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Week of September 26, 2022

Communication gets much easier this week, and a creative voice emerges when we listen to our hearts. Venus glides into Libra, its daytime home, and Mercury Stations Direct. Bring your most genuine self to the table – it's time to let your personal myths collapse even as they mingle with memories of what once was. Healthy changes you make now will have long-lasting benefits.

Conversations get personal when Mercury and Venus connect and Trine transformational Pluto. Venus and Retrograde Mercury, the planets of romance and intellect, join in careful Virgo and make a restorative Trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Virgo's caring logic works comfortably with Pluto's transformational energy to eliminate negative self-talk and adopt positive changes.

In recent weeks we've focused much of our attention on obligations; now, it's time to change direction. We are not shrugging responsibility but allowing our creativity to enter everyday life. Trust your inner wisdom, and you'll be alright.

Mars in Gemini is in a helpful trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This harmonious aspect is occasionally subtle enough that we don't notice. It's best to use this favorable combination of energies to our advantage. Mars is action-oriented and assertive, while Saturn points toward stability and responsibility. We can achieve much and work efficiently toward our goals, for self-discipline comes effortlessly.

Simple joys replace the intricate structure of Virgo's influence when alluring Venus glides into her daytime home of Libra Thursday, September 29. Expect a return to easy-going, straightforward communications. Relationships improve, and romance flourishes. In Libra, Venus is an excellent listener who sincerely appreciates the beloved. This awareness of the needs of one's companions is a genuine Venus in Libra gift.

Mercury stations direct in Virgo on Sunday, October 2. We want to move full speed ahead in areas affected by the retrograde. However, Mercury remains unstable and unpredictable for a few more days. Sit back and enjoy the present. Communication improves dramatically; still, there may be a few missed connections until Mercury returns to Libra and passes the point where the retrograde began.

This week the pieces of the puzzle could fall into the right places. Mercury Stations Direct, and Venus moves into relationship-oriented Libra. Psychic Source Advisors can provide insights and advice to help explore your expanding awareness. Call Psychic Source and see why we're different!

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