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Career Psychics

Next to your family and romantic relationships, your job is likely to be the area of life that generates the most questions and stress.


Difficult bosses, uncertain advancement opportunities, fear of losing your job, workforce re-entry after years of raising children, relying on a spouse or partner as a primary breadwinner, and the desire to make a career change are all big issues to deal with on a personal level. Our psychics can help bring clarity and direction to the difficult career decisions that you face.

Our career psychics have years of experience answering questions about navigating interpersonal issues on the job, starting a new job, and making career changes. If work and career are on your mind, talking to a psychic career advisor can help.

How Can a Career Psychic Reading Impact Your Life?

Our psychics will tell you that Spirit communicates through feelings, and if you’re feeling uncomfortable at work, it’s a sign that it may be time for a change. Life is too short to not enjoy each and every day. If you’re considering making a career change, starting your own business, or even retiring and need that sense of direction and that extra added boost of encouragement to move forward, let today be the day that you start. It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming when you can lean on a trusted career advisor for support in thinking through your options, taking a look at the big picture, and picking up on little details you may have missed.

Psychic Career Advice for The Employed

If you're employed and on a career path that gives you fulfillment, you might be looking for ways to further your talents and put your skills to good use. This may mean seeking a promotion or a new position within your current company for better pay or more satisfaction. Or if you're self-employed and struggling to make it on your own, or feel like you're pulled in a million directions except forward, a career psychic can provide clarity and vision, help you focus on what's coming, and recommit to getting there. And if you're feeling stuck and unsure of what direction to pursue, a psychic career reading can illuminate choices and opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

By speaking to a career psychic, you can gain insight into your specific situation and discover ways to reach your goals. Here are some questions you might ask in your reading:

Am I Suited to My Current Career?

Asking this question may help you to understand whether your thoughts of a career change have to do with your current working environment or your overall career choice. 

Do I Have a Bright Future in My Current Role?

You may think that you’re stuck in a rut, but instead of looking for a complete career change, you might benefit from taking on new challenges in your current workplace. An empathic psychic can help you to make sense of your feelings.

How Can I Be More Successful in my Career?

By asking this question, you are inviting your psychic to make observations about the kind of things that are stopping you from achieving the success you deserve. Allow yourself to stay open-minded when listening to their advice. You may hear things that are tough to swallow, but ultimately easier to hear from an objective and anonymous 3rd party who has your best interest at heart.

Should I Change My Job or Wait a While?

When to look for a new career is just as important as whether you should look for one at all. A psychic might be able to sense that now is not a good time to seek change. On the other hand, now might be the opportune time to spread your wings, but you might not know unless you ask.

Psychic Career Advice for Job Hunters

It can be difficult to seek out a new job, especially if you have been out of work for an extended period of time. Whether you were you laid off or quit your previous job, or find yourself on your own after years of relying on a family breadwinner, chances are you're starting to feel the financial burden so often accompanied by being unemployed.

If you just cannot seem to get employers to return your calls and emails, a career psychic can help. With gifts of clairvoyance and highly developed intuition and empathy, a psychic can see what is coming that you might otherwise miss, while letting you know how you can improve your job hunt. Career psychics can give you peace of mind in finding out if your efforts will pay off in the near future.

If you're thinking "I need new job advice," here are some questions you might ask in your reading:

What Career Am I Best Suited To?

Without telling the psychic what you do for a living, asking this question may bring about an interesting response. By keeping quiet about your career choices to date, you will stop any bias from entering the psychic’s line of thought. This may uncover some interesting ideas about your ideal job.

Remember that psychics have many predictive tools available that can assist with this exploration in addition to clairvoyance and other psychic gifts. Astrology, numerology, and tarot all have things to say about career choice, personal strengths, and timing. Skilled energy workers can pick up on your energetic vibrations and correlate these to possible career choices. If you prefer a more practical approach, choose one of our career psychics with a background in counseling or life coaching.

How Can I Find a New Role?

If you have your heart set on a new career, it won’t hurt to ask for advice on where best to find your next opportunity. You may find that your chosen psychic senses you will find your ideal job through someone you know. In which case, attending networking events or catching up with old colleagues is a good idea.

After a career psychic reading, you may find yourself re-writing your resume or following up on a casual contact, inspired by fresh awareness and clued into insights into your career path that you did not recognize before.