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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of January 20, 2020

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

After focusing on real-world matters under Capricorn’s practical influence, we are all ready for some adventure. The Sun enters Aquarius Monday, January 20, and for the next few weeks, love seeks a best friend as well as an inspiring companion. Aquarius rules the eleventh house of groups and friendship. Social gatherings help to lift your spirits if you’re single and searching. Caring friends may want to play matchmaker – go along and enjoy. Air signs should accept invitations offered by close friends. Water signs; listen to your intuition before you swipe right. Earth signs follow your heart, and Fire signs lead the way!

Venus represents the heart Chakra and self-worth; Thursday, January 24the love planet makes an encouraging Sextile to expansive Jupiter. Expect a door open to the past and the potential for second chances. All's fair in love. You'll likely feel Neptune's influence, when a not-so-recent-ex, reaches out, seeking approval, reunion, or more of the same – you'll intuitively know how to respond. Neptune is said to be the higher octave of Venus, and in this field, love is ethereal and mystical. You may be searching for the perfect love as the energy of the Sextile enhances sensitivity and creativity. So, for the next few days, let go of the idea of perfection. Instead, focus on your creative soul. Dream, write, paint, heal your heart.

Friday, January 24, the Aquarius New Moon is a perfect time to examine what we would like to begin. It allows our creative, intuitive, and romantic selves to merge, bringing about dynamic changes. The seeds we plant and the intentions we set are all important now.

While our relationships benefit from the boost of positive Aquarius Sun-Moon energy, a challenging Venus-Mars square (Sunday night) calls us to access your clairsentience. Before disappointments fuel hurt and anger, let go of old tapes about what we can’t do and move forward with what we will do.

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