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What Does Your Favorite Movie Genre Say About You?

Date 2/22/2015

Your favorite movie genre could be more telling than you think

Your favorite movie genre could be more telling than you think

It's Hollywood's most glamorous night, The Academy Awards.  As always a lot of deserving films have been nominated to take home an Oscar.  But before you watch the big award ceremony, have you ever thought about this?

You may enjoy a variety of movies, but more than likely, there's one movie genre that you enjoy more than any other. Here are some of the most popular genres and what they say about you.


Dramas take real life situations and play them out on the big screen. Movies like Where the Heart Is and The Shawshank Redemption pull at your heartstrings and make you feel more emotions than you would on a typical day. If you love dramas, it means that you have a big heart and are full of empathy. You want to understand the struggles of others so you can be more empathetic to those around you.

Romances and Romantic Comedies

Whether your favorite is When Harry Met Sally or 10 Things I Hate About You, many movie fans enjoy romance and romantic comedies. If this is your favorite genre, it means that you are optimistic that everything will work out. You enjoy watching others around you succeed and want to celebrate in those successes. Want to understand more about what this means? Consider checking in with an online clairvoyant


Do you like feeling scared? From classics like Psycho to modern horror like The Babadook, horror films can reach a place in us that we don't typically experience. We can experience dread and terror right from the safety of our living rooms. For those who prefer horror to other genres, this shows that you're very independent and strong. You go out of your way to feel scared to face the anxiety and show that you're stronger than whatever is out there. In the end, you're stronger for it.


Whether you want to travel to a new world with Lord of the Rings or bring the fantasy home with the many superhero movies, those who prefer fantasy movies have imagination. They're not content with how the world is now, and they're bored with their everyday lives. Through fantasy, they're able to go on adventures and experience new worlds. Is this you? Maybe you were more adventurous in a past life. Consider getting a past life reading to find out.


If you're ever in a bad mood, watching a comedy can turn that all around. There are many subgenres including slapstick, blue comedy, and combinations with other genres like action comedies. No matter your flavor for laughs, comedy most attracts those who try to see the positive side of things. They would rather see the humor of a situation than focus on what's going wrong. Lovers of comedy are full of life and are often outgoing.


Action movies encompass a wide variety of movies, including superhero movies like the recent Guardians of the Galaxy as well as James Bond movies and even the animated movie, The Incredibles. Fans of action movies are go-getters. They have a desire to make things happen, and so they're drawn to movies that do the same.

Which movie genre or subgenre is your favorite? Does it give you insight into yourself?


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