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How to Connect with Your African Ancestors by Psychic Sheena

Date 12/20/2022
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The Ancestors are blood relatives who have walked the Earth before us and now reside in the spiritual realm. Ancestors understand our pain, frustrations, and need for instant help. The African continent is huge where people of the sun reside. No matter what country you visit on the continent, you will hear praises and talk of the Ancestors. To a person not used to this, it sounds as if an Ancestor is walking around on Earth. The African thought is Ancestors are forever with us. Whether on the continent or in the Diasporas in America, Caribbean, South America or Europe, the descendants of African blood share a common tradition: to honor, respect, and glorify those who have walked before us. 

Who is more powerful than a mother who will defend her child by any means necessary? Africans who were stolen and transported through The Trans-Atlantic slave passage carried certain beliefs and called on higher powers and managed to hold onto their unwavering faith in the Most High and those who went before us, our Ancestors. Prayer is the tool used to reach our Ancestors and ask for help.

African Ancestors Map

How Do You Call on African Ancestors?

People often wonder how to connect with your Ancestors and to me it is done by talking and communicating verbally, in writing, or silently in your heart. There are some Ancestors whose names are known and those who are unknown.

Calling on the Ancestors is personal for every individual. Some people have a special place where prayer to Ancestors is conducted. My experience is no matter where I am, my voice and heart are heard by my Ancestors. Do I call on my Ancestors in a formal way? Yes, and sometimes informally as well. Something special I always say to the Highest of my Ancestors even if I know not your name, please hear your child’s prayer. “I need you. I am asking that you attend to my prayer and need of assistance.” 

Is it Necessary to Light a Candle to Call on the African Ancestors?

It is an individuals’ choice and preference in how to communicate. I personally use candles to call on my Ancestors. I find that lighting a candle and communicating verbally is highly effective.

How Do African Ancestors Respond?

In many ways. Africans globally talk of dream interpretations, what occurred during the night, and what was revealed. My Ancestors lead, guide, and direct me through dreams. I have never had a dream that has not come to pass. My dreams reveal impending danger and warnings showing me at times when it is necessary to take another path along with impending blessings that are on the way.

Written messages or letters to Ancestors are effective. When we write on a piece of paper, these words are coming from the heart. Placing these letters to Ancestors under a white candle is powerful. My most powerful manifestations have come from writing down my requests and thoughts on paper.

Addressing requests to Ancestors is another noteworthy approach. Always remember to give thanks and praise for those who have gone before us and sacrificed so much for our existence. Thankfulness and graciousness are a big part of the loving relationship between one and Ancestors.

African Ancestral Drums

How to Connect with Your Ancestors through Music

Music is the Afro-introduction to calling in the Ancestors. I personally call on my Ancestors sometimes by playing African American spirituals from slavery. This type of music resonates with me. It is the old Negro spirituals I grew up listening to my grandmother sing so I am not a “traditional” gospel girl. I want to hear music that speaks to my soul. I have a whole playlist created for my Ancestors and before the list is done playing, I am standing on my feet and moving my hips the African way. I adore the African drum and listening to these beats wakes up my soul!

Ancestors reveal what they see as necessary in due time. Sometimes other living family members are used to communicate what steps you should take. Perhaps a relative close to you has a dream and has no idea how it pertains to their life, and through conversation explains what they saw the night before. The relative listening could be the intended target. I have opened up books and the words written on paper start speaking to my heart. Or watching television and the words speak to my entire being in a way that it feels someone is holding my hand and talking to me. It is here I know my Ancestors are guiding me. The words are so powerful and do not leave one’s psyche.

Always Ask for Clarity

What happens when an Ancestor reveals a path we should take and it is not understood on our end? Always ask for clarity. It is okay to say, “My Ancestors, I do not understand what you are trying to say to me. Please be clear.” Understanding what is being asked of us is especially important. Ancestors will not force a path or will on us. What they will reveal is the best path for our life with the time we are given on Earth. We have free will. I have learned to always listen and obey my Ancestors, even if my will wants to choose another path. I never challenge my Ancestors especially when it is revealed to me someone who I thought “liked” me has been shown to dislike my existence. One thing is for sure, prayer to the Ancestors asking to reveal deceitful people is a request always answered. Our Ancestors care for us so much and love when our lives are lived in a meaningful and healthy way.

African Prayers to Ancestors

Prayer is the universal communication and means by which most human beings utilize to get closer to a higher power. Using meditation is another way to feel the presence of those who have gone before us. Ancestors have our best interests in heart and when we pray and ask for guidance, it is important that we accept what is being revealed. Your most precious gifts on Earth come from above and not below. And I am not referring to materialisms, but about love, healing energy, faith, the power to pray, forgiveness, etc. These all come from the spiritual realm.

There is not one relative known personally who passed away and has not come to visit me through a dream from the spiritual realm. What I have learned over many years of practicing African Traditional Religion is that God is innate and even a baby at birth grows with this understanding in the soul. Ancestors are protective and you will feel a strong presence at times like someone is guiding you. Dreams are not the only way Ancestors revelations are done. Everyday experiences are precious lessons worth remembering. Every experience from the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking create lessons that can be the best teachers.

African Ancestors work so hard in the spiritual realm and advocate for their bloodlines. Voodoo was born in Africa and each country has its own way of practicing. On slaves ships these beliefs and practices were transported and are still alive today all over the globe where the sun people reside. It is the birthright of the sun people.

African Masks

African Ancestors and the Tarot

My psychic reading style uses cowry shells for divination, tarot cards for revelations, and my intuition for communication. Before I begin reading tarot, I open every session up with prayer to my Ancestors giving thanks and praise for all goodness, blessings, and guidance. My Ancestors and your Ancestors are present throughout every tarot reading session. I feel and hear them as I help participants through difficult conversations. I always tell my participants to call on their Ancestors for guidance. This may be unusual to hear for some, but this is my approach.

The power of African descendants is not in his or her position in life. It is from the strength, pain, and courage of those who walked Earth before we did and at times endured grueling pain. This is why Ancestors know how to hold our hands through the darkest times we may face. The same pains we are going through were faced by someone in our bloodline. Therefore it is important to listen when the truth is revealed by an Ancestor. Just because an answer may be no, does not mean you are not loved. You are protected.

An effective approach to calling on one's Ancestors is to speak the language of distant relatives. Technology websites and apps allow translations from English to about any language. Write down your feelings and translate in any native language and repeat. Don't worry about how you sound, no one is listening but you and your Ancestors. It is powerful and effective.

One thing is for sure, every human being breathing on this Earth will transition one day to the spiritual realm and each one of us will become an Ancestor. What type of legacy do you want to leave on the Earth?

African American Ancestors

Prayer to Ancestors

Ever since I can remember, my grandmother told us we are Congolese. My grandmother laid in the bed with her great-grandmother when she was a teenager and told stories of a tiny woman who as at minimum 5 feet tall. My grandmother said her great-grandmother was the smartest woman in the world. She was an herbalist and on the plantation the slaves called her "the doctor". She knew how to deliver babies and heal every illness known to man by using herbs from the woods. Snatched and transported to America and thrown into slavery, my great-great- great -grandmother bought knowledge and traditions that still exist in my family over 110 years. She brought wisdom of throwing the bones to get answers (divination), and had the solution to all of life's woes, questions, and problems.

African Ancestors choose from the spiritual realm which one of their descendants will carry on the traditional spiritual gifts on earth. It's easy, it's natural, and everything comes to you. African Ancestors speak through dreams, reality, and everyday life. I am because they existed. Even before slavery, my ancestors existed and are still interested in my life. This is my strength and where my Intuitive power comes from.  

I leave you with a prayer. Prayer is how we tap into intuitive energy and Ancestral lineage regardless of ethnicity.

"To the highest- highest of My Ancestors that I do not know, I call on you right now. Come and see about your child. I am your blood relative and descendant. Open doors for me that no man can close."


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Sheena has a Bachelors degree in Business Management and has been in leadership roles for the past 25 years. In regards to spirituality, Sheena has been reading tarot for 18 years and is an empath who can decipher the right way immediately. Sheena made a commitment to her Ancestors to serve people who need help on earth and provide answers to life’s many passages we go through.


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