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Signs You've Found Your Soul Tribe or Soul Family by Psychic MaryJane

Date 9/2/2022
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Let’s discuss something we all have in our lives and may not even be aware of… our Soul Tribe, (sometimes referred to as a Soul Family). Some visit us for a quick moment and others stay for long periods of time. We do know this; they teach and help us grow. Let’s dive deeper into these soul connections and what can we do to find them? 

What is a Soul Tribe?

Let’s break down the concept of a soul tribe. Usually, these connections are not biological but of course can be. We have all heard these terms: Soulmates, Karmic Relationships and Twin Flames, but none of these are the same as a Soul Tribe.  Let me explain…  

When I was young there was a toy I owned. It was two little Scottie dogs. One was black the other white. Underneath each dog was a magnet. When you put the two dogs down on the table they would twirl around and then WOOOP! The two dogs would fly toward each other and stay connected. Of course, the magnet on the bottom of them created this sudden leap toward each other. If you pulled the dogs apart there would be resistance. I like to think of that toy as our connection to our soul families. It is inevitable, these other people (or souls) will appear in your life. One will instantly know “Hey, this feels amazing, I feel like I’ve always known you!”  

Soul Tribe

Making a Soul Tribe Connection

Our individual life path will connect to our Soul Family. Here are some sensations you may experience upon meeting a Soul Tribe connection: 

  • A feeling of belonging, like coming “home”. 
  • Reciprocity of energy, you feel “alive”. 
  • Shared core values despite different experiences. 
  • Openly expressing our deepest dreams and desires free of judgement. 
  • Body sensations of comfort and safety and excitement. 

Our soul family and its myriad of members will float into our lives and sometimes out of our lives once we are born.  

Imagine a giant world map and little red thumb tacks all connecting to you. Some believe that our Soul Tribe interacts with each other in each lifetime. Isn’t that a cool thought to ponder? A group of souls connecting in each lifetime in different capacities all to help us learn and grow and spread love and heal through our soul purpose!  

Meeting one of your soul tribe peeps will bring you a safe feeling, a feeling that you belong. It can be easy flowing conversation, shared experiences, or unusual coincidences regarding the two of you. You will feel energized and alive, freely, and authentically speaking without hesitation. Time can pass quickly. You feel their support and you will say to yourself, wow.... they really just “get me”.  

Soul Tribes help us see ourselves differently and the world in a new light. The ripple effect of our Soul Families is quite magical. The connection creates a spark that changes the course of our lives, and those around us. There is scientific data that shows social interaction with likeminded individuals keeps us healthier both in mind and body. 

Imagine the course of your life changing all because you randomly met a stranger, who was actually a Soul Tribe Member! Think of the conversations you have that could inspire you to change the world! Yes, that sounds dramatic, but it is how this works and isn’t it magical? 

Soul Family

Our Soul Family Members vs. Soulmates 

Sometimes, they could be a school mate, or someone you randomly end up chatting with in line at Starbucks. It could be someone you meet in a work environment or even a neighbor. You may think, I really like them, I trust them, and I feel uplifted in their presence. Sometimes, they drift out of lives, and they are remembered fondly. 

Other times, you may come across this Soul Tribe connection on a date. Just looking into each other's eyes feels like an unexplainable euphoric sense of “knowing”. Love at first sight as they say. You feel a serene sense of belonging. You radiate energy just being in their presence, it feels like HOME. You want to love and nurture their loved ones and vice versa. This Soulmate connection feels like you have been awakened to life, as if you were living in a black and white movie and suddenly everything turns to glorious color! 

All of these soul connections have a purpose. They help remind us (even subconsciously) of our path in life. They highlight our passions and joy and how they connect to our soul purpose. They can realign us when we feel lost or excluded. They complete us. 

Soul Family Men

Our Soul Tribe and Karmic Relationships

Now, going back to the lessons our Soul Tribe teachings, sometimes, the connection triggers us and even after an initial feeling of euphoria or “This is MY PERSON” we are suddenly experiencing a repeated pattern in our lives, or a feeling of being excluded or disconnected from this person. This can be very painful. Our bodies will feel this in significant ways. We may feel exhausted from this push and pull game, we may feel like the glowing light we first felt when we met has suddenly dimmed. These can be described at Karmic connections.  Deciding to remove yourself from this connection (or sometimes they remove themselves from us) is of course painful but think of it as enormous growth. Our ascension to a higher level of our soul’s purpose here on earth. I like to think of all the connections that are no longer in my life temporary. I shall see them in the next life! 

Twin Flame Connections Within Our Soul Tribe

Twin flame connections can also be put into the category of our Soul Tribe. This is a subject too great to unpack here, but they can be described as all the feelings above times a thousand! Feeling like you connect with someone so instantly, so pure, so exciting, it’s as if your body is screaming “We have finally met again! Were you my lover in a past life? I have never felt this way before!” These soul connections can feel like our heart is ripped out when we are not in the same energy exchange. All beautiful, painful, and soul purpose igniting connections. Oh, the heartache of love. 

Soul Tribe Hands

How Do You Find Your Soul Tribe?

Let’s go back to the Scottie Dogs Toy again. Your Soul Tribe will find you effortlessly because of the pull toward each other. Imagine the magnets being energy. No matter where on earth they are, they will come into your life. Would you like to see more Soul Tribe Members? Here are some things you can do.  

What Brings You Joy?

Think about what brings you joy. Think about what makes you feel energized. Old movies? Thriller novels? Music? Perhaps it is something you always dreamed about like living in another country or learning about the galaxy? Get yourself moving, it can be to your local library or park, it can be groups on the internet. It could be volunteering in your community or virtual volunteering from your home. All these activities will help connect you with likeminded souls and just like that you will start to recognize the ease and familiarly of some of these individuals! 

Trust Your Intuition

Always stay in tune with your intuition though, if a connection with someone feels uncomfortable or off, disconnect from them. Send them good thoughts and move on in your journey. 

Seek Them Out

Another way to “seek out soulmates” is to meditate or pray for them! You can write your own mantra and describing the members of your Soul Family you would like to connect with and again, like those magnets, it will reel them in! 

Whether love connections, or acquaintances, short term, or a lifetime our Soul Family is here to help us find our real purpose. If you are feeling lost or excluded do not worry, at the times you feel disconnected and unsure your Soul Family is hearing you. They are weaving their way into your life at this very moment!

Confused about a soul connection? Our psychic advisors can help! 



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MaryJane is a psychic and medium. She has been helping clients through her sacred gifts for nearly 3 decades. She has a background in hospice, end of life care, bereavement and crisis counseling.  She has devoted her life to helping others navigate their lives and finding joy.


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