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Lost Love? How to Create Closure through Astral Communication by Psychic Serenity

Date 3/23/2017

Find your quiet place...

Find your quiet place...

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We have all had that someone in our lives that makes you feel like there is a magnetic charge, an energetic cord, pulling you toward their inner magnetic field. Your thoughts are somehow seemingly hijacked by their gravitational pull. And no matter how far away they are, you always end up back in their orbit. This is the soul connection!

Intertwining Soul Strands
They call it soul connection for a reason. The interaction and conversations we have with these people, once lovers, create an energetic trail of intertwining soul strands. If you have created an energetic cord with someone you will immediately know because in their absence, there is still that palpable pull towards that person, in your heart and mind.

If your true intention is to clear your souls intertwinement, than you will be able to free yourself from this painful past relation. Especially if the person has cut you off from communication, they have passed on to the other realms or there is too much tension to talk. Then communicating in the ethereally or in the astral realms is the best form of connection and resolution.

We Are All Connected
Whether we know it or not, we all are connected through the divine self in this astral space. This place is where we are all connected through a grid of collective conscious. Think of it as if all of thought, emotion and matter itself is the like ocean. Can you separate a drop from the ocean and it not be considered the sea? We are all a small piece of a larger form, a grander whole.

If you have lost contact with another person for whatever reason and you cannot communicate with them in the physical realm but still have unresolved thoughts and feeling with them, try these steps for Astral Communication.  

Creating Astral Communication for Emotional Closure:
1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Close your eyes and start by taking a few deep slow deliberate breaths.

2. Think of the person with whom you want to communicate with, try to imagine them or visualize them in your mind’s eye.

3. Now this part is the most important part, call them by name and ask to talk to their soul aspect or higher self. Be genuine and open.

4. Feel the opening within yourself and connect to their higher self. Visualize them open and ready to receive any message you would like to connect with them about. 

5. Allow yourself to say anything that you haven’t been able to say to them physically in person. 

6. End this practice in some kind of loving way, like embracing the person, even letting yourself cry in their arms. Sometimes I picture putting my hand on their heart, as they put theirs on mine, feeling gratitude. This is a time to send this person love and light. Even if they have not been kind to you in the past. This practice works the best if is to make peace with the other person involved.

This is one of the most sacred places you can meet another soul. A place where two people come together with their higher selves and highest intentions, to heal.

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