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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of March 19th, 2018

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

This week we celebrate a cycle of new growth with the Spring Equinox! A current of rejuvenation and regeneration spins the wheel of the zodiac. The lingering Piscean influence imbues us with a sense of participating in something vast and cosmic even as we look forward to the next new beginning.

Tuesday, March 20 (12:15 pm) the Sun enters optimistic Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac; Cardinal Fire points to new growth and fresh starts. Day and night are equal; it’s a good time to think about your past, present, and future -- and maybe to make some small changes or big decisions.

Mercury connects with Venus in Aries as the sun changes signs. The wave is encouraging; expect a chance to reconnect with some of your favorite people. Mercury, in the shadow of the coming retrograde, awakens our (Venus) sleeping memory, linking us with solutions that have been swimming near the surface of our consciousness. Reconnect with someone you’ve been thinking about; someone you've meant to contact.

The second Mercury Retrograde of 2018 begins Thursday, March 22. Quick thinking Mercury in Aries prefers to tell like it is, jumping into the fire, leaving the guesswork for those less determined. Mercury’s retrograde ride through the first sign of the zodiac has a reputation for impulsiveness. The usual wisdom applies for the first few days; Mercury Retrograde has been known to cause communication problems. Double-check plans for travel and leave a little extra time to compensate for delays, communicate carefully, and avoid signing papers and making big purchases in the early days of the retrograde as well as the days close to the Direct station (April 15). Mercury moves forward into Taurus May 13.

A positive side effect of Mercury Retrograde makes this period a splendid time for restoration of any kind; rewind, repair, rekindle and return. We are motivated to put others first and talk through any challenges.

An exciting fresh phase begins with the first day of spring! The Sun -Mercury-Venus combination in Aries points to renewal and mutual growth. Even with Mercury Retrograde, seeds of change planted now will grow strong through self-determination. Begin your new season with reading from one of the genuinely gifted advisors at Psychic Source!

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