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December Astrological Forecast and Love Tips

Welcome to December; prepare for an intense and exciting cycle packed with surprises and challenges. For some of you, December is the kick you need to get your motivation going to complete personal projects and overcome stagnation. And for others, December may feel like an unwelcome tornado that forces you to rearrange your life even though you are pretty content.  

We have a few aspects that invoke deep emotional reflections, such as Venus in Scorpio, which help us admit how we feel about significant areas in our lives. Then there is Mars, and Mercury in Sagittarius, allowing those of us who are usually shy and reluctant to face conflict.  Our newfound bravery and attitudes may unnerve those around us who seldom see our warrior nature, so be prepared to annoy those who have controlled us in the past..... Read More

Astrologers on Psychic Source discuss the role of horoscopes in a psychic reading.

“I was amazed at how well the psychic described and interpreted the influence of the stars over my relationship. It was like she was sitting with me reading MY life book.”

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