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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of November 29, 2021

As November concludes, Mars in regenerative Scorpio makes a restorative Trine to Neptune in creative Pisces. We'll find it's much easier to manifest our heart's desire. December kicks off with a powerful Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse that supports our efforts to write a new script for our lives. Focus on your intentions and dream big!

The week of November 29 begins with a beneficial Mars-Neptune Trine. The Trine plays a reconciling role between planets. Scorpio's mysterious nature enhances passionate Mars. Neptune is a higher resonance of Venus – emotional energy feeds the collective and brings us closer to manifesting our heart's desires.

Midweek, Neptune stations direct after a five-month retrograde. Pisces ruler is the planet of truth and lies and a higher resonance of Venus. Love lessons have been vague, with lots of room to shift focus and change interpretation. Neptune's direct station gives us greater empathy and understanding as the truth surrounding a problematic situation emerges.

New Moon energy is perfect for hitting the restart button. Saturday, December 4, the Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse have us feeling spontaneous and ready for an authentic experience, inspired by the archer's characteristic optimism and zest for life. Let your affirmations be passionate, engaging the most positive spirit of love and light!

The New Moon hints at fresh opportunities while the Eclipse affords closure to outworn systems. Eclipses tend to increase activity and magnify the gifts of the sign and house in which they occur. Sagittarius is optimistic, fearless, and wise. The changes can be unsettling; however, the energy supports us by expediting the inevitable.

A lot is happening behind the scenes this week. Nebulous Neptune Stations Direct and a powerful Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse set the tone for assertive change. Sometimes you need to sort it out with someone who understands and cares. Live calls, chat, video readings, and appointments available when you want to connect - Get answers today - call Psychic Source!

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