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The Mystical Tradition of Kabbalah

Date 5/31/2023
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Kabbalah is an intriguing mystical tradition that can open up new pathways to other realms.

Kabbalah is an intriguing mystical tradition that can open up new pathways to other realms.

Kabbalah is a popular form of mysticism that may yield fresh and intriguing insights to those who are interested in communing with the divine in a new and revelatory way. If you're interested in a fresh meditation practice, this may offer a rewarding approach.

What Is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is a Jewish mystical tradition that explores the essence of the divine. The Zohar is the most significant work associated with Kabbalah. This text was written by Shimon bar Yochai who contends that he was inspired by visions from the angel Gabriel. The Zohar indicates that the Torah was meant to be understood at a literal, allegorical, Rabbinic, and secretive level. The height of this, at the secretive level, is only believed to be accessible through the practice of Kabbalah.

Contemplative Kabbalah

Contemplative Kabbalah, or Kabbalah Lyunit, is a branch of Kabbalah in which practitioners meditatively contemplate the Divine. This type of Kabbalah focuses on the relationship between the creation of the universe and the divine source that life emanated from. 

By meditating upon this concept, practitioners sometimes attempt to achieve a visionary experience of angelic realms. Thus, some of the techniques of Kabbalah align well with those who are interested in communicating with angels or receiving messages from this heavenly dimension of existence.

Practical Kabbalah

Practical Kabbalah, or Kabbalah Maasit, is the practice of trying to use incantations or inscriptions to alter the state of the world. This practice also involves deep meditation. In practical Kabbalah, the intent is to reveal hidden panes of reality from which one can bring existence into greater harmony. 

The Four Worlds of Kabbalah

Kabbalah sees the universe as existing within four worlds. Each represents a different level of reality. These worlds are:

  • Atzilut: The World of Emanation - Encompassing the trans-rational self and this moment with its truth.
  • Briyah: The World of Creation - Encompassing the breath-soul and the laws of physics and nature.
  • Yetzirah: The World of Formation - Encompassing the wind-water-soul and the forces of love.
  • Asiyah: The World of Action - Encompassing the animalistic life-force and the material world.

To experience life fully, Kabbalists aim to experience and integrate all four of these worlds. They find liberation in letting go of the daily experience in terms of how it makes one feel. 

The Nature of Jewish Mystics

For many, Kabbalah encompasses nearly all forms of Jewish mysticism. Jewish mystics typically participate in social circles where they readily share their insights and beliefs. They are not monastic in nature and enjoy congregating in organized associations. Jewish mystics often go forth and launch their own schools, which will then yield future generations of mystics working within this practice.

Working with an experienced psychic is another way that you can access angel realms and explore new sides of divinity. Try reaching out to expand your horizons and learn more about mystical traditions.


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