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How to Create and Use Your Own Talisman by Psychic Willow

Date 9/28/2022
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A common talisman is in the form of the Hamsa hand.

A common talisman is in the form of the Hamsa hand.

Most anyone who remembers a lucky charm or had a rabbit’s foot on their key chain was actually carrying a Talisman. Heck, even your frizzy-haired Troll doll that goes to all of your Bingo games is there for luck (also to protect you from loss of the prize shout "Bingo!").

Whoa wait a darn minute here, isn't a Talisman like jewelry or a stone that has something scribed on it? Yep that too is a Talisman. Even when someone needs a medical bracelet it is there for that individual’s protection. Most often you may even see folks out and about wearing their symbol of faith and protection, one that is seen often is the Cross.

In the real world of the Craft, Talismans are made based on knowing what and why it is needed. They can be colorful for drawing the attention of one's need or even so well disguised as to prevent anyone from seeing and touching them. The Hamsa hand is another example of psychic protection that has been used for hundreds of years. It is also known for luck and good fortune.

When it Comes to a Talisman - Keep it Simple

You can use stuff out of your arts and craft supplies to make it. My suggestion is to figure out realistically why you feel you need protection in the first place. I tell neophytes to write out what the issue is before any work on their Talisman. Never assume you know who, what, or why. There will most often be hidden areas that provoke your concern. Even if someone points directly at you while ranting hate towards you. Yes, even then. 

Steps to Create Your Own Talisman

I am giving you the basics here to help you create your first Talisman.

  1. Write your fear, concern, or threat down. Example: I am afraid my car will be repossessed. 
  2. On the same paper write why this has happened and when it began. 
  3. Did you have any part in the cause? Example: Not making car payments because you were spending too much on fun things thinking you would catch up on the payments later.
  4. Have you honestly been working to correct it? Example: Stop spending on things that are not necessary, make on-time payments, contact lenders etc.

So your list can get long but it will help you see a little clearer some areas that can be your responsibility to tend to and realistically not the Universe’s responsibility to protect you from a loss that you helped create.

Once you have looked at honest reasons why you’re in a jam, it's time to look at what your Talisman should be made from and what to do with it.

What Should My Talisman Be Made From? 

So now one enters the land of the internet, YouTube, TikTok, and more. No matter where you go for suggestions, you're at the mercy of who actually wrote a spell for sale or whatever. Please think before you use or do another's work. Why? Because you are unique. You may read it, watch it, or even try it, but realistically no one person thinks identically, and your Talisman should be uniquely yours.

Now is the time for you to consider your project. One of the easiest that I suggest is using clay. You may find various colors as well as different brands at your local hobby/craft shop. Select whatever pulls you in first. Study the directions carefully, get your notes out and read perhaps while you are warming them in your hands. Keep the shape simple. Once you are ready, consider if you want to press a symbol on it before baking or drying, and even use a straw to make a hole to thread a ribbon through for hanging. 

Once your Talisman is complete consider all the options where you may want to put it. One question I get most often is, what do you do with it once you’re out of peril. Simple - discard it and give thanks you no longer need it! 

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Willow is an initiated Witch/Wiccan for over 30+ years. A licensed minister, a High Priestess and teacher of the Craft, at 71 years old now, Willow has been a professional reader, psychic, medium (light and deep trace) for over 54 years. Reiki certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system for over 20 years, Willow holds a Law Enforcement technology degree and has been involved with Paranormal Investigations for nearly 50 years. She loves all forms of divination along with dream interpretation. No books, no social media, to manifest her gifts, she developed her own process, except in the Craft when she worked with her Elders.


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