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How To See Energy

Date 8/31/2016

How do you see energy?

How do you see energy?

In the overlapping worlds of healers and visionaries, many are able to “see energy.” Some shift those energies for their clients. As practitioners, they move blockages, or lend insights that create a change in perception. What it means to see energy, is not difficult or even strange. All it means is paying a different sort of attention to your thoughts and the environment.

Pictures in Your Mind
When psychic advisors work with clients, they often see pictures in my mind. For example, they might see a shield over your heart or a man smiling when he receives a text from you. They may see you stuck in a corner when you can’t win no matter what you do, or carrying a brick in your pocket when you feel too guilty. They may even see you serving soup to a village because your heart overflows with generosity and your pot is always full under the big smile of fortune. They see pictures that let them know where and how you are holding energy in your body and in the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

Start with noticing the images that enter your mind as you listen to your friends and as you listen to yourself especially. Chances are, you’ll catch yourself saying words that don’t match the images that you are just now noticing as part of your mental life. The first place to look for energy is inside your own thoughts. The pictures you perceive are often worth much more than a thousand words. 

Seeing the Familiar
What we see in our objective, physical world is 90% imagination. We see only what we believe can be there. The saying goes, we only see what we want to and, in many ways, it is true. Perhaps it is more precise to say that we only see what is familiar to us.

The greater your desire to connect, the greater sense of urgency you will feel concerning streaks of blue or gold light from the corner of your eye, shadows that move, and hallways or doorways filled with a strange static interference. These movements are subtle and generally chalked up to something you can deduce through your reasoning. The real point is you feel more and more compelled to investigate tiny blinking lights and shadows that jerk than you were before. 

You may come to associate a ringing in your ears with the presence of energy beings. Be still and listen to the changing frequencies and let your eyes become adjusted to the sight of beings your mind does not yet know. 

Look Below the Surface
Give yourself some quiet nights and let your more refined senses do their exploring. Be aware of relaxing your face, especially the muscles around your eyes. Remind yourself that what you are looking for is subtle, it is just below the surface of the only reality you have ever known and in order to perceive differently through your eyes, your heart, and mind must also resonate.

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