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5 Signs the Angels Have Heard Your Call by Psychic Bella Skye

Date 6/22/2021
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A white feather is just one sign an angel has heard your call.

A white feather is just one sign an angel has heard your call.

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Life can be challenging and hard and many of time we lose hope and faith. We turn to friends, family or counselors hoping to have some relief. These individuals can help to a certain level, but still, there is that need for more reassurance that everything is going to be OK. 

Call on your angels when others cannot help, call on your angels when you feel like giving up. How can this be done? It is rather easy and takes no effort at all!

Find a place to sit down, preferably a quiet place where you will have no distractions. Take some deep breaths, focusing on your lower chakras. Relax your body and mind as much as you are able and try not to think about your worries or sorrows, challenging situations, or difficult people. 

Repeat this mantra three times.

“Angels of love, angels of light, angels of prosperity and good health and abundance. Come into my space, my home my life, show me what I need to see, tell me what I need to hear, breath your wisdom of love and light for my soul and heart to hear.” 

Again, repeat this out loud, three times, with faith and trust knowing you are being heard. Afterward, say, thank you, thank you, thank you. Do this each morning upon rising and each evening upon retiring for bed. Your angels will hear you calling and signs will start to come to you, trust and know, your angels are hearing you. 

5 signs to look for each day to know the angels have heard your call:

The Numbers 11:11.
When these numbers show up either as the time, on a license plate, an apartment number, on a cash register or receipt, etc., your angels are reaching out to you to assist and help you to master your emotions. It is their way of saying, you can do this, we are here to help and give you courage! You are the master of your emotions! 11:11 is also a sign that you are being told you can master your goals and destiny and manifest your soul's purpose.  You may have even been told “It’s 11:11, make a wish.”  It might be a good time to do that as your angels are present! 

Have you ever found a feather, any feather? A feather is a sign and a way of your angels saying, "Hello there!” It is their way of showing their LOVE for you and watching over you. You found the feather, or you may say, it found you. Whether birds congregate in that area where you found this feather, it does not matter, that feather was meant just for YOU!

The color of the feather has further meaning:

  • A White feather is symbolic of divinity.
  • A Black feather means that you are safe and protected or for you to come out of hiding and enjoy life fully and explore new options or desires. 
  • A Gray feather is to allow possibilities to come to you without fear of failure or questioning whether you should pursue this idea or goal.
Keep your feathers in a vase as a reminder your angels are always with you and watching over you.

Cloud Formations. 
If you happen to look up into the sky and see a cloud formation that resembles an angel or a feather, that is meant for you. It is a reminder that they are watching over you. Look at the sky and see if they are there, especially if you are in a place of some form of doubt or worry.

 Songs may come to you in a time of hardship or someone is passing away that you are close to. A song may come to you when you have learned of their passing, that is your angles way of saying, your loved one is at peace, do not be sad, they are being assisted by us and we are here for you as you move through your own sorrow. Some songs can stir deep emotions for you to move into that mastering state of mind. It can be very meditative and calming. A song that stirs deep feelings and inner calm are the angels telling you, you are not alone.

A conversation being overheard between two individuals that you may or may not know can very well have a message for you, especially if they are talking in a louder tone of voice. You may find it unusual and think you are eavesdropping but that is not so. You are supposed to listen to this conversation. Our angels will speak through others, so listen when these conversations are being brought to you. There is a message there for you, whether it is in that moment, or a future happening comes to you and you then understand why you were there at that moment and time to listen to what was being said. 

Our angels are with us always, but you must be willing to feel and acknowledge them.
You will develop a knowledge that will come naturally to you in knowing that they are there. You will feel waves of warmth and even sometimes smell the scent of roses. It will become more than a belief, but a way of life, to wake up and greet your angels. Your day will start off with a sense of peace. They want you to open that door and call them every day. 

They will come to you.

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Rejoice: Thank you !

thunder: Thank you

Daydreamer: Bella, I personally have experienced the feather, cloud formations, numeric appearances. And it is very true, when I am feeling desperation, I find that my hurt is eased by the end of the day with a sign or actual occurrence that shows me my troubles were heard and will be taken care of. It is the most peaceful feeling of security that we are not alone and that our burdens are not for us to carry alone. Enjoyed your article on this subject.

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