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Is There a Hell? A Look at Karma and the Soul by Psychic Anthony

Date 5/10/2024
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Is there really a hell? Or is it more about the balance of karma?

Is there really a hell? Or is it more about the balance of karma?

Many people fear hell and worry about the judgment of the afterlife. I believe God does not judge souls but appreciates their experiences (light, dark, and grey) without any dualistic human consideration of good and bad, right and wrong, or of any punishment besides the balance of Karma. Karma is the way souls suffer the consequences of their actions, thoughts, and desires, both positive and negative. There is no need for the eternal flames of hell and all the devils and demons imagined by fearful souls.   

The Reality of Souls

I feel that God loves us even when we get lost in the dualistic ups and downs of the eternal and infinite possibilities of our perfect creation. I have studied this all my life but how can any mortal human really understand the very different reality of souls? To be an orb of ever living Plasma at one with the Cosmic Mind is very different from being a human in a body, although we are as close to that soul as we can be in our human self-identification. That ego voice in our head is only the tip of the iceberg of who we really are. The deeper layers of our being go all the way to eternity!

But most humans are unaware of this cosmic connection and have no spiritual faith, and believe they are made of the mixture of genetics and the experience they have in life. These experiences, and the thoughts and emotions they inspire, create a soul vibration that harmonizes with a certain frequency energy of consciousness shared with all life at that same frequency based on the state of our being.

Good Vibrations

When we emerge on the spiritual dimension, we come to see that it is a Dream Time that symbolically reflects, in self-generated realities, the state of mind we have achieved through human experience. Everyone who wants to, gets into heaven: those refined spiritual realms of bliss! But you have to unconditionally love and trust everyone there and many souls cannot do that and so they consign themselves to their own special place that vibrates at the same level as they do.

There are those souls that like to be in the solitude of nature or go to regions of likeminded and like “hearted” souls who vibrate at the same level as their soul groups. Religions have their own “cities” where they enjoy fellowship with believers. There are highly advanced and evolved souls that vibrate in rarified realms of masters and avatars where they contemplate the great truths and live in peace and love and bliss.

The Dark Place

There are sad and lost souls that hide away in dark regions of guilt or shame for their sins and cruelties. If their souls are unevolved liars, and cheaters, and fools; they find a lower vibrational place to exist in that reflects their state of being conceited, disturbed, violent or even evil. They want to be in that dark place because that's where they feel they belong.  They can be liars, cheaters and bigoted fools and replay their battles over and over while they conquer other liars, cheaters and fools until they either grow out of it and seek greater wisdom or are called to balance their karma by returning to human life again.

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Anthony is a 64-year-old artist, writer, teacher, and mystic. He has a BS degree in Art Education. He developed his skills as a mystic empath from birth.

Anthony has worked in food service, factories, and public and private schools. He has taught classes in Tarot and created his own Tarot deck and book. He has read for over forty years professionally on-line, at Psychic Fairs and private readings.  

Anthony is a painter and an author of many books, and a folk singer of many songs. He has studied psychology and world religion, and has had many mystical experiences as a Psychic Medium.  


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