Everything You Need to Know About Energy Work

In this video, our Advisors talk about reading and working with energy to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit.

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Energy work and energy healing are increasingly popular forms of achieving healing and self-discovery within the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your being. From vibrational healing to distance Reiki and other Eastern and Western energy healing modalities, a skilled energy healer can help clear your auric field of negativity, open your chakras and strengthen your energetic vibration. The result? A sense of calm, personal empowerment and access to your inner wisdom.

Energy work is fundamentally about self-healing. The energy healer is a conduit for Source Energy, that is, what people might call Spirit or the Divine. Various techniques and tools may be used to release energetic blockages, ground and release energy, and to restore healthy balance and flow. The energy healer uses the power of intention, along with their training and experience, to channel energy where it is needed to help the client integrate mind-body-spirit. A trained energy healer does not need to be physically present with the client to do this work. In the realm of spirit, time and space are easily transcended.

Many people are confused when they first learn about energy healing because they hear some people talking about using crystals while others don’t use anything at all. The truth is that energy healing can be performed in a variety of ways. A psychic energy healer uses their psychic gifts to focus on the energy or colors they perceive around specific areas of the body, and then may use a tool like crystals, a pendulum, sacred sounds such as a bell or tuning fork, Reiki or the power of their intention to restore balance and flow.An energy worker trained in more traditional modalities such as massage or yoga may or may not have developed their own psychic gifts, but most energy healing modalities tend to support opening the Third Eye and accessing some level of psychic information. Because the best healers are schooled in meditation and trained to be conduits for source energy, it’s likely they are also highly attuned to their intuition.

Typically, an energy work session would last between 30-60 minutes, depending on the modality and how much time and resources you can put into it. During the session you may experience a sense of peace or sometimes an emotional release. You may feel heat that dissipates through a part of your body, or a calming coolness. As your vibration raises, you may feel a sense of mental clarity, euphoria and empowerment. Most people find that they feel so much better after a session, that they want to schedule regular “tune ups.” Combined with psychic readings, energy work is a powerful way to discover or stay on course in your life.

When you contact an energy healer, in person or via our service, they may ask you to share a bit about whether you are experiencing emotional or physical discomfort or pain. Some may ask you to mentally focus in on a particular question, or to relax into a meditative state. There may be periods of silence while the energy worker is gathering information and sending you energy. They will share their perceptions with you and ask for validation of what they are sensing, and adjust their pace and cadence based on how you are receiving the energy. They will ask you to make mental note of the emotions, physical sensations, thoughts or even dreams that come up for you during and after the session. It is not uncommon to find that regular energy work opens your Third Eye and you begin receiving psychic information yourself.

Anyone can benefit from energy work, including children and pets. Couples may find it improves their relationship by keeping their chakras open to receiving the love energy of their partner. A healthy vibrational state is essential for attracting love, financial abundance and health into one’s life.

If you are interested in learning more about energy work and healing, our Guide to Energy Healing is a great place to start. You’ll find more information in the Articles and Media section of our website. Finally, many of our psychic Advisors are themselves trained energy healers who can work with you to bring healthy energy balance and flow to everything you do.

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