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Exploring Your Parallel Lives Within the Multiverse by Psychic Jae

Date 6/7/2022
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What are parallel lives and how do you discover them?

What are parallel lives and how do you discover them?

Have you ever considered that this life is not the only life your soul is experiencing? If you agree with the belief that our souls are vast, the logical conclusion is that we exist in more than one dimension, in more than one reality. Our souls are occupying more than one body at a time.

Before going further, let me explain some important terminology. 

A concurrent life is a lifetime lived simultaneously with this one and follows the thought that there is no linear time so all lives (parallel, past, and future) are happening right now.

parallel self is someone in your current reality who shares the same oversoul as you. This could also be considered a Twin Flame.

Parallel lives are in a different reality, another Universe within the Multiverse and this is what we're focusing on today.

Bruce Goldberg and Dolores Cannon are the main scholars who popularized using hypnotherapy as a way to access this information and experience these parallel lives. Progressing your consciousness into different realities is what Bruce calls progressions and age-progressions. A progression is moving into a future life and an age-progression is moving forward, in the linear sense, into the future of this life. I've also heard people say they are jumping or surfing their consciousnesses to different dimensions.

Essentially, you are accessing the Akashic Hall of Records, which is an energetic library of all lifetimes and experiences.


  • Self-discovery. 
  • Uncover your Karmic purpose.
  • Heal relationships.
  • Learning more about others.
  • Pick a reality that best suits your desires.
  • Be inspired by other realities and manifest new dreams.
  • Avoid potential problems.
  • Grow spiritually.
  • Discover skills and talents and bring them back into your current reality.
  • Self-mastery as you learn your soul's life lessons.
  • Set up your next incarnation.

How Do You Channel Parallel Realities?

Some access these realities intentionally and unintentionally in dreams. Other's will meditate. You can go to a regressionist or progressionist. Self-hypnosis is one of the best ways. Some psychics can pick up on these realities and give you details.

10 Simple Steps for Self-Hypnosis

  1. Set the intention to experience a parallel reality long enough for you to perceive it in detail by writing it down, saying it aloud or telepathically. Do this in a peaceful environment. Relax into a comfortable position. 
  2. Put two fingers on a pulse point on your body. Your neck, your wrist, etc. Observe the rhythm of the beat. With each pulse, you become more and more relaxed.
  3. Count backwards from 20, 50 or more (it's up to you) and breathe deeply. With each breath, you enter into a deeper state and once ending on 1, you are in the deepest state of relaxation and awareness that you've ever experienced. Repeat this as many times as needed. 
  4. If you're uncomfortable at any moment of this hypnosis, just visualize an image of freedom (wings, flowers, heart, etc.) or count up from 1 to 5 and you will leave the hypnosis state.
  5. As your ego's noise decreases, your inner spiritual dialog becomes calm and clear.  Visualize a golden or white light filling up your body. Observe it, sense it, see it, feel it, until it becomes part of you. It is the light of protection and love. Only energies that mean you well and love unconditionally you can participate in this experience.
  6. Ask your Higher Self to work with you and reveal the best life to help you in this one.
  7. Intend to receive the information. As you do, relax more.
  8. You're moving through a tunnel or dense mist. Eventually, you come upon an opening. You are moving towards an event that's significant to your consciousness. Go to this opening with the expectation of learning who you are, where you are and why you are there.
  9. Perceive the details through all of your senses. Let go of any performance anxiety or being overconcerned about if it's real or not.  You can ask additional questions if desired, but don't bombard yourself with too many questions.
  10. Intend to leave when ready. Walk back and count upward from 1 to 5 or see your freedom image. Write out what you experienced or do an audio journal of it.

The more you do self-hypnosis, the easier it becomes. Psychic Hope explores even more about the benefits of self-hypnosis.

My experience:

I have channeled my other lifetimes, up to five currently, that I've written as screenplays. One script was filmed in 2010. I deeply know myself from viewing these realities and tend to not over-stress because I know either that I will do something, or I already have. Some experiences of these lifetimes are visual, others are audio and sometimes there's simply a deja vu moment or clear knowing of something. They've come through while dreaming and sometimes while I meditate. 

As a side note, some believe tech will allow us to have parallel selves where we can split our consciousness into two bodies. If you've seen the Netflix TV series Altered Carbon or the megahit movie Avatar you've actually seen this concept demonstrated by Hollywood.  And in Fall 2021, NBC debuted a new drama called Ordinary Joe that perfectly captures the concept of parallel lives where one man, is shown living 3 different versions of his life, depending on how he reacted at one particular moment in his past.

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Jae has always had an infinity for the Divine. She started studying to develop as a psychic-medium at the age of 15. Over the last 20 years she has dived heart first into healing herself and passing on what she's learned to others. Her teachers range from master mediums in Lilydale to self-taught lovers of the Tarot and dedicated energy healers with more than 100 years of experience between them. She is constantly learning. Forever a lover of life, Jae only shares wisdom in her articles from first-hand experiences and remains committed to supporting the spiritual community.


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