much easier for novices to follow, hence its popularity around the world. There is a reason why architects and builders along with billionaires use the ancient art of placement to create wealth, happiness, and success along with celebrities and major corporations, because it works!

Here are a few examples of famous locations where Feng Shui principles have been applied:

  • Universal Studios
  • The Four Seasons Hotel
  • The Louvre Museum
  • The Sydney Opera House
  • The Bank of China
  • The Columbus Circle

Bagua Compass

What is a Bagua Map/Bagua Compass?

The Bagua symbolizes the fundamental principles of reality. Seen as a range of eight lines either broken or unbroken respectfully representing yin or yang. Creating balance is designing a room by using what's known as the Bagua Map or Bagua Compass. A Bagua Map is eight-sided with eight directions and elements, colors, and symbols which add to your living space. One uses the Bagua Compass to map out which direction as well to create chi. The Bagua Compass was invented in the fourth century BC by the ancient Chinese recognized by sea farers. Applying the Bagua Compass in your home or office gives further details where to apply what, which is why I recommend getting one which also has colors and numbers on it.  

Once you have your Bagua Map, start by standing at the front door facing inward to your property or apartment and the far left would be your wealth corner of the house as the far right is your relationship corner. It's a lot of fun to use and to transform your humble abode into the home you've always wanted and dreamed of. You can also place a Bagua mirror outside above the door to bounce off any unwanted energy to shield and protect the home.

Apply the Bagua Map and Bagua Compass to analyze your building’s interior. By superimposing the Bagua over the floor plan of your home or office you can quickly determine the relationship between your living space and your life. The Bagua Map is divided into nine sectors, called gua (pronounced Kwai). Note each gua corresponds to a different facet of your life as follows:

  • Self/Identity: Your self-image, sense of identity, and purpose in life.
  • Wisdom/Knowledge: Your spiritual path, attitude towards knowledge, and how you learn and share information.
  • Family/Community: Your parents, extended family, heritage, neighbors, and community.
  • Wealth: Your finances and ability to earn, attract, and hold onto money.
  • Fame/Fortune: Your public image, career, future goals/potential, and how you project yourself in the world.
  • Relationships: Marriage or romantic partner(s), your attitude towards love and relationships, interactions with a partner(s).
  • Creativity/Children: Children of the mind or body, self-expression, creative endeavors, and fruitfulness.
  • Helpful People/Travel: Friends, associates, support network, colleagues, clients, and travel.
  • Health: The residents' physical well-being or health-oriented challenges.

There are eight directions which while placing the Bagua Compass over the Bagua Map will show you North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southeast, West, Northwest. Note: Never sleep facing your head to the North, it will disrupt your sleep, vortices etc. It's best to sleep with your head facing South, East, or Southwest. Bringing in the colors of the Bagua amplify that section and enhance Feng shui along with elements of Tortoise (North), Dragon (East), Phoenix (South), and Tiger (West).

The Importance of Numbers in Feng Shui

  • One - Guaranteed Ensure
  • Two - Easy
  • Three - Birth Long Life
  • Four - Death 
  • Five - Not
  • Six - Long Life
  • Seven - Guaranteed
  • Eight - Prosperity 
  • Nine - Longevity 
  • Zero - Infinity

Adding up all the numbers in your address together will give you your home or office energy. Note: 4 is not always bad. 54 means "not to die" and 48 means "prosperity until death".

Bagua Compass Elements

Elements in Feng Shui

The five elements are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. There are complimentary or generative cycles and destructive cycles so be aware when using your Bagua Compass which element you’re putting where to create balance and harmony. See chart above for the proper flow.

Generative Cycle:

  • Fire generates the earth.
  • Earth generates metal.
  • Metal generates water.
  • Water generates wood.
  • Wood generates fire.

Destructive Cycle:

  • Fire melts metal.
  • Metal cuts wood.
  • Wood becomes earth.
  • Earth muddles water
  • Water puts out fire.

Bagua Compass and Feng Shui

Benefits of a Bagua Map and a Bagua Compass

By using corresponding colors, animal symbols, numbers, and elements of the eight compass points, you can stimulate specific aspects of your life they govern. When one is aware of how the five elements interact in the creative way this then allows you to enhance those areas you wish to improve. Fate, luck, Feng Shui, charity, and education these are components that determine a person's destiny, according to Chinese belief. To honor departed ancestors who could help their living descendants, the Chinese invented the compass for the optimum placement of gravesites to ensure the family's wellbeing and prosperity. 

Elements enhance money, health, energy. For example, would you like to boost your health? Place three green plants in the East. Use green in your dining room's decor to promote good health. Looking to improve your career? Place an aquarium, table-top water fountain, or picture of water in the North. Promoting balance and wholeness in your children's room by hanging a crystal in their window. Place an oval or round rug in the living room to promote unity and peace for family members. Looking for love? Group red candles, ribbons, and heart shapes in the Southwest! Burn rose or jasmine incense to spark romance in the bedroom. Next time you are spring cleaning, keep everything you learned in mind!

The benefits of using Feng Shui Bagua Map/Compass are you can: 

  • Attract wealth.
  • Find love.
  • Keep your relationship stable.
  • Achieve career success.
  • Improve your health.
  • Increase your vitality.
  • Guard against misfortune
  • …and plenty more.

Note: There are many free or inexpensive Bagua Compass apps you can download to your smartphone, or you can purchase physical copies on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Bagua Maps can also be purchased online. 

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