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Helping a Child With a Sixth Sense

Date 11/16/2019

Does your child seem to have a unique sixth sense or psychic ability?

Does your child seem to have a unique sixth sense or psychic ability?

Children often exhibit a heightened sensitivity to the energies around them. They may have psychic dreams, see and speak to spirits, or experience extreme empathy. Many believe that children's brains can perceive more at a young age than what we're typically capable of as we get older. Learn how to support your child's special abilities.

Honor Their Experiences

Children with a sixth sense can perceive things that others can't. Validate your child's experiences by listening attentively to their stories. Don't dismiss these as dreams or figments of their imagination. Treat them seriously as insightful observations and honor the gift that your child is sharing with you. If you need help understanding your child's gift, an authentic psychic may be able to help.

Help Them Understand Their Emotions

Children with psychic abilities are usually very empathic and sensitive. They need extra help understanding and dealing with their emotions. Encourage them to discuss their feelings openly with you. They may not know how to do this at first, so it's important to provide gentle prompts like, "How did you feel when you heard that noise?"

Keep your calm in emotional situations and explain that it's perfectly right for your child to feel the way they do. Teach by example and show them how to handle strong emotions so that they can experience them without letting these feelings take over.

Teach Them to Trust Their Intuition

Your child's sixth sense can feed them a wealth of information, but at this young age, they can't always articulate or interpret it properly. Encourage your child to simply trust their feelings. Listen when they're sharing their insights and impressions with you, and take these observations seriously. If your child feels uncomfortable in a certain place or situation, remove them when possible. They're often right about perceived dangers.

Cleanse Their Space and Energy

A psychic child is more sensitive to spirits and energies around them. Help to create a safe, comfortable space in the home by cleansing the space regularly. Smudge your home with sage and sprinkle salt water around the perimeter. Give your child protective jewelry or stones to keep with them for added comfort.

Practice Centering With Them

Teach your child to center so they can return to a familiar focal point when they're experiencing unusual energies or spiritual manifestations. To center, close your eyes and relax the body from the toes upward. Visualize all your energy returning to you and sitting in a stable glowing ball at your core. For more tips on helping your child center and focus their energies, consider a psychic chat. Most psychics go through a centering routine regularly.

Teach children with a sixth sense that they have a special ability they should cherish and not be afraid of. With the right approach, you can encourage growth in this area as your child practices working with these unique abilities.


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