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7 Crystals for Good Luck and Good Fortune

Date 12/18/2020
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No need to cross your fingers! Use crystals to inspire fortune and luck.

No need to cross your fingers! Use crystals to inspire fortune and luck.

Not everyone is naturally lucky, but fortunately crystals can help. Read on for seven crystals that can offer luck and fortune in every area of your life.


For luck that centers on protection, agate is an excellent choice. It’s one of the oldest gemstones, and even in ancient times, warriors often placed agate stones on their armor for added strength and protection. It’s known for strengthening the intellect, promoting courage, and balancing energy. Wearing agate can make you feel stronger while helping you fight your daily battles, both large and small.


If you’re in need of luck in the business world, citrine can help. This bright, happy stone has long been considered an aid to merchants, so much so that it’s known as the success stone. It can prove lucky for salespeople by promoting abundance and prosperity. Try placing a citrine stone where you do business, and see how much it helps your sales grow. You can also use this golden stone to protect yourself from negative energies or to calm distress.


For luck in any career, you’ll want to choose garnet. This stone is known for deepening business relationships and making the bearer a more desirable business partner. Carry a garnet stone or place one in your office to help your career grow. Chat with a psychic online to learn more about how carrying garnet can help you.


This stone has an electric green appearance and expertly attracts luck and abundance. It’s known to advance opportunities and can even serve as a compass to direct the wearer in the most fortunate direction. An authentic psychic can tell you more about how to use this lucky stone to your advantage.


This beautiful green stone is so lucky it’s known for creating opportunities wherever it goes. Instead of attracting luck, aventurine tends to align opportunities to the wearer’s advantage. It’s especially helpful for advancing wealth, even when it comes to gambling and gaming. Known as the gambler’s stone, aventurine is a good stone to choose when you need to win. As an added feature, its beautiful iridescence will enchant anyone whose eye it catches.


Moldavite, an intense green stone, carries an air of spirituality. Since this stone only came into existence when meteorites entered the earth’s atmosphere and landed in the Czech Republic, moldavite is incredibly rare. Each stone’s shape is unique, ranging from drops to ovals to spirals. Thanks to its mystical origins, moldavite encourages synchronicity and helps the wearer to combat cynicism.


One of the oldest stones, kings and warriors have used turquoise as a protective amulet for centuries. This blue-green stone is thought to carry wisdom and truth, and it can protect the wearer from falsities. Turquoise tends to take on characteristics of the giver and the owner, bringing the good fortune of peace and friendship.

When you need an extra boost of luck or a gentle push in the most fortunate direction, crystals can show you the way. Be sure to choose the right stone for your purpose, and bring prosperity and success into your life.


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