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Manifest the Life You Want Using Visualization and Meditation by Psychic Marlaina

Date 8/9/2023
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Visualize roses with this powerful manifestation meditation.

Visualize roses with this powerful manifestation meditation.

Manifestation and Law of Attraction can be a tricky business, especially recently as the stressed out collective human consciousness has been bearing down on even the most high vibration manifesters. And yet, you soldier on, remembering who you are with new vision boards, push journals, hopes, dreams and, hopefully, the ability to ignore the frazzled din of the very recent past. However, the real secret to manifesting the life you want has far more to do with what you feel than what you do. To successfully use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want, you need to feel your way there.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a set of instructions on how to manifest what you want that is as easy to follow as a tasty recipe or IKEA furniture instructions? Well, there actually is a very simple visualization and manifestation meditation that, if done often enough and with the right intention, works every time for almost anything you want.

The Law of Attraction Visualization Technique

Empirically, the ability to manifest what you want shouldn’t be fraught with lots of other people’s input or fears, but sometimes, especially if you’re an empath, their energy can get stuck in your space. This quick Law of Attraction visualization, developed by the Berkley Psychic Institute/Intuitive Insights program is focused on both clearing out your own energy of “havingness” and “deservingness” issues, creating the thing you want right in front of you and then sending the energy out to bring you back exactly what you want. You can do this sequence daily for small things like “surprise” gifts and about once per week for specific larger things you want. Before you know it, you’ll be a manifesting machine, getting yourself everything from parking spaces to plane tickets.

This visualization starts with getting into a nice, calm meditative state. You can use any techniques you already employ to get to this place. If you’re not a pro meditator, don’t worry; simply sitting in a comfortable seat with eyes closed and taking a few deep breaths will do. Once you feel centered, it’s time to start the visualization.

Part One: Visualization to Release Negative Energy

  1. Imagine you’re sitting in a room inside your head with a big screen in front of you. The room and screen can look however you want, even exactly like the room you’re currently in.
  2. On the screen, imagine a big, beautiful rose. Pick a color for the rose and try to make it look as open or “bloomed” as possible. It can be any color except black, white, or brown.
  3. As you watch the rose, imagine it turns into a very powerful vacuum and ask it to pull out with its force, any energy in your space that’s not yours or that seems to be in the way of manifesting what you want. There’s no need to analyze the stuff coming out; just let the rose fill up.
  4. After the rose is nice and full and you feel it’s removed all the energy you want to clear out, see yourself sending the rose far away. It can be the edge of your town or the edge of the universe. Before you see it vanish completely, visualize that you light a firecracker under it and blow it up to bits. It’s a funny visualization but doing this ensures that the energy from other people will go back to them and that the rest won’t come back to you.

Part Two: Visualization to Check and Increase Havingness and Deservingness

  1. Now that your screen is clear again, imagine that you set up two sliding scales in front of you and label one “havingness” and one “deservingness” and number them each 1-100. Notice the color of each scale and how you feel about them.
  2. Take a deep breath and ask inside yourself the following question: “on a scale of 1-100, how much havingness and deservingness do I feel in my space right now?” You should get a number for each scale and it will likely be quite illuminating but try not to judge. If you feel any judgment or bad feelings about the numbers, you can try again to blow a few roses as above to clear the space.
  3. Now you’ve noted your number, we’re going to simply re-set it. While still viewing the color and number of the two scales, ask them to change so they’re both set to gold. That should instantly feel better. Finally, take the gauge on the scale and push it all the way up to 100. That should feel much better! Do this as often as you like; it’s never a wrong time to set your havingness and deservingness at 100%.

The Manifestation Meditation

It’s always a good idea to check and re-set your havingness and deservingnes, but once you’ve done this visualization a few times, it’s fine to skip right to this part of the manifestation meditation. Here we will harness the Law of Attraction to make real, solid connections with your manifesting space and start to fill in what you want to manifest on the energetic plane, so it can come to you on the physical plane.

  1. Clear your screen. Make sure there’s no more scales or roses or anything in front of you. If there are, send them away or blow them up with the firecracker method.
  2. Set up your roses - you will again need to set up a rose for each thing you want in front of you on the screen. You can do these one at a time or all at once, in a line. Make each rose a different color (except black, brown or white again) and they can be as open or closed as you’d like.
  3. Label your roses – for each thing you want, imagine you’re writing the name of it on a petal, leaf or right in the center of each rose. It’s even better if you can write it in gold letters.
  4. Look at each of the labeled roses in turn and note how looking at the name of the thing you want makes you feel. If there are any feelings of fear, doubt or lack of deservingness when you look at the word and the rose, put a long stem on it and think of it as a drain. Ask the rose to filter out any of those feelings or pictures that may block you from getting what you want.
  5. As the drains run or if you feel completely perfect about the word and rose in front of you, start to visualize and feel what you will experience and feel when you have this thing. See it in pictures if you can, as if you already have it. Enjoy that feeling and as you do, allow the pictures and feelings to wash over the rose as well, imbibing it with that same joy and present-time excitement.
  6. Once you feel each rose is completely full of all those good feelings and pictures and devoid of any fear or blocks, cut any of those drain stems so that each rose is just floating before you, glowing and making you really happy.
  7. With one or multiple roses in front of you on your screen, visualize making a copy of each of them that’s identical both appearance and in feeling. Put a little gold edge on both copies of the rose. We want this as high vibration as possible!
  8. For each pair of roses, bring one of them into your own space. I usually recommend visualizing the rose over your head and allowing it to sink into your space from above, but any way you choose to absorb it is fine. This rose has the knowing and the feeling that you already possess this manifestation because energetically, you already do.
  9. Now visualize sending the rose that’s left in front of you out into the world to go and collect what you want to manifest and bring it back to you. It matches the rose you just absorbed in your present space, so it will easily be able to find you!
  10. Take a few more deep breaths and come out of meditation. That’s all there is to it!

A fun way to practice this manifestation technique is to visualize small things or little surprises appearing in your life. You can do this visualization as often as you like. For larger manifestations of the life you want, especially those having to do with other people, limit your manifestation meditation to once per week at most. You want to give it the gift time to get its job done and come back to you. Try not to attach a time limit to them and just enjoy the ride.

As Abraham Hicks says, “the manifestation is about the feeling and the journey. You can’t manifest the thing you want if you don’t feel the joy you’ll have for it already.” Feelings are the key to using Law of Attraction to manifest the life you want, so use these visualization techniques to keep yourself feeling happy and energetically abundant.

For even more, you can learn helpful Abundance Meditation techniques for attracting wealth and manifesting desires. Practice gratitude, heart coherence, and visualization daily. 

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Marlaina discovered she was sensitive to unseen energy at a very early age. She attended classes at Intuitive Insights, a subsidiary of the Berkley Psychic Institute, where she mastered meditative, reading and healing techniques without the use of tools (tarot cards etc). There she became an ordained minister through Universal Life Church. She has been practicing reading and healing for over 20 years, with a passion for not only giving answers and providing comfort but also for helping everyone raise their vibration to feel more fulfilled and find their own strength and purpose.


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