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Positive Self-Talk Strategies: Change Your Words To Change Your Life

Date 3/22/2024

Choose your words carefully as they may just chart the course of your life.

Choose your words carefully as they may just chart the course of your life.

Language is an incredibly powerful tool, both for external communication and for internal self-talk. The words and phrases that you use will impact your mindset. Changing a few common phrases is a simple self-talk technique that can turn chores into privileges and problems into opportunities. Practice positive self-talk strategies and see how your words can change your life.

Here are five simple changes you can make to take your first steps in self-talk improvement.

Replace "Have to" With "Get to"

"Have to" denotes an obligation and makes the task sound like work. Even if you are talking about work, shifting your language can put the job in a better light. Approach your activities as privileges. You get to go grocery shopping and enjoy the ease of purchasing readily available food. You get to earn a living at a job that serves a valid purpose. You get to clean your home and freshen up the space you're blessed to live in. Changing your language changes your entire approach.

Replace "Try" With "Will"

We often say we will try to do something as a way to avoid committing to the activity one way or the other. This can happen when we aren’t sure of our own boundaries. Replace "try" with "will" when you intend to get something done. This supercharges your approach and gives you a little boost of intention. If your "try" is really a soft "no" to an invitation, practice simply declining. This will free you from the nagging guilt of misleading someone and letting them anticipate effort that you're not really putting in. If you're struggling with when to say yes or no, a psychic phone reading may help.

Replace "Should" With "Prefer to"

"Should" is another word that indicates you're somehow obligated to do something that you don't really want to. When you replace this with "prefer to," you take ownership of your actions. "I should eat the salad," makes it sound like an unpleasant chore, while "I prefer to eat the salad" turns this into an intentional action that is serving your best interests and highest goals.

Replace Problems With Potential

Whether you're speaking to someone else or simply talking to yourself, it's extremely beneficial to change the frame that you're placing around your challenges. "What's wrong with my mood?" or "Why isn't this working?" puts the focus on the problem. "How can I make this a better day?" or "What will improve this process?" shifts the attention to a solution. This approach will also help you get the most out of a psychic chat or similar conversation. Focus on where you're going with language that highlights the potential and not the hurdle.

Change "I'm Not Good" to "I'm Getting Better"

Life is filled with challenges we will continually get better at. If you're not conditioned for a physical activity, it will always be difficult at first, but perseverance makes it easier. Musical instruments, art, math, and other tasks are all improved upon with practice. Don't talk down about yourself during the journey. Work through your limiting beliefs and speak to the future, including what you can accomplish with effort.


Changing the way you talk to yourself can make major changes in your life. Practice mindful speaking now.



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