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Becoming Superconscious: Healing Yourself and Others Through the Third Eye by Psychic Angelica

Date 6/22/2021
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How can you use the third-eye for healing?

How can you use the third-eye for healing?

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Located between the brows, the third eye chakra is responsible for how you perceive the world.  When it’s open, you will use both feelings and logic to make decisions. You will trust your intuition and be comfortable knowing you are living your purpose. 
As an energy worker and psychic, I rely on my third eye to give me above and beyond what I can see, hear or feel.  Whether self-healing or working with clients, I’m automatically connected to my third eye and pineal gland.  Letting Spirit lead your life will bring you visions, messages, direction and clarity.  A healthy and balanced third eye chakra opens a sacred connection with your wise council. To open the third eye is to open to the divine knowledge and wisdom and to see everything through the perspective of your higher self and Spirit. 

The third eye's balance affects (and is affected by):

Your ability to perceive accurate gut feelings.;
Your sense of the bigger picture in life.
Whether you meet goals related to your deeper purpose.
Balancing emotion and reason.
Whether you feel stagnant or forward-moving. 
The gift of your sixth chakra is the ability to be mindful and live in the present moment. Awakening your third eye provides you with intuitive sensibility and inner perception, which helps you distinguish illusions that cloud your actions. It also enables you to assist others in their own healing as it gives you access to a higher vision. 

These behavioral characteristics of the third eye are essential to healing:

Vision, intuition, perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy, psychic abilities related to clairvoyance, clairaudience (especially), access to mystical states, illumination, connection to wisdom, insights, motivation, inspiration and creativity. 

How to use the third eye in self-healing and working with others:

Wisdom: Your third eye chakra is your center of wisdom and knowledge, allowing you to open your mind to deeper understandings. This gives you the opportunity to ask, “What am I to learn from this experience,” rather than, “Why is this happening to me?” 
Intuition: The third eye perceives the subtle qualities of reality. It allows you to use your gut instincts to feel into the situation with all senses. This can help us to get to the core of the trigger, into the present moment, so we leave the past and future out of our healing work.  Working from the present is the key to immediate healing (ex: “I am healed.).  
Self-Reflection: This chakra is responsible for your ability to self-examine and self-reflect by looking within for answers rather than outside.  Even in seeking guidance from others, we’re able to take responsibility for what we can control: ourselves.  When this is done from a nurturing perspective, we’re able to shift our core beliefs to serve us in the present, letting go of negative self-talk. 
Vision: Your third eye is the link between your mind and the physical world.  It enables you to internalize the outside world and reflect. This is how we manifest what we truly desire in our physical life. Rise above the learned actions/reactions and concentrate on the most empowering choice you can make to heal your mind, body and spirit. 
Logic and Creativity: The third eye chakra gives you the ability to integrate your creativity and logical thinking.   When we merge our minds imagination, and visualization we’re able to bring effortless transformation. 

How to balance and open the third eye:

It doesn’t take years of study or practice. Incorporate these simple tools daily and you will begin to see a dramatic change in how you perceive your own life and the relationships you have with others. 
Physical Activity: Yoga is a super way to open the third eye. Two poses that activate the energy and flow of the third eye are child’s pose and downward dog. 
Meditation: Spend 5-15 minutes every day simply sitting in a quiet, relaxed state.  Focus on allowing white healing light to flow in from the top of your crown chakra into your third eye. This alone is a powerful way to balance and activate this chakra. 
Crystal Healing: Wear amethyst on your body or hold in your hand while meditating. Purple is the color that represents the third eye chakra, so it’s influenced by this crystal. 
Affirmations and Mantras: Choose an affirmation or mantra each day to repeat often. This calls in a strong connection to your intuition and higher wisdom. (Ex: “I am Intuitive,” “I am connected to Creator,” “I am in touch with my inner wisdom,” or “I make empowered choices.”) 
When we focus our mind and consciousness, we can see beyond the distractions and illusions that stand before us and have more insight to live and create more deeply with our highest good. If you desire guidance in opening your third eye please connect with me.  
Blessings and gratitude,  

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