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What is a Starseed? by Psychic Mylie

Date 1/24/2023
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How often have you felt alone, lonely, and alienated? Maybe there are times you have felt like you’re in the Twilight Zone and just don’t get these people.  You don’t feel like you belong here and have often felt that you’re on the outside looking in.  Maybe because you think, act and problem-solve differently, what seems to be normal or acceptable to most people has you wondering “what are those people thinking?”  How many times have you said “I don’t want to be here” and someone else has said “you’re not from here are you?” and you just want to go home?

If any of this sounds familiar… you may be a Starseed! There are currently about 200 Million extraterrestrials and Starseeds on this planet who have come here from another star system for the express purpose of helping the beings of Earth raise their consciousness to a higher vibration by teaching and providing wisdom, support, and knowledge as they help us to evolve our souls.

They’re highly evolved souls that have experienced life elsewhere in this Universe or another and have chosen to incarnate here, either once or many times as a ‘walk-in’ or through the normal birth process to serve the human race and Mother Nature in many ways. We are all individuals and that’s true for Starseeds as well. 

What are the Starseed Types?

Although there are many more, Andromedans, Apollonians, Arturic Aliens, Lyrans, Sirians, and the Pleiades are the most common starseed lineages here. Starseed numbers are growing quickly as Earth undergoes ascension into 3D, 4D, 5D, and higher dimensions. Starseeds are different from Lightworkers, Healers, Earth Angels, and Incarnated Angels. Some of these may be Starseeds, but not all Starseeds fall under these categories.

What is a Starseed

What Do Starseeds Look Like?

Over the years, there have been some specific features in identifying a Starseed, but I feel that because of the accelerated rate of Starseeds coming to this planet, they’re now just as diverse as humans.  Not ALL Starseeds look exotic or strangely different, some appear completely human, so you really can’t tell from their looks, however, if you see a seriously odd-looking person…chances are excellent they’re a Starseed. Here are some of the physical characteristics and Starseed markings on the body to look for. 

Starseed Eyes

Starseeds are old, wise, and highly intelligent, and you can see it in their eyes. They usually have beautiful large and compelling eyes but there are those with smaller eyes as well that are just as beautiful.  Their color varies but is most often light, unusual, or otherwise outstanding.  They’ve been historically described as ‘tilted’ but also come in all shapes.  One thing that is for sure is when you look into their eyes, you can see that they just know something and that somehow, they’re special and different.  Don’t even bother trying to pull the wool over a Starseed’s eyes… it’s just not going to happen.

Starseed Faces

Starseeds have typically been described as having long, thin faces – but again, it is not true for all. Their necks are also thin and long. There’s much talk about their skulls, which can appear to be elongated. They say it’s because their skull must enclose a larger brain than others. Some may have angelic-looking faces, but those could instead be Incarnated Angels which are not true Starseeds but have come to work alongside them.

Starseed Body Markings

In the past, Starseeds have been thought to be mostly tall with thin bodies. They may have slightly elongated heads more prominent at the baby stage.  Nowadays, it’s accepted that just about anyone could be a Starseed by physical appearance.  They can have many different shapes and sizes.  Other kinds like angelic beings can be short or medium, but true Starseeds are usually tall and willowy. There may of course be exceptions to this rule - some are short, and some can pick up bad human habits like snacking. Some don’t overeat because they know it’s not good for them, so they’re thin.  Then there are those that have gotten to quite enjoy the food here and can eat just as much as anyone else on a good day resulting in a fluffier appearance.  Some are tall, some are not, and some are in between.  They mostly all come with 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 ears, a nose, a mouth as well as 2 hands and feet. They can however vary in their strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s look at some of the things that will help you in knowing if you’re a Starseed including various Starseed physical symptoms, Starseed blood types, and more.

Are You a Starseed?

You might be a Starseed if...

Physical Starseed Signs

* Lower than normal body temperature

* Lower than normal blood pressure

* Unusual Starseed blood types - or even a combination of types (Type RH-O- is typical)

* Have transitional, extra, or fused vertebrae

* Blond hair mostly, or any color hair with a bit of red in it. 

* Hypersensitivity

* Chronic sinusitis

* Most have asthma

* Suffer from swollen or painful joints

* 93% are empathic - experiencing the pain and ailments of others physically

* Adversely affected by high humidity and extreme temperatures

* Are hypersensitive to sound, light, touch, color, and emotions around them

* Hypersensitivity to alcohol and most drugs

* You can only handle large crowds of people for short periods of time

* Have social anxiety

* Experience buzzing or clicking sounds or a high-pitched mechanical whine in the ears prior to or during a psychic event or warning of danger.

* May have “mystic crosses” on their palms 

* High tolerance for pain or no uneasiness when in pain

* Issues with artificial bright lights – sunlight seems to be the most comforting

* High immunity; you don’t get sick like other people… if you are sick you recover very quickly

* Sturdy physical as well as inner strength

* Tendency to bruise without even knowing the cause of the bruising

* High sensitivity towards extreme noise and sounds – better hearing ability than others

* Hearing sounds of unknown frequencies is quite common that comes with tingling sensations and head pressure

* Sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and other medications, but high tolerance could also be present

* Night owls: stay up more than the average person and find peace at night

* If asleep, then an unknown urge wakes them up around 3 a.m.

* Body aches and extreme fatigue are common due to energy shifts

* Carry yourself with unconscious authority and may even be quite elegant

* You are empathetic to others’ emotions and can pick up on what they’re feeling


Starseed Personality Traits

* Find that children and animals gravitate to you - including wild animals who seem to have no fear of them.

* You have lots of personal charisma

* You’re a listener

* Many are often quiet people, seeming introverts.

* Exhibit an aura of kindness and gentleness

* You are interested in life and people find you fascinating

* You’re a catalyst - often spurring others on to accomplish great things and never really needing the recognition for having helped

* Extreme love for nature including love for plants and animals

* Attracted to willow trees or any other unique tree

Other-Worldly Starseed Signs

* Often cause street lamps to go out when they walk by. This is caused by the bioelectromagnetic field which has been amped up from contact with starseeds

* Have experienced out-of-body states since early childhood

* You are telepathic from birth and may be unaware of it

* You may have a memory of being from another planet or galaxy and what it looked like

* You are highly psychic or intuitive and sensitive to your surroundings

* Had a dramatic awakening experience around the age of five which often took the form of white light and/or visitation by human-appearing beings who gave comfort and advice

* Had a serious accident, illness, or traumatic experience around the age of eleven or twelve which encouraged them to turn inward.

* Life on Earth may at times feel boring or disappointing to you

* Had unseen companions as a child

* Have a strong affinity to ancient Egypt and Israel

The information above is by no means all-encompassing, there's much more to learn about not only Starseeds, but Light Workers, Earth Angels, and Incarnated Angels who are coming in. I believe there are some very good discussions to be had surrounding the increased rate these groups are coming in and the roles they play alongside the Starseeds including how to find your Starseed markings. These are exciting times for the planet! 

Is this cool or what?
  If you're interested in learning more about this or if you think you're a Starseed but you're not quite sure, I'd be happy to help! Or, contact your favorite Psychic Source advisor to gain more insight. 


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