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Invoking Archangels of Prosperity and Abundance by Psychic Rachelle

Date 7/29/2020
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Archangel Michael can help protect your personal aura.

Archangel Michael can help protect your personal aura.

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The Angels want to help you! They are always ready and willing to connect and assist in your journey. But often I hear my callers express how they aren't feeling guided and aren't able to get the guidance from the angelic realms. Well the first step is to ask! You must ask directly and give them permission as well. They won't intervene or assist without our free will and choice. And guess what? The more you ask, the more they give and help you.

Here are just three of the super awesome angels that can help you in various areas of your life:

Archangel Michael:
He is my favorite angel! I work with him every single day and I highly suggest you do too. He is the Protector, he carries the sword that cuts all energetic chords that bind us. In a reading you can ask me to help you cut the chords between you and a past lover, a terrible boss or negative beliefs like lack or unworthiness that may be preventing you from achieving your financial goals. In a chord cutting session I work directly on the energetic binding limitations that are holding you back. It is powerful, quick and heals what needs to be restored. 

Ask Michael to protect your own personal aura and physical body, your home, your vehicle and your dream time space. Don't forget that when we go to bed at night we do enter other realms of consciousness and you want Michael to be there just in case some uninvited guests try to crash your dream party.

Archangel Gabriel:
Oh lovely Gab! She is the only female Archangel and the “Great Communicator”. Call upon her when you need clear communication, and messages from the other side. She assists artists, writers, teachers, and journalists express their messages with confidence and impact. Gabriel also helps with conception, pregnancy, childbirth and raising your family. 

In a reading I can call upon Gabriel and channel the messages you need for your love and relationships. Gabriel assists by healing challenging communication patterns you currently are experiencing with your lover. After a reading with Gabriel you will feel more connected to your lover and you will know which actions to take to feel happier in your life.

Archangel Raphael:
I often am amused by the angels, and Raphael has a great sense of humor! Call on Raphael when you feel down in the dumps. He offers you healing and helps you get back to feeling happy again. Raphael therefore, is the “Master Healer Angel”, and as such intervenes in your most painful times. He can assist with emotional healing, physical health and can heal your mind of limiting thoughts and negative beliefs held in your subconscious mind. Raphael wants to help you heal! Call on him as much as you can. He never tires, and will assist you with healing the very places in you that are holding you back from greatness. 

In a reading I can call upon Raphael and ask him to offer his healing insight into your particular situation. So, if you are in the midst of a break up, we can call upon him to help with going through this painful time. If you are feeling the strain of financial burden, Raphael can offer his healing towards your money relationship. Healing can be asked for any part of your life. And Raphael never lets you down. I invoke his name, I call in the green light energies and I ask his energy to work specifically on your present challenge. I love hearing back from my callers with stories of healing and triumph. And I smile knowing the Angels are working for our highest good. 

If you would like an Angel reading and healing, please call me and I will help you learn how to work with the angels in a powerful and life transforming way.

To your health and happiness always.

Blessings BE!
Rachelle x9814

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SHK1990: That's a really nice article. Would love to learn how to work with angels in a transforming way! ??

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