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What Does It Mean if I Dream About Spiders?

Date 7/29/2022
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Spiders may appear in your dreams to convey an important message.

Spiders may appear in your dreams to convey an important message.

Spiders don't always have the best reputation, but they can be very helpful creatures in the right situation. In the real world, spiders provide handy pest control even if you do find them a bit creepy crawly. In your dreams, spiders can convey many types of messages, depending on your feelings and the context of their appearance.

Annoying Spiders

Many people think of spiders as "bugs," and as such, they can represent things that are simply bugging you. Do you have a nagging concern that's been on your mind a lot lately? That spider you can't seem to catch in your dream may represent the worry that just keeps nagging at you and won't go away. If you're plagued by a lot of spiders, this could indicate that your anxieties are getting out of control and you are feeling completely overwhelmed.

Addressing your real-world issues head-on can help you exterminate those spidery dreams and restore your mental home to its clean, bug-free state.

Peaceful Spiders

Though spiders get a bad reputation, not everyone is afraid of them. If you're fascinated with the intense productivity and beautiful webwork of spiders, they can carry many positive meanings in your dream world. Spiders have an intensely creative, feminine energy. They're often associated with speed, resilience, and patience.

If you get a peaceful sense from the spider in your dream, it's likely telling you to keep working away at that project. Though it may take a lot of diligence, the results will be as inspiring as a fresh spiderweb glittering with dew in the morning sun.

Threatening Spiders

If you have a fear of spiders, they likely represent a threat to you. This is especially true if you dream of poisonous spiders. If you're panicked and fearful of the spider in your dream, this is a clear warning.

These dreams are alerting you to toxic people or situations in your life. You need to deal with these issues urgently so you can escape the dire consequences of getting metaphorically bitten.

The Spider's Web

Spiders are often accompanied by webs. If you find yourself getting caught in a spider's web, this represents a situation where you feel trapped. You're afraid that if you continue in a particular direction, you may get irrevocably trapped and find yourself in a place that you just can't get out of. Since spiderwebs are so thin you can run into them unknowingly, dreams about such webs may also indicate a danger that you won't see coming. 

Assess your surroundings carefully to determine where the threat lies, and take steps to avoid it.

Spider dreams are especially important when they happen over and over. The more you see these arachnids in your dreams, the more urgently the universe is trying to reach you. The universe may also send other insect and animal dreams. Consider speaking with a psychic for a more personal interpretation of your dreams and advice on what to do next.


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