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Spring Fae You Might Encounter

Date 3/18/2020

Have you spotted spring fairies in your midst this year?

Have you spotted spring fairies in your midst this year?

Fairies are often thought of as mythological creatures, but there are many reports that indicate these mystical beings do exist. Many believe that fairies live on another plane of existence that only some humans can see or travel to. If you were born on Imbolc, you may have a natural ability to travel to the fairy realm. An astrology reading may help you learn whether you have a knack for reaching other planes. Others can cultivate this skill with Shamanic training.

Fairies are closely linked with nature and tend to become active in the springtime. Those with the talent for it may see these beings, while others might hear the faint melody of their song, find a fairy ring in the garden, or feel an unexplained breeze from fluttering wings that are just beyond our sight. Here are some spring fae you might encounter.

Flower Fairies

Every flower has its own fairy guardian that protects and tends to it. Flower fairies emerge with their associated blooms and often have coloring and characteristics similar to the plants that they protect. You can assist flower fairies by caring for your plants, but you will upset them if you're careless of trampling on spring flowers.

Tree Fairies

Tree fairies, known in Ireland as Lesidhe, are guardians of the forest. To most, they look just like trees. They're believed to imitate mockingbirds in an attempt to lure people deep into the woods where they can get lost. They're naturally mischievous and can become quite vengeful towards those who threaten their wooded sanctuary.

Moss People

Moss people interact with humans more than most fairies. They emerge from the forest to ask for favors and will compensate kind humans with gifts of bread or helpful advice. They are also skilled at healing and would help villagers in times of plague. They're easy to anger, so it's best to try and appease them. 


Though nymphs are of the fae, they are larger than most fairy folk and look like humans. You might interact with these cheerful spring fairies without realizing it. If you see any characters in wild or wooded places that appear or disappear suddenly, you might have spotted a fae.

Water Sprites

Water sprites guard bodies of water. There are tales of these fairies luring unsuspecting humans into their depths to drown, so it's important not to upset this type of fairy. Fairies love sweet offerings, so you can make friends with water sprites by leaving them honey cakes or wine. Fairies also love bright sparkly objects like jewels, so you might leave some stones out as a springtime gift.

If you'd like to find out if there are fairy encounters on the horizon for you, consider getting a tarot reading. This may point to some upcoming fairy interactions that you can anticipate this spring. Remember to be kind and respectful of the natural environments that are so precious to these beings.


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