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Curious about a particular number in your life? A numerology reading will provide insights about your past, present and future.

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What is numerology?

The origins of Western numerology readings might be in the ancient Hebrew practice called gematria, which is part of the mystical belief system known as Kaballah. In this system, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is associated with a number, and every word and sentence in a prayer or in the Bible can be interpreted based on its numerical value. Numerologists believe certain numbers, like 7 and 18, are associated with positive energy and good luck, while others, such as 13, are considered unfortunate or unlucky. The same system can, in turn, be applied to words and numbers in an individual’s life.

What is a numerology reading?

Has 22 always been your lucky number? Were you and your spouse both born on the 5th? A Numerologist can help you find out what it means. Numerology readings use important numbers related to your life, like your date of birth or numbers associated with your name, to uncover hidden patterns and make predictions about future events.

How do psychic numerology readings work?

A numerology reading is based on the belief that numbers represent fundamental truths about the universe that can help guide individual lives. Such beliefs have been held in almost every culture from ancient times to the present, and numerology readings were known to take place everywhere from ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt to India, China and South America.

What questions can you ask a Numerologist?

Getting a numerology reading online can answer questions about multiple aspects of your life, providing a new perspective on how different parts of your life fit together. For example, a numerology reading can also be a psychic love reading by analyzing you and your partner’s names and dates of birth to give you a new outlook on your long-term prospects and compatibility. A numerology reading can also look at sides of your personality that are not obvious but that have a significant impact on the choices you make and the path you follow.

You can ask a Numerologist about your life path and destiny as well. By analyzing important numbers in your life, a reading can predict significant events and life moments. A numerology reading will open your eyes to important numbers specific to you and can provide clarity on numbers you may be seeing repeatedly. You will leave your reading with a sense of confidence, feeling prepared for your future.

What questions will a Numerologist ask me?

In a numerology reading, you may be asked to provide your birth date, the birth dates of people who are important to you, or the dates of particular events that you want to learn more about. You may also learn the meaning of the numerical value associated with your name or other words that have special meaning to you. No matter what your question, you can be sure your numerology reading will surprise you with the power and significance of numbers!

Like Tarot readings and cartomancy, numerology readings are generally used as a form of divination or fortune-telling, but they can also answer questions about what happened to you in the past or what you’re experiencing now. Numerology readers are also clairvoyants who can see hidden meanings in numbers beyond what is readily apparent.

Learn how a numerology reading will provide insight about your past, present and future.

“Numerology is an easy way to see what’s happening in the future. You can see where you are now and know where you’re headed. Your birth day and birth month are all you need. - Psychic Karin Marie

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