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Are Guardian Angels Real? by Psychic Paulina

Date 10/17/2022
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Have you encountered your Guardian Angel?

Have you encountered your Guardian Angel?

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Let's start this discussion with the big question... Are angels real? Honestly, it’s hard for me to imagine that anyone wouldn’t believe that this collective group of beings isn’t real. To me, my perspective, oh they're real alright. As real as we are. Maybe more so. The word Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos, which in English means Messenger. Why would a word such as this come to be if not for the belief that there are actually messengers called Angels among us? 

How Can An Angel Help Me?

So ok, for now we can agree that there are angels, they are real and that these Heavenly beings are around us. So, why are they here and what do they do? To keep things simple, quick and easy, let’s say that angels are here to assist us and they are here because we can’t do everything on our own. We require Divine assistance and guidance much of the time in our daily lives. Angels step in and act as a support or a protector, a wise insight, a forceful distraction, a helping hand, an intervention to detour us from harm for our greater good, and for the good of all around us. Angels bring us to outcomes we couldn’t get to without them. They do the work which is ordained as necessary and some stay with us 24/7/365 no matter what.

What is a Guardian Angel?

There are multitudes of angels who serve all sorts of purposes for the benefit of all mankind. Do you have one particular Guardian Angel? Hmm… This is a challenging question because the answer is both yes and no. Normally, when life is typical and things are “normal”, then yes, you do have such a being always at the ready to serve your greatest good. However, in really overwhelming times, particularly in times where severe mental illness and or addiction has been long term in any human’s life, then things can get sticky. Without going too far into that, let’s say things in your life is relatively regular. Then, in that case, you can assume that you have been assigned a Guardian Angel (GA for short) and that this celestial being is always with you. Psychic Advisor Hope shares more about Guardian Angels in her Mediation Podcast How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

Saying Thanks

Now, you may call all day long on your GA for all sorts of advice, protection, or assistance, however, the outcomes are always based on what will truly serve your greatest good. Perhaps something you experience as hurtful or ‘bad’ happens and this has you doubting your Guardian Angel. This is why folks begin to think that there are no angels. People think that the angels will save you from life. No! There are there to assist you to process what happens as well as to save you from even worse fates. You think that what happened to you was BAD? Do you have any idea how much worse it could have been? Perhaps it wasn’t worse due to the protection you received from that GA you never thank. And they don’t need any thanks, they aren’t human. Still, it would be nice to thank them. 

Please do remember to notice all the wonderful near misses, the almost trouble, the bullets dodged, and offer up some thanks and good cheer to those unsung heroes that our angels are. When you lose your cell phone and then find it, thank your angels. When you lose your cell phone and find it a day later, know it was because you NEEDED to NOT have your phone for that time, and thank your angels for making that happen. You may never understand the reasons, but your angels never ask questions. They serve out their messages in our lives without food, sleep, pay, or in most cases, the slightest thanks.

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