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Signs from the Universe That Your Life Is About To Get Better

Date 4/4/2024
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Signs and Symbols Life Is Better

When our lives are at their most painful, we can feel lost, disconnected, and torn apart by situations and circumstances. Our hardest times are when we most need direction and guidance from the universe; unfortunately, it can also be the most difficult time to recognize signs from the universe that something positive is right around the corner.

It is hard to see what lies ahead during the darkest times in our lives, but even in the shadow, the universe speaks to us. These messages are all around us, but easy to miss in the noise and fast pace of modern life.

When times are trying, it is easy to focus on the negative or distract ourselves, but if you can take a moment to pause and catch your breath you can begin to see signs from the universe of growth, encouragement, or the need for change.

Here are a few of the most common signs that your life is about to improve, and that you’re heading in the right direction.

Deja Vu

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a feeling that one has seen or heard something before”. More simply, it is the feeling like you have already lived a moment in time.

Experiencing déjà vu is a strong indicator that you are going in the right direction, like a compass point. The feeling of familiarity gets stronger the closer you are to your path. Think of these as reassurances that you’re making the right moves to manifest the positivity and growth you’re searching for.

One of the most notable experiences I’ve had with déjà vu was when I was dating my now husband. I experienced the sensation of having spoken to him and met him many times even though we were from different countries and had never met.

My grandmother was a natural psychic, and she swore by the power of déjà vu. When the sensation hits you, go with the flow and stay on the path.

Seeing a Cardinal

Animal Signs

There are way more signs and symbols in the animal world than I can go into in this article alone. However, one of the loudest languages used by the universe is nature, even though they can be seen as background noise or even annoyances at the time. While it can be helpful to have an existing connection to nature, that isn’t necessary for the universe to send you a message that way.

During a very difficult time in my life, I had an experience with a cardinal. The proud red bird seemed determined to destroy his own reflection in my car mirror. While this isn’t unusual behavior for this particular species, this bird went to great lengths to circumvent all my attempts to stop him.

At the time his behavior was annoying, something that required more work and caused constant delays. Only now, looking back I realize the bird was a sign. Much like the cardinal, I was at war with myself, and all I was doing was causing myself harm.

This is just one personal example of animal signs. For even more on this topic, Psychic Source takes a deeper look at over a dozen common (and not so common) animal signs and omens.  In addition, in Psychic Advisor Arthur's article, you can learn to interpret different color feather meanings as signs that our Angels are trying to get our attention, let us know they're there, and send us a message. 

Synchronicity Listening to Music


Have you been seeing the same number repeatedly recently? Seeing repeating numbers is one of the subtle signs of life about to get better spiritually and materially. Guardian angels and spirit guides often send messages with specific numbers. Whatever message the numbers are sending you, know that your angels are looking out for you and working towards your growth and well-being.


Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that all seem linked or related, for example: learning a new word then hearing it multiple times over the course of a day.

Synchronicity is a sign that is hard to miss, but easy to write off as a simple coincidence. You might hear a song that has significance for you many times as you go about your day, instead of shrugging it off pay attention to the lyrics; the way the song makes you feel, or the memories it conjures up.

Another example is hearing the name of a friend or relative many times in passing. Try listening to these signs and reach out to the person! You may find they have news to share or need to get in touch, and you’re the right person to help them out. 

Sometimes what we need to help us out of the dark is a helping hand. Synchronicity can show us the people or places we need to make contact with, in order to move forward after a setback and find ourselves again.

Lost Doll

Lost Items

One of the most overlooked signs is lost items. This can be a minor annoyance or a major delay. Something that can get us pretty steamed is a not-so-subtle sign from the universe to slow down.

When something isn’t where we left it our first reaction is to become irritated. However, I recommend you stop, take a moment to breathe, recognize the moment and ask yourself these two questions.

What is actually missing?

What were your plans for it?

By asking these questions you can begin to understand the sign.

If a tool is missing, maybe the time isn’t right to start a new project. When your keys are missing right before work it may be a sign that you’ve forgotten something important or needed for the day.

Missing items can make us feel like everything is going wrong, but upon closer inspection, they may show us the steps we can take to make improvements or get back on track.  Of course, you’ll still want to find your lost things even if you understand the message, so take a look at this article for tips on finding them.

Meeting a Stranger


Sometimes the universe speaks through people, a chance meeting or encounter with a stranger that can leave you feeling empowered or give the feeling that a simple conversation has profound meaning.  You may find a person brings up something that you’ve been mulling over in your head for a long time, even though you’ve never mentioned it out loud. Even a simple exchange can bring up a decision you’ve been stuck on for some time.

These chance encounters can reveal paths that we are afraid to go down, big life changes like changing jobs or ending a relationship. These visitations are the universe sending you signs that it’s time to make a decision and take the plunge towards a new and better life.

Growing Plant

Feeling Torn Down

One of the hardest things to understand, and strongest signs the universe is trying to tell you something, is feeling like your life is being torn apart.  In order to grow, we have to change. When we ask the universe for change or to manifest growth in our lives, we can forget that for something new to be built, we must first tear the old structures down. When you find yourself feeling like everything is out of your control and everything is falling apart around you, take a moment to step back.

Try to see the big picture.  The things that are coming to an end may be the very things that are holding you back. A messy breakup can be the start of self-discovery or even falling in love with yourself again. A sudden job loss can actually be a step toward finding a better opportunity that gives you greater satisfaction and happiness.

Much like a growing plant, sometimes we outgrow a situation or place. In order to thrive a plant has to be pulled up, bound roots torn, and placed in fresh soil. When we feel like we are being torn apart, we are really being unbound and placed in a new environment we can thrive in.

woman meditating in nature

4 Ways to Center Your Energy

When you feel like everything is falling apart, and you’re lost in the noise and overstimulation of our modern times; remember these signs from the universe. Open yourself to extreme possibilities and keep a watchful eye.

If you are struggling to see any signs of positivity or change around you, remember to ground yourself and try a few of these ways to center your energy:

  • Disconnect. Remove distractions and digital noise for a few hours a day. That may mean turning off (or at least stepping away from) your cell phone or other electronic devices. Give your intuition a chance to connect with the universe. It’s easier to see signs and symbols when you're not connected to a screen.
  • Meditate. You can find joy in simple spiritual practices like meditation. Empty your mind, be mindful, and be aware of yourself and your surroundings. This will make you more receptive to signs the universe is sending you. You may even have a revelation when you take a chance to focus and listen to your own natural intuition.
  • Return to nature. Going on a hike or simply a walk around your neighborhood can help you reconnect with the natural language of the universe. Spending a few minutes sitting in the grass and absorbing the natural light of the sun can recharge you and allow you to truly listen. Only when we are out in nature can we see the animal signs and symbols around us.
  • Seek advice. Getting a psychic reading from a trusted advisor can help guide you and find answers about the signs and symbols you don’t understand. Sometimes we are too close to the problems to see clearly and speaking to an advisor can give some much-needed clarity.

Remember, the universe speaks in whispers, not shouts. Opening yourself and making yourself more receptive is crucial to seeing the signs and symbols of positivity all around you.

You can manifest the change you want to see in your life, and even when you feel like everything is going wrong, change and opportunity follow upheaval. These six signs above are just a handful of the ways the universe can reach out and show you the path.  In addition to everything above, Cultures throughout time and the world have unique versions of moon mythology. Psychic Natasha will help you discover how moon symbols and folklore of the past can be applied to your life today. 

If you have more questions about the plans the universe has for you, and how to manifest your will to see positive change in your life check out our other articles and connect with one of our expert advisors.


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Rosey is a long-time professional psychic and Metaphysical Scholar at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Rosey is a seeker of truth and hidden knowledge, and one of the last true spiritualists.


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