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What is an intuitive empath?

While some intuitives are gifted with talents that allow them to see the future or communicate with the dead, empaths have the ability to sense the emotions of those around them.

Empathic people often report being able to capture the sentiments of those within their general vicinity. If this sounds similar to something you are experiencing, this means that you're able to tell whether the people closest to you are feeling sad, angry or happy.

What’s the difference between an intuitive psychic and an empath?

Intuitive Psychics have the uncanny ability to know and predict events without any direct reasoning as to how, it is simply effortless. Empaths have a natural gift of experiencing other people’s feelings and states of being at any given time, offering them the ability to share those feelings and states with complete clarity.


How can an intuitive psychic reading help you along your journey as an empath?

As you come to understand your gifts as an intuitive empath, spiritual and emotional support will provide the peace of mind you need to walk your path with confidence. Speaking with an experienced empathic advisor who has walked your path and found their way can offer advice and tools around the following:

  • How to decipher if what you’re feeling is truly yours or energy you’ve picked up from others
  • How to clear and uplift your energy
  • How to protect yourself from those who may consciously or unconsciously be draining your light
  • How to continue to grow your gift and understand your purpose on this plane

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