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The Triple Goddess - Spiritual Phases in a Woman's Life by Psychic Shannon

Date 6/3/2024
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The Triple Goddess has been known since ancient times and by several civilizations. She is associated with the three phrases of a woman's life: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. She is often known as the Triple Moon Goddess or more simply, Moon Goddess.

Triple Goddess

Three Phases of a Woman’s Life – The Triple Goddess

Associated with phrases of the moon, the Triple Goddess involves the spiritual phrases of a woman's life. The Triple Goddess is often shown in photos or statues as a Goddess with three faces. The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess is shown in the middle, while on the left is the Maiden, and the right is the Crone.

The Maiden aspect is shown as a beautiful young woman, just beginning her spiritual journey. The Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess is associated with the spring and the waxing moon.

Next to the Maiden, in the center, is the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. She is shown as a woman in the fullness of her beauty, full of vigor and ready to bring new life into the world. The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess is associated with Summer and the full moon. Sometimes the Mother and central figure is described as the most important aspect of the Triple Goddess. 

The third and final aspect of the Triple Goddess is shown on the right. This aspect is the Crone, usually shown as an older woman with wrinkled skin, yet beautiful in her own way. The Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess represents woman in the fullness of time, rich with knowledge and power. The Crone is associated with the seasons fall and winter and the waning moon.

Now we will look closer at each aspect of the Triple Goddess separately.

Triple Goddess Maiden

Triple Goddess - The Maiden

Our first aspect of the Triple Goddess will be the Maiden. The Maiden is usually shown as a lovely young girl in her first bloom of womanhood. The Maiden is in the springtime of her life. She has moved from childhood, both physically and spiritually, on her path of being an adult. Think of the Maiden as a young teenager and then growing into her twenties. She is innocence personified. The Maiden represents the crescent and waxing moon and the growth of the spirit. There is an intensity of emotions that calms and mellows as the Maiden later becomes the Mother and then the Crone. Think of a teenager whose emotions can change from minute to minute. If you have a teenage daughter, you will immediately understand the Maiden!

The Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess represents the first phrase of the female reproductive cycle. She is not ready to bear children though her body is becoming ready for this event. The Maiden is moving into her first flush of sexuality. She may begin to feel physical desires for the first time. It is a time of great discovery for young women. Ideas and creativity begun in the time of the Maiden may be fulfilled later as she grows into the Mother aspect of the Triple Moon Goddess. The Maiden is a time of wonder, youthful beauty, and the first steps into a complete life as a woman.

The spiritual side of the Triple Goddess begins with the Maiden. She has left childhood behind for the deeper knowledge and spiritual growth of a woman. The Maiden may explore new spiritual or religious paths on her journey of discovery. She is romantic and has a great longing to experience love. The spirit is growing and changing at this time in a woman's life. The spirit of the Maiden is fluid and flowing like water. This Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess seeks growth, excitement, and variety. Don't expect the Maiden to remain the same for awfully long! She is struggling to grow spiritually into the Mother aspect of the Three-Fold Goddess.

The Maiden is associated with several cards in the Tarot deckThe Star in the major arcana for its message of hope and dreams. The Maiden is always hopeful and dreaming of the future. The Page of Cups for its meaning of youth and emotions. I also see the Maiden in the Two of Cups. She is the young girl shown on the card in the very beginning of a new love. The love is not fulfilled at this time, but the Maiden is dreaming of it beginning!

If you would like to light a candle for the Maiden's help, do this during a crescent or waxing moon. If you desire a spiritual return to the trust and innocence of young womanhood the Maiden may grant your request. If you are feeling a lack of joy or excitement in your life, meditate on the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. Call upon her with a light heart and The Maiden may smile in your direction.

Triple Goddess Mother

Triple Goddess - The Mother

The second aspect of the Triple Goddess is the Mother. She is thought to be the most important aspect of the Triple Moon Goddess and is shown in the middle in drawings and statues. Sometimes the Triple Goddess is depicted as three women dancing in a circle. Again, the Mother will be the central figure. The Mother represents the woman in the middle of her reproductive years. She is often shown as being pregnant or holding a child. The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess represents the fullness of life and the ability to birth children, as well as creativity. The Mother can bring forth life itself.

The Mother figure is usually shown as a beautiful woman, confident in her beauty. She is depicted as having long, flowing hair and a lovely face. She is at the height of her beauty, attractive and sexually powerful. The Mother has grown past the inexperience of the Maiden. As the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess, she has fulfilled the promise of youth and has grown in spirit. She has found both spiritual and physical satisfaction on her path in life.

The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess represents a time in life when a woman may be focused on home and family. She is able to give birth and may feel a great desire for this experience. This desire to birth and nurture may also apply to creative endeavors and other forms of bringing ideas into reality. The Maiden dreams of fulfillment while the Mother lives the experience. The time of the Mother is one of great content and pleasure. She is strong both physically and spiritually. This time in a woman's life is often when she learns and grows the most. Her spiritual knowledge expands and deepens. The Mother knows where she is going and moves forward confidently on her spiritual path.

The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess is associated with Summer and the warmth of the year. The full moon is often shown above her head in pictures of the Triple Goddess. The Empress card in the Tarot deck is an excellent representation of the Mother. It shows a beautiful woman with a Moon crown and surrounded by children or animals. She is often shown as being pregnant, with a gentle smile on her face. She is in her glory as a woman and gives happiness to all around her.

If you wish for the contentment and satisfaction of the Mother, light a candle for her during the full moon. Focus on the desire for fulfillment in your life and speak her name. The Mother may gently guide to your own deepest spiritual growth and creativity.

Triple Goddess - Crone

Triple Goddess - The Crone 

The last aspect of the Triple Goddess is named the Crone. The Crone represents the final phrase of a woman's spiritual life. It is the time in life when a woman can no longer bear a child. The Crone has grown spiritually beyond the emotional, dreaming Maiden and the physical fulfillment of the Mother. The Crone aspect of the Triple Moon Goddess represents knowledge, both spiritual and mundane. She is seen as the wise woman, the giver of advice and guidance. The Crone is the closest to death and may communicate with those who have crossed the spiritual veil. She has left physical desire behind for spiritual strength. The Crone may be seen as the Grandmother and her knowledge is power. 

The Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess is shown on the right in drawings or statues. She is depicted as an elderly woman, with graying hair and a wrinkled face. The waning moon is shown over or beside the Crone. Her seasons are autumn and the colder months as she represents the winter of a woman's life. The Crone has the beauty of the Maiden and the Mother, but it is a mature beauty. In some cultures, the Crone is greatly revered but in others she is seen as a fearful presence. She is sometimes viewed as the stereotypical witch because of her powers and knowledge. The term "old crone" may be used as a derogatory word for an elderly woman. We may ask ourselves why would anyone want to be a Crone? The answer is simple. The Crone bears all the spiritual knowledge the Maiden and Mother worked to obtain. She is the embodiment of wisdom and as such should be shown great respect.

The role of the Crone is often as a guide and teacher for younger women. She has spiritual knowledge and is called to share this knowledge with others. See the Crone as the kindly grandmother, caring for her daughters and grandchildren. The Crone teaches the Maiden to walk the spiritual path and the Mother to find satisfaction there. She protects them and guides them on their way in life. If you have been close to a wise Grandmother in your own life, you have experienced the wisdom and caring of the Crone. She is the third aspect of the Triple Goddess and the completion of the female life.

Light a candle to the Crone during a waning moon if you desire her wisdom and knowledge. She can guide you on your spiritual path. A meditation focusing on the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess may point you in the right direction if you are standing at a crossroad in your life. Call her name and you may feel her guiding touch soon!

Triple Goddess

The Triple Moon Goddess and Spiritual Knowledge

The three aspects of the Triple Goddess are part of every woman's life. The spiritual phrase of your life may currently be the Maiden, Mother, or Crone. These phrases have less to do with actual age than they do with spiritual knowledge. Some women move from the Maiden stage into Motherhood sooner than others. The Crone phrase may begin at fifty, sixty, or beyond. Each woman's spiritual path is different and happens in her own time.

If you would like to know more regarding your spiritual phrase in life, please contact one the Psychic Source Advisors for a reading. I wish you all a wise and insightful journey with The Triple Goddess!

Shannon x9081


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Shannon is a psychic advisor with over 50 years of experience reading tarot and playing cards. She holds a degree in Literature, with a speciality in Women's Studies. Shannon has a Master Teachers certificate in Reiki and has trained over 150 students in Reiki healing. She is currently teaching Psychic Development Classes in her area and has continued this work for over 25 years. In her spare time Shannon is writing her first book, "How To Find Love At Any Age".


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