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Goddess Chakra Energy Healing by Psychic Angelica

Date 11/30/2020
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Connect your Chakras and your Inner Goddess to help achieve balance in your life.

Connect your Chakras and your Inner Goddess to help achieve balance in your life.

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Do you know how to empower yourself through the energy of the Goddess within each of the seven chakras? Below, I will explain how to nurture, revitalize and recharge our mind, body and spirit. Just like calling on our Angels and Spirit Guides for direction, the Goddess is available to you for empowerment and guidance.

Through honoring the divine feminine and masculine, we reconnect with our inner Goddess. Keeping our chakras healthy and energized is one way to nurture ourselves and achieve balance in our lives.

Together we will explore the connection of each chakra and connecting Goddess through simple do it yourself ways using the power of the mind and daily activities. Through meditation, affirmations, ceremony, movement, crystals and much more we will bring inner peace, tranquility and self-love into our lives.

Here is a brief overview of each Goddess and Chakra: 

Goddess Kali and Root Chakra

Warrior Queen Kali represents security. She will bring fire and energy into your life when you are feeling fragile or out of sorts. Kali reminds us how to be present and connect to Mother Earth and ground into our own sense of security.

  • Goddess Kali Message ~ Embrace Transformation
  • Vitality booster ~ Walk barefoot on mother earth

Goddess Ishtar and Sacral Chakra

Ishtar is our magical muse, our link to creativity and abundance. Ishtar reminds us we are worthy of success, love and joy. Here is where we give birth to new ideas and bring our goals into manifestation.

  • Goddess Ishtar Message ~ Embody the Divine
  • Vitality booster ~ Create a vision board

Goddess Persephone and Solar Plexus

Persephone is the Greek Goddess of the underworld. With her energy we trust our gut and listen to our instincts. The merging of light and dark, rest and action to achieve unshakeable personal power.

  • Goddess Persephone Message ~ Embrace and balance your personal power
  • Vitality booster ~ Yoga. The boat pose is awesome for developing core strength

Goddess Kwan Yin and Heart Chakra

Kwan Yin is our heart center. She is the Goddess of love and compassion. Here is where we learn unconditional love and forgiveness for ourselves and others. The Heart Chakra is also the bridge between the lower chakras and your physical experiences and assists you in stepping into higher consciousness, spirituality and insight.

  • Goddess Kwan Yin Message ~ Be love and compassion
  • Vitality booster ~ Wear or carry Rose Quartz

Goddess Athena and Throat Chakra

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom. She embodies the power of the spoken word and how to be a channel of truth and authenticity. When we speak our truth, our deepest desires manifest. Here we learn that our word is our wand and how to create with the “I am”.

  • Goddess Athena Message ~ Speak your truth
  • Vitality booster ~ Make a blueberry smoothie. Foods that are blue will help soothe and activate your throat chakra

Goddess Isis and Third Eye

Isis is the Egyptian High Priestess and Sacred Sage. Through her magical ways we learn to trust our inner wisdom and intuition. This is where we unlock the door to greater awareness of the universe.

  • Goddess Isis Message ~ Own your choices
  • Vitality Booster ~ Practice reading Tarot or Oracle cards

Goddess Nuit and Crown Chakra

Nuit is the bridge between heaven and earth. She is pure joy and bliss. She is our connection to our Higher Self, Spirit, God/Goddess. This is where we open ourselves to our divine purpose with gratitude.

  • Goddess Nuit Message ~ Embody Bliss
  • Vitality Booster ~ Watch the sunrise or sunset or enjoy some star gazing

It is our divine birthright to co create the life we desire, and it is a gift from Creator to have so many connections to Spirit. Welcome the Goddess into your life and watch the miracles unfold!

For an expanded look at each Chakra and more ways to nurture yourself and bring balance to your chakras, visit our Psychic Source Connections Calendar for November 2020 and look for additional information that has been posted throughout the month.

Blessings and Gratitude,



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