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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of February 11th, 2019

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Intriguing romantic possibilities are on the horizon as Valentine’s Day approaches. Passionate Mars represents action; It speaks to our determination and direction. This week It makes a conjunction with revolutionary Uranus in the last degrees of Aries before it moves into Taurus on Valentine's day. Uranus revolutionizes everything it touches, even when it's operating so subtly that you don't notice the change until it is nearly complete. If someone has rejected you, keep in mind that this transit will only remove people and situations that are not serving your highest good. Every ending makes way for a new beginning.

Thursday, February 14, Valentine's Day and the planet of passion and action, Mars runs into cuddly, sensual Taurus where it is more grounded and thoughtful. Kindness and affection are the themes of the day – a casual transformation from the competitive Mars in Aries energy of recent weeks. There's so much pressure surrounding Valentine's Day that it will be a welcome respite to embrace the grounded fixed expression of Mars in Taurus which is evident in a subtle priority shift when we relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

We’ll find it much easier to connect the dots emotionally when Venus in commitment-oriented Capricorn makes a helpful Sextile to Neptune (Sunday, February 17). We’ll likely find creative solutions to healing unresolved struggles. It’s time to forgive a past misunderstanding. Neptune energy can be somewhat disorganized. However, Venus in Capricorn offers a loving embrace. The sextile plays a reconciling role between Capricorn and Pisces, and extraordinary caring expressed. The challenge may be in applying our potential, as nebulous Neptune leaves us slightly confused, and yet thoroughly in loves embrace.

Happy Valentine's Week! The planetary dance is beneficial and inspiring – will you embrace it, or push against it? If you’re dealing with a delicate situation now may be the perfect time to consult with a Psychic Source advisor.

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