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Using Crystals to Access the Parallel Universe

Date 8/15/2023
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Clear quartz can help you clear your mind for easier travel to parallel universes.

Clear quartz can help you clear your mind for easier travel to parallel universes.

Though the world around us is the most pronounced and well-known, this isn't the only reality that one can experience. There are numerous accounts that verify the existence of alternate, or parallel, realities that are accessible with the right approach.

What Is a Parallel Universe?

There are many theories about parallel universes. Some hypothesize that other universes may exist along the edges of our own, while others believe that these alternate realities are stacked one on top of the other with only thin barriers separating us from these other realms. Out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences seem to lend some credence to the idea of at least one alternate realm that we can access with our minds while our physical bodies stay rooted in the current version of reality.

How Do You Get to a Parallel Universe?

Is it possible to travel to a parallel universe? Quantum Physics suggests yes! This is particularly true for those alternate universes that are accessed through your own mind via processes like lucid dreaming or astral projection. 

Lucid dreaming is a practice that takes mindful training. You must practice metacognition, where you check regularly to determine if you're awake or dreaming. Over time, you'll begin to recognize when you're in a dream state. At first, you may wake up after the realization, but in time you'll master the art of staying in and controlling this universe.

Astral projection is another way to explore other universes. Astral projection is an intentional out-of-body experience that's typically accessed through deep meditation and self-hypnosis.

Supporting Your Journey With Crystals

Working with the right crystals can help you attune your mind to the correct vibrations for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Try:

  • Moonstone: Place this lunar stone under your pillow or beside your bed to encourage lucid dreaming.
  • Amethyst: Place an amethyst on your third eye as you lay down to help you access your higher consciousness.
  • Covellite: Hold a covellite crystal and attune to its frequencies to more easily access the doors between realms.
  • Apatite: Place a piece of apatite over your third eye to help you break through any barriers you're facing to the other realms.
  • Clear quartz: Meditate or sleep with clear quartz to banish troubled thoughts and promote clear thinking for your travels.

How to Tell If You're in a Parallel Universe

Check-in with the basic tenets of this universe to determine whether you've successfully traveled to a parallel universe. Place your hand on a solid object. In astral projection or lucid dreaming, your hand will sink into the other object. In a lucid dream, you can often will things into existence. Try conjuring up your favorite dessert and see if it appears. In an astral projection, you can look around for your body and find it laying peacefully nearby.

Working with a psychic may help you quickly advance your skills in the areas of lucid dreaming and astral projection. Having a knowledgeable guide will help you navigate these new terrains more easily.



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