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The Tarot and Limiting Beliefs by Psychic Sapphire

Date 6/11/2024
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A Tarot Reading can reveal old mindsets that are keeping us stuck in outdated, limiting beliefs.

A Tarot Reading can reveal old mindsets that are keeping us stuck in outdated, limiting beliefs.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” - Albert Einstein

Have you ever thought how a tarot reading may reveal areas of limiting beliefs or self sabotage? Have you ever found yourself questioning the authenticity of a reading because you just can’t imagine your situation taking a turn for the better? As Albert Einstein revealed in the famous quote above; we must decide if the Universe is working for us or against us.

A strange phenomenon occurs in the human mind when we try to envision future outcomes. We naturally gravitate towards negative thoughts. According to Author Douglas Van Praet, this is a perfectly normal reaction as we naturally have a wider range of negative words in our vocabulary.

In this article, I’ll dive into areas where thoughts and beliefs may be doing us more harm than good and how specific tarot cards can highlight these mind blocks. Mental blocks that may be convincing us the world is not a friendly place for us.

Our Thoughts Influence Our Reality

Many of us are familiar with the popular Documentary published in 2006 titled: “The Secret”. This film summed up how much our thoughts can influence our world, for good or for bad. The Secret is based on the New Thought Movement established roughly at the start of the 20th Century. A movement that believes our thoughts can influence our reality. Whether we believe in these theories or not, more and more scientific/medical evidence is affirming that our “state of mind” can have a powerful influence on our emotional and physical body. Even the ability to affect our immediate surroundings.

As a Psychic Advisor, I’ve experienced negative thinking firsthand. Many times, a caller will ask for a tarot reading to clarify a specific concern, yet the cards reveal their limiting beliefs are the real issue at hand.

Examples of Tarot Readings and Limiting Beliefs

I may see a love relationship that requires some space for each person to sort through their feelings before reconciling. The caller automatically assumes the relationship is over. I can see each lover in their respective corner working things out. Yet the card that represents the caller is surrounded by the eight of swords, nine of wands and two of swords. This tells me the caller does not trust the process and feels life is out of their control. They spend a lot of sleepless nights thinking the worst.

Another caller may inquire about a job transfer, and I see the timeline for relocation may take longer than expected. The caller assumes the transfer will not happen. In this case the caller’s doubts are confirmed by the Hierophant buffered between the Devil and Emperor. This indicates someone who is very rigid and resistant to change. They rarely accept good news and can be quite determined to sabotage their own success.

Other times a caller will argue in disbelief. “There is no way this can be accurate. My partner would never admit they are wrong; they’re just too suborn.” they’ll say. An argumentative caller is most likely represented by the King or Queen of Swords with the five of cups, three of swords, seven of cups, coupled with the Moon, the Magician, or Death card in close proximity. Any combination of these will indicate a difficult caller bent on dismissing any positive message that is on offer. Again, thinking the worst and believing the worst.

Any Tarot reading that is overloaded with fives, sevens, and swords is indicating mental blocks brought on by a negative or suspicious mindset.

Whether the caller realizes it or not, these tarot examples are all forms of limiting beliefs revealed through the cards. A subconscious view that deems the Universe as unfriendly or hostile.

Tarot and the Bigger Picture

When circumstances in our life seems cloudy, uncertain, or stalled, the tarot is a great tool to observe what’s happening around us and within us. We may believe our world is falling apart yet depending on the complimentary cards in a spread; a bigger Divine plan may be in the works. A plan leading us to something wonderful. All that is required is an open mind to see potential in difficult life phases.

So, what prevents us from trusting this process?

  • Sometimes it’s due to a lot of tough breaks. Life isn’t always fair. We can lose faith in humanity and ourselves. When this happens, it’s a great time to look at the cards more closely or seek counselling or mentorship. This can help us uncover areas in our life where we need to recover from trauma or harsh experiences.
  • We may carry a lot of false information about ourselves and our world due to cultural or social conditioning.
  • Negative beliefs that tell us things like: “Love is a battlefield”, “it’s a dog-eat-dog world”, or “nothing good in life comes easy”.

Yet, if we really observe our world with thoughtful contemplation, we can see how effortlessly a flower blooms or a bird takes flight. Whether it be kittens, puppies, or butterflies, these are all part of nature’s creation that romp, play, tumble and transform with ease.

“Life isn’t that simple!” the realist will lament. Yet, according to the laws of Creation, the Creator creates all the complexity of life (and the cosmos) with ease.

In this regard, tarot can be a magnificent tool to help us discover old mindsets that are keeping us stuck. It not only exposes outdated beliefs systems but will also point the way forward so we can free ourselves from mental slavery. A good tarot reading will reveal the light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, the tarot will always show us the pure potential of “yes”. Yes, it can happen and yes, it will happen.

Connecting with Source Energy

When we start affirming, we realign ourselves with Source energy. The most powerful creative energy in the universe and a tarot reading can reveal alignment with this magnificent universal flow. A flow that resonates from our heart and through our heart.

Our heart is the energetic currency that vibrates with the great Universal hum, like a beacon in the night. The whole essence of the Hermit card reveals this Universal truth.

If we can accept what is being revealed to us through a tarot reading, we are energetically willing to accept how Creation is yearning to align with us. Once we grasp this concept, there’s no need to doubt (or fear) our power to manifest our desires into reality. Any doubt we may have, will show up in the cards for us to examine and release.

The Compass of Our Soul

The desire in our heart, is the compass of our soul. It is always in alignment with Creation and the gifts it wishes to bestow on us. We can, with a little practice, liberate ourselves from any mental block or limiting belief that keeps us stuck.

Even small energetic adjustments like gratitude, laughter, or enthusiasm resets our frequency to flow easily with Source energy. Energy that is friendly and working towards our ultimate good.

To get the most out of your next tarot reading, ask your Advisor if the cards are exposing limiting beliefs and if so, what neighboring cards can help you overcome these limitations.

Always remember free will is our gift, and you can choose to redirect your life path by seeing the Universe as a friendly place. A place that is welcoming and constantly supporting your ultimate happiness.

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Sapphire is a certified NLP Practitioner, globally certified through the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming established in 1995. This global standard assures a high level of excellence subscribed by the Training Institute. Sapphire teaches clients how to overcome limiting belief systems stored in the subconscious mind by forming new habits and working with the path of least resistance. These reframing techniques are well established and practiced the world over with transformative results.



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