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Soul Families, Soul Tribes, and Starseeds: The Ethereal Soul's Guide to Incarnation by Psychic Autumn

Date 5/30/2024
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Ever hear the saying, "situations happen FOR you and not TO you?" There is an unseen benefit to that. A lesson, an experience, a memory. The very tools to shape who you are, and who you want to become. Your very purpose for existence in this life and all the people, places, and dimensions with whom you interact are to learn and evolve. The soul's aim has a calling: to choose life in a flesh body, go on adventures, and explore any encounters you find, for the purpose of seeking knowledge and mastering the lessons of that reality.

Soul Family

You Have a Soul Tribe, a Soul Group, and a Soul Family

Your soul's goal for incarnating in human form is to go on a mission to alter its frequency and "level up." Your soul retains the details of its previous life experience and identifies what training and instruction it requires. In the process, it consults with the higher-ups, guides, and masters, who are part of its wider soul group and even wider soul tribe. A soul group alone can consist of between 30 to 1,000 souls each having its own purpose existing as a thread of consciousness. The soul tribe is an even larger group consisting of all the souls and energies that resonate with your soul's thoughts and convictions. 

Your soul is offered several autobiographies to choose from, complete with parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. This also includes events, debts, and soulmates, and how they will impact this incarnation. The soul will window-shop into which body it would like to occupy that best resonates with the tasks and debts it wishes to learn.

The soul's goal is to progress and clear out any debt from a previous incarnation. A soul family will input themselves into your human life in some way. To ensure that the soul learns from this experience, members of the soul family may appear as mentors, acquaintances, family members, or even lovers. This guarantees that major interactions are profound enough for the energy to recognize and promote the evolving soul and vice versa.

Soul Family

What is the Purpose of a Soul Group?

Your soul group will choose a person to function as a supporting role in your soul's life, while simultaneously embarking on their own exploration.  A soul who once may have been a previous guardian in the last life could take on the form of a cousin or sibling, etc. in the upcoming lifetime. The result is energies connected as ancestors to heal or end generational traumas and karmic cycles.

Everyone has spiritual homework to do. Should you ignore, or be unable to fulfill that lesson, it will remain reserved for the next life, should your soul decide to move forward. Circumstances will occur to remind your soul of its lessons and milestones and that there are no coincidences. Your soul must allow itself to use the tools and memories to elect a new way of thinking or path to follow. 

For example, consider someone who lived as a warrior in a previous life. They understood discipline, sacrifice, struggles, bias, and politics. They may have had comrades they battled with and against. Once that body expired, it returned as a starseed again, and went through a debriefing process. For their next life, they preferred to seek harmony and compassion and decided to occupy a religious pacifist. Notice that there is a thematic pattern through these lifetimes that shares emotions, situations, or people. If the soul can identify the pattern, it has a way to recognize the lessons and pass the course, thereby elevating itself to a higher frequency and reaping the rewards of wisdom. 

Understanding Karmic Cycles

One of the soul's missions is to master emotional security. But perhaps there is a thematic pattern in which their human upbringing in various lifetimes was inconsistent. The incarnated soul yearns for something different and positive but fears emotional connection due to lacking structure as a child. It keeps attracting friends and partners that resemble the behavior of their upbringing, yet feel drained and insecure. As a human, it may even identify this as comfort due to the stability of the instability.

To break the karmic pattern, the human must adopt new methods and perspectives to understand the cycle and choose a different thought process while being aware of the situation. Once this lesson is mastered, they can spot unstable environments, patterns, and behaviors and make better choices with this knowledge. The soul will begin to feel secure in its intuition and manifestations, thus gravitating toward the new perspective and mission goals to be played out in the current and future lifetimes.

Soul Family

Types of Soul Connections

The terms used in this article are all man-made concepts, attempting to express other-worldly concepts that are difficult to grasp. These terms are not acknowledged in other ethereal dimensions that don't rely on human language to express kinship relationships. This vernacular is for humans to relate to in the 3D plane we exist to grasp the concept of the origin of souls and what realm they are from. 

There are subtypes of soulmates and starseeds that you may resonate with according to your inner calling to the divine creator. You may encounter a person, place, or thing and feel an instant "knowing" of the energy, and this is a soul connection.

Here are several types of soul connections with their purposes listed:

Soul Ties

A soul tie is an inner calling to make room for a situation or person. It feels like the "right" thing to do.

For example, take the case of someone in search of an antique item. There is a person they run into every day during their errands. Somehow, there is a feeling of solidarity and a curious need to approach and introduce themselves. This person finds out they run a local antique shop and have the item they are looking for at their store. After this instant connection, they then become acquainted with their hobbies and befriend them. 

Karmic Soulmates

These soulmates assist with overcoming the lessons that your soul must master. Their energy is profound and every interaction provides an opportunity to evolve. Karmic situations, people, or events are like pop quizzes of the soul's journey, here to balance the scales in life. 

  • A soul contract is another form of agreement that souls make before incarnating. If the contract shows up in unstable or unhealthy ways in one's life, it can be renegotiated and fulfilled with someone else. 

  • A soul partner or soulmate is someone with whom the soul made an agreement within a past life. They will incarnate along with the soul and play an emotional support role, such as a sibling, bestie, business partner, spouse, or lover. They help the soul accomplish its goals. Sometimes the soul will meet a soul mentor, an unforgettable experience with that person to pursue a major idea, career, or passion that pushes the soul to manifest something extraordinary.

  • If the soul has a short-term but exhilarating memory or encounter with someone, it may have experienced a "soul crossing." This occurs in time to give the soul a nudge back on its path to achieving a lesson or milestone. For example, you meet a person while on vacation and share a memorable experience exchanging stories. You have a ton in common. This person offers amazing insight into your life.  You both grow as a result. But you're from opposite ends of the continent and so you resume your lives after the holiday. Your souls treasure the experience and label it as unforgettable. You've experienced a karmic soul crossing.

Past Life Soulmates

Past Life Soulmates are souls who have spent previous lifetimes together. There is an immediate and easy familiarity between them. They may decide to engage in a relationship or friendship. There might be an instant connection or attraction when their paths cross. If in a previous life there was a broken connection that needs healing, the souls may agree to try it again in a new life to bring about healing.

Kindred Souls

A kindred soul is someone that may be from another soul group or of a starseed origin, whom you befriend or connect with in life. They may sympathize with your soul contracts and life path. A kindred soul is benevolent and supportive, bonding with you over the same things your souls have experienced or endured. 


Starseeds are old, wise souls, who originate from the creation of the universe as entities from other planets, galaxies, and stars. They can be hybrid beings who incarnate as humans on Earth. There are over 30 starseed types, and over 25 genres of lightworkers. It is quite rare to inherit only one type of interstellar DNA. Starseeds have ties to the Divine Creator, and they are the firsts to occupy Earthly form and master soul lessons.  Psychic Mylie goes even deeper into the various types of Starseeds in her very informative article "What is a Starseed?"

The mission for starseeds is to incarnate on Earth to guide soul families to explore their purpose individually and collectively. Starseed souls can have a soul family and coexist with Earth souls. Not everyone is a starseed. But everyone has a soul and belongs to a soul tribe.

Soul Family

Final Thoughts About Your Soul Family

Our soul's purpose is to live in the present, take in the scenery, learn from everything we encounter, and make better choices. Challenge yourself to have a stronger mindset to master the challenges you face and rewrite your soul's story. 

The energies of your soul family will connect with you in this lifetime, briefly or permanently depending on the lessons you need to learn. Perhaps you're able to identify some situations in your life that can offer you closure, clarity, or peace, or why you've come across certain people in your life at any given time. These are not coincidences. Your soul family, group, and tribe are all a chosen part of the evolutionary journey of your soul.

We will meet again this time or the next. It is an honor to connect with you. 


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Autumn is an Intuitive Empath who has a love for astronomy with astrology as it correlates to who we are as spiritual beings and life purposes. She has over 16 years of experience with knowledge passed on from her ancestors and guides communicating with multi-dimensional souls over the significance of understanding the universe and our life paths. She is a generational psychic and an oracle, who uses tarot as a tool to clarify the messages she receives, feels, hears, or knows. She uses crystals to heal and ground energies and recharges the chakras with reiki.


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