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Are Seances for Real?

Date 10/14/2015

Séances usually involve several people gathered to produce a similar result.

Séances usually involve several people gathered to produce a similar result.

Séances often serve as catalysts for chaos and terror in horror movies. The participants awaken an angry spirit or invite an evil entity into their midst and danger ensues. In the real world, however, séances offer a safe and effective way to connect with the spirit world.

From Childhood Pranks to True Connection

You might have participated in a juvenile form of a séance as a child, huddled in a group of friends around a Ouija board or a table lit with candles, attempting to contact any entity that might show up. While real séances might involve several of the same elements, they offer the opportunity to connect with deceased relatives, friends, and guides.

The difference between slumber-party séances and the real thing is the introduction of a professional medium. When you work with an expert in séances and mediumship, you increase the chances of making contact. Plus, professionals know how to keep negative entities away so that none of the participants unwittingly invites one into the space.

Why Séances?

Although the format and content of a séance differs depending on who facilitates it, the goal remains the same: to connect with a deceased person or an entity on the spiritual plane. Participants might seek guidance, or they might want to obtain closure after the loss of a loved one.

The intention is important for achieving that goal. All participants must concentrate on the reason they have gathered and the result they hope to inspire. A professional medium keeps participants on track and offers helpful suggestions for bringing about the desired event. If you aren't sure whether a seance offers the guidance you need, consider contacting a psychic hotline.

How Séances Work

A séance requires a quiet, peaceful place in which to work, a group of people with similar desires, and a professional medium who can channel the deceased. While the precise format might change, it usually involves the same elements:

  • Gathering in a circle, often around a table
  • Introducing tools, such as Ouija boards and candles, to encourage spirit visitation
  • Meditating, praying, or offering a blessing to the spirit
  • Inviting the spirit to communicate with those present
  • Asking the spirit questions
  • Dismissing the spirit with gratitude and prayer

The Power of Suggestion

Skeptics often claim that séances demonstrate only the power of suggestion and not true visitation from a deceased spirit. A number of con artists and false mediums have used séances to prove their claims of mediumship, only to be outed at a later date.

However, many people have benefited from séances, especially when those events were conducted in a professional setting with an expert medium. The only way to know whether a séance will work for you is to take part in one and judge for yourself. Don't rely on the testimony of others to sway you in one direction or the other.

If you want to contact a deceased loved one or if you're seeking guidance from an experienced intuitive, book a psychic online reading or participate in a séance. You might find the answers you seek.


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