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Sundays with Sadia: Week 1 - Psychic Sadia's List of Things You Should Know about Timelines

Date 8/11/2021

How much do you know about Timelines?

How much do you know about Timelines?

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Welcome to the first in a month long article series by customer favorite advisor, Psychic Sadia. Each Sunday in April look for a fun new list of things you should know as only Sadia could explain. Psychic Source is pleased to present the first installment of “Sundays with Sadia…Things You Should Know about Timelines.”

I have been giving psychic readings for over 20 years and have found our world has changed tremendously. Do you remember back in the day when we had to wait for everything? If you wanted to call a friend you had to wait until the busy signal stopped and the call went through, or you paged them with your number on their super cool beeper. The only way they might have called back faster is if you added "911" LOL. But after all that, they still had to find a landline or a pay phone and hope they had change on them. I'm not even going to get into those long corded phones that yanked you back if you walked too far. 

To get onto the Internet we had to wait for dial up. To rent a movie we had to leave the house to go to Blockbuster.  If we wanted to watch a TV show we had to sit there live, at that moment or it was gone forever (and we couldn’t fast forward commercials or rewind to hear something again!) To meet someone you were either set up by a friend or went dancing. We had only face to face introductions back then and the only typing we did was on a typewriter. 

How did we live without our cell phones, high speed internet, Facebook, Tinder, Netflix or DVRs? It’s unbelievable when you think about it but we survived, LOL. I think most importantly, experiencing life back then taught us patience, since we had to wait for every single thing we wanted. Remember catalog shopping? There was no online shopping. You ordered and impatiently waited 4-6 weeks for your package to arrive. There was no “Free Two-Day Shipping” option! How about those gigantic 26 volume encyclopedia sets?  Remember, Google didn’t exist back then! And for those of you that have been with Psychic Source since the beginning, you must remember dialing in advisor extensions over and over again until your fingers cramped! Thankfully Return Call helps ease that pain! 

Ok, Ok I’ll stop there. But if you truly take a moment and think about it, we wait for nothing these days. Which leads me to why I have started writing this article. (You were probably even getting impatient, wondering when I’d make a point!). As the world has changed, I have noticed a difference in the questions I am asked over the years. From “Sadia, tell me about him and tell me what will happen?” To “Sadia... When will he come back? When will I find love? When will things get better?” The key word being WHEN. I am not saying it is a bad thing to ask when or want a timeline but I feel knowledge is power and knowing more about timelines will help you get the most out of your readings. 

So welcome to the first in my series of Things I Feel You Should Know… starting with Timelines

1. Not every situation has a timeline! I think this is the most important thing you should know, so let’s get it out of the way first in case you bail early on this article. Every issue is different, every break up is different, and every person and reason for a person’s actions is different. So the truth is it is impossible for every situation to have a timeline.

2. Its best to focus on why instead of when. If you are looking for a timeline, it is best to focus on why the situation happened first. Even if you think you know the reason, looking at the past and present helps you understand why time is needed and will help in gauging an accurate timeline if one is there.

3. Your next question should be “How?” Once you know all the reasons behind your current circumstances, it is best to know how a person will reconnect or how an issue will be resolved. Since every person is different, there are certain steps some people may need to go through or life events that may need to be experienced before a timeline can be formed.

4. Why do I have to go through these steps? Can't you just tell me when? Sometimes a timeline is there immediately, sometimes it’s not and sometimes there won't be a timeline at all. It’s best to know exactly what you are dealing with so you can be better prepared for your future and make decisions needed to help resolve your situation.

5. If a timeline is not there at first, can one form later? Yes, absolutely. There are circumstances when a timeline is not there in the first reading but as the person or situation begins taking the steps needed to resolve the issues, energy shifts and a timeline may start to form.

6. Why does every timeline I am given not work for me? Some people and situations don't have a timeline for specific reasons, which is why it is always best to know what the issues are. The why’s and the how’s will give you the best information moving forward and will help you understand why your timelines are not working. Know that a timeline is not needed for a situation to improve. Most times, just knowing the steps that you or the person in question need to take to fix things are truly the only answers you need.

Benjamin Franklin once said "Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.” I hope this list has provided you with a better understanding of timelines and helps with future readings. Next week, look for my list about soulmates, that’s another big question I get a lot. 

If you have any suggestions for future lists please submit comments below. As always, I am here at extension 8659 if you need me!

Sadia XOXO

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Aholzer55: Hi Sadia,I have an schedule with you on June 6 at 1:30pm but I need to know if you can call me after 7pm bc this day I'm driving and no Wiffi. I need so MUCH talk to you:)))) please let me know if you can change our schedule on June 6 for after 7pm????????

007234**: This article has put all the pieces of my situation together. I can't thank you enough for this article. It has helped me enormously.

Shusha: Just wanted to add that I'm not against clients asking how they could improve their situation or advisors advising on that. Fortunately, it could happen that an advisor picks up on the client's "soul cry," and gives a solution that resonates with the client's deepest desires. But I meant to say the following. 1) An advisor giving you "options" on your path doesn't mean there are no other options. 2) We gain self-confidence and lasting satisfaction when we are being creative; when we bear our original solutions, bravely facing all our most dreaded possible (past/present/future) scenarios... ;o)

Soulmatejourney: Sadia, I would like to know the difference between soulmates and true soulmates and if this is predestined by the 2 soulmates or by our God and or spirit guides? How do you know when a soul destiny is written in stone or just a soul journey with lessons to be learned.? Can it be both? How about if one of us doesn't learn the lessons or takes a different path? Or decides to move on? Which is my biggest fear!! Especially now! Does the destiney stay the same just how we get there that changes only? I consider you my soul sister because I know you are one of my soul companions that were placed in my path to help me. I'm sure everyone on ps feels this way about u!! Can't wait to read this article so glad you're writing it!,xoxo

Serenity427: Hi Sadia.. Sorry its me again..Shusha's comments on soulmates got me thinking..Can you have a soulmate when you actually meet or is it predestined? Are soulmates real? I know you are not crazy when people say "But they told me he's my soulmate!!" LOL !!! I can just picture your face now..:)) Cant wait to read your next article.. I keep coming back to this one and rereading it..Its the only article Ive ever read on PS.. They should have you write more:)) Youre truly gifted and you don't BS.. that's what is needed more in todays world. Love You and I truly miss You !!:)))))) XOXOXO

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