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Paranormal Activity: 5 Signs Your Home is Haunted by a Spirit

Date 10/7/2018

Unusual and unexplained shadows could be from a spirit.

Unusual and unexplained shadows could be from a spirit.

Realizing you're not the only one at home in your house is terrifying. Whether you've experienced strange occurrences over time or just moved into your dream home only to notice that something is not quite right, you could be one of many homeowners experiencing a haunting. There are some common signs to look for in your home that hint at something paranormal.

Unexplained Noises or Other Sensations

Strange noises can signal something isn't right in your home. If you hear odd banging or knocking sounds, often from the floor, closet, or even the basement, there might be a paranormal cause. Likewise, a constant sensation of being watched might indicate a spirit's presence.

More powerful instances of these feelings could act as stronger proof of a haunting. Unexplained smells like perfume you don't keep at home, whispers or cries, or feeling like you're being touched are signs of a spirit in your house. Hot or cold spots in your home could also hint at a ghostly presence.

Strange Shadows

Shadows, often called rogue shadows, produced by haunting spirits don't seem quite like your typical shadows. Instead, these paranormal shadows resemble the static that comes from TV screens. Black masses, dark spectres, and outlines are other ways spirits can manifest in shadowy form. Sometimes they may even appear more menacing, with silhouettes that don't look like a shadow that comes from something of this world.

Unusual Behavior from Kids and Pets

Young children and animals are often the most capable of noticing the paranormal. If your pets start exhibiting unusual behaviors, like cowering or avoiding certain areas, something might be off. A pet communicator can help you decide if your previously well-behaved pet is reacting to something sinister. In houses affected by ghosts, you might notice your dog barking at something you can't see, or your cat watching something invisible.

Kids also react strongly to spirits. Don't always write off imaginary friends as a typical childhood game. If your child starts acting out of character by doing mean things or crying for no reason, this could also show a ghost's influence.

Spontaneous Activity from Electronic and Household Appliances

Does your TV keep turning on? How about your faucets? Ghosts often wreak havoc on homes by turning electronic devices or other appliances on and off. Blenders and TVs are some of the most common things affected.

Repeated Nightmares

If you're having the same terrifying dream again and again, you might not just have a lot on your mind. You might have a haunting on your hands. Your mind is more open to paranormal activity while you're asleep. An online dream interpretation can show you the meanings behind your dreams and determine if they come from your own experiences and fears or from something paranormal.

From shadows to faint cries to odd behavior from pets, kids, and even household appliances, spirits make themselves known through some common signs and actions. Look into the history of your home, and watch out for these indications of paranormal presences.


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