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Psychic Mediums Share Their Real Life, Ghostly Encounters

Date 10/31/2021
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Ghost Stories

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Tales of haunted places and ghost sightings are the stuff of countless movies, books, TV series, and tourist attractions. It seems we humans are a bit obsessed with the paranormal, and our psychic advisors, being so tuned into energy vibrations many of us cannot perceive, are especially sensitive to otherworldly communication of all kinds.

Interest in ghost stories reached a zenith in Victorian times, when people gathered in groups for seances and psychic readings, hoping to be entertained or enlightened. Even today, it’s not hard to find a ghost tour in every city or historical site – we still crave contact with departed spirits, especially those whose presence spooks us.

Spirit Communication and Ghostly Haunting: What’s the Difference

When people pass on they simply change dimensions. They can still hear and see you and sometimes communicate to those who are sensitive enough. Sometimes when a person or pet dies, his or her soul is still psychically attached to their physical body and/or their loved ones who are grieving them the most. They’re not ready to fully transition until able to reach out and to assure them that they are okay.

There are several ways that a soul or spirit may try to connect after death. One of the most common ways that our lost loved ones try to communicate is through dreams. When that doesn't work (some people can't remember their dreams), they might try manifesting a smell that is associated with them, for example, the smell of their perfume or cologne, or the smell of their favorite food. They sometimes even move things, making wind chimes ring or moving something that you know you didn't move. They often do this when the person they love is struggling with their grief the most.

You don’t need to be afraid of ghosts because most often, if you have the special gift to perceive them, they’re just departed loved ones dropping by for a visit, to say hello or to encourage you.  Animals often notice them before we do, so you might sometimes see your dog or cat staring at an invisible visitor, greeting them with a wag of the tail or a meow.

On rare occasions, however, a spirit may make their presence known in a more emphatic manner, such as turning water faucet or lights on and off or opening and closing kitchen cabinets. Or your pet may challenge them with a bark or a hiss.  

Such a soul may be troubled, usually for one of two reasons:  

1. They are departed relatives who have an important message for your family and are trying to get your attention!  A medium can talk to the spirit for you and find out what it is they are trying to say.

2. They are earthbound due to confusion (not realizing they’re dead), sorrow, and/or attachment to their house or persons they left behind.  This is a plea for help, and you should pray for them.  They may be intelligent spirits with a message, or ghosts who engage in the same repetitive actions or playback of scenes from the life they once lived. Either way, you may also want to ask a medium or a minister to assist the soul in letting go and crossing over into the next world.  

It’s the latter case that is most often associated with ghost stories and hauntings. Many of our psychics and mediums have been called to assist with space clearings and hauntings, as well as helping them cross over. Some are also professional ghost hunters, leveraging their psychic gifts to make contact. And some are simply as fascinated by the paranormal as the rest of us, taking tours of haunted places and reporting back what they experienced.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite ghost stories written by our psychics over the years, covering personal encounters with people, pets, and haunted places. Indulge in a darkened room, or gather a few friends together to read aloud, just as the Victorians would have done. Happy haunting.

Table of Contents:

Ghost Stories About People

Psychic Ghost Stories About People

A Brother’s Love

Psychic Dolores shares this story about her brother Ronnie, spirit communication, and the angel number 34.

“When we were growing up, we were best friends as well as siblings. We always talked about ghosts and that if one of us died first, we would contact the other.

When my brother was the age of 10, he saw an angel kneeling with hands together praying on the fence that was on the top of the hill in our back yard. Shortly after, my beautiful Aunt died of leukemia at the age of 34.

Fast forward. I knew something wasn't right with him and said to my mother, ‘he looks like death warmed over.’  He died of lung cancer at the age of 34.

Prior to his passing, one night I had a dream of a ruined city and people with no faces, which I interpreted to mean that someone in the immediate family was going to die soon. Also, a year before, he had broken my full-length mirror, bringing it up the stairs when he was helping me move. In superstition terms, this means death. The last movie we went to see before he died was called "Life After Death," which was about spirits roaming around after the soul leaves their body. Even stranger, about a month before he died, I went to over his house, and he was building a cabinet for clothes. I said, ‘Oh my God it looks like a coffin!’ He yelled at me and said, ‘it's not a coffin, it's a cabinet!’

Two days before he died, I was going to meet him over my mom's. I had the worst headache I could ever remember having. I took something, laid down for a nap, fell asleep and didn't wake up until it was too late to go. When I called my mother, she told me that it was a good thing I wasn’t there; he fell getting up from the chair and she had called the paramedics.  He died two days later at 4:00 a.m.

At the funeral, I could hear him call my name. After the funeral, everyone came over to my house. When Ronnie died, I had taken the cabinet he had built and placed it in my bedroom on the side of my bed. As everyone mingled downstairs, there was a knocking sound coming from the cabinet. I screamed to everyone downstairs who also said they heard it, I said "I'm sorry, Ronnie won't do that again!!!" Three days later (3 being my brother’s favorite number), I was woken up by the cabinet banging at 4:00 a.m.; the time he had died. I immediately called my mother and had her listen through the phone! It happened one more time which added to three, but never again.

The last time something happened, was when I was waiting for the bus to take me to the graveyard to place flowers on his grave. It had been raining and while I waited, my brother's best friend, who didn't come to the funeral saw me at the bus stop and pulled over to offer a ride. “Hop in; I'll go with you to the grave site.” Just as I placed the flowers on the grave the sun broke through the clouds, and it was as bright and beautiful as could be.

Never again after that did anything ever happen to spook me. I guess he moved on or thought that was enough for me...”

Assisting a Client Cross Over

Psychic Becca shares this story about her client, Mandy, who took a special interest in her work

“One of my many experiences of learning to assist with people that have died and not crossed yet (known as ghost or earth-bound spirits), came from when I worked in a salon and spa as a manicurist.

One day, I received the sad news that one of my regular clients Mandy, a young 24-year-old, single mom, had been in a horrible car wreck the previous evening. There had been a heavy rainstorm. One of Mandy’s friends was driving Mandy home from an evening out shopping. There was large debris in the road from the storm which forced them off the road and down a cliff.  The two girlfriends died in the car wreck.

Carol, one of my co-workers at the spa had Mandy as a client too; she was Mandy’s hair stylist. Carol asked me to go with her to the mortuary to fix Mandy’s nails for the viewing and funeral. Carol did this work on a regular basis for the mortuaries.

This was a first for me. As my co-worker Carol was fixing Mandy’s once, long bouncy blonde hair I couldn’t stop my teas. As I did my best to fix and polish Mandy’s mangled nails, I silently apologized to her for not having all the tools I needed to give her the long and beautiful nails she was always so proud of.

I felt someone watching us from the side of the room.  Then I distinctly heard Mandy’s voice asking me what was going on?  I had communed with earth bound spirits before, yet this was so raw, close, and personal.  Mandy wasn’t completely aware of her being dead. She wanted to know why; I wasn’t making her nails long like she preferred them. I had heard of stories like this yet had not experienced it at this level till now. 

I explained to Mandy what had transpired and the wonderful that awaited her on the other side.  I let her know that a specific family member was waiting there help her to cross over. We prayed together Carol, Mandy and I, assisting each other in whatever ways we could.

Mandy sat on my bed that night to commune with me before she went with her family member that had come to assist her on her journey home. This experience with Mandy was even stronger than at the mortuary that morning.  Amazingly I could feel her, hear her, and see her, just as clearly as I could see myself in a mirror.

Mandy does visit me from time to time. She assists me in helping others on both sides that have children left behind.  Mandy has helped me develop my psychic gifts and talents, and I feel blessed to assist loved ones on both sides of life to be in peace, in body, mind and soul.”

Through a Mother’s Eyes

Psychic Yvanya shares this story about her mother’s passing.

“In my teen years my mother endured a long and painful illness. One evening as she slept, after suffering through a particularly difficult day, I was talking in hushed tones with a couple of high school friends in the living room adjacent to her bedroom when I heard sounds of movement, soft rustlings, coming from her room. “Do you hear that?” I whispered. “Sounds like an animal moving around in my mom‘s room.” I heard the shuffling of paws on bare floor, the kind of sounds an animal makes as it stretches and settles down for the night.

My girlfriends, both natural clairvoyants, affirmed they sensed the spirit of a dog. Quietly I peered past the open door into my mother’s darkened room where she was sleeping peacefully. In the shadows at the foot of the bed I saw a dog, a collie, cross marked with darker spots amid white and russet colors, stretched out on the floor at rest. The emanations I felt were of a good-natured and trusted friend keeping watch over a loved one.

I knew all would be well with my mother that night.  The next morning over tea, with sunshine streaming in her window, my mother cheerfully listened to the description of her canine spirit guardian. “My goodness, that’s Laddie! Laddie was my first dog on the farm when I was a girl growing up!”

I’m convinced my mother had psychic gifts. It was not uncommon for her to be thinking of an old friend and have them call or show up at the door or on sadder occasions see their obituary appear in the paper. On several occasions, at times of crisis during her illness, she reported departed loved ones standing at her bedside.

In her late years, my youth far behind me and my children grown, I sat with my mother during another illness. We had been talking quietly, and she told me about a dream she had of my cousin who had passed the previous year, and how beautiful she was in a lovely dress glowing with light. And then during a relaxed lull in the conversation the end table lamp dimmed, flickered, and went out. I assumed the bulb had burnt out, yet something felt different. After a few minutes it flashed on again.  “That’s Judy,” she said. “That’s your cousin.” Shortly after that evening, sisters of my deceased cousin came to visit. Later upon inspection I found the lamp, which had not previously or since turned off and on by itself, was in good condition with no loose bulb or poor connection.

My Mom passed after a short, but devastating illness within a few weeks. And the loved ones during those early illnesses were waiting. “

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Ghost Stories About Pets

Psychic Ghost Stories About Pets

Psychic Clare shares her earliest memory of seeing a ghost.

“The memory of the first time I remember seeing a ghost remains very clear in my mind.  I was 5 years old and visiting with my grandparents.  They had a dog named “Flip” who was very dear to the family and had passed away about a month prior.  As I was sitting on the floor of the living room playing with my toys, I looked up and suddenly saw Flip walking down the hallway towards me! 

Her image was quite vivid although somewhat translucent; that is, she was clearly visible to me but not “solid.”  I said to my mother and grandmother, “Look, there’s Flip!”  They exchanged an uneasy glance and Mom told me, “Hush, don’t make up stories.”   “But I saw her, right there,” I insisted.  “Flip is dead, honey,” said Mom, in a firm but gentle tone.  However, the look on her face made me think that she in fact believed me, but that seeing ghosts was somehow taboo and not something to be discussed.

I have since seen my beloved pets including dogs, cats, horses, rats, and reptiles in my dreams.  It is easy to visit with departed loved ones in dreams because when we are asleep our soul is free to travel the astral plane, which intersects with the spiritual realms.  Many times, I have been visited by the pet dachshunds we had when I was a child, Schultz and Von.  Schultz had been crippled when he was finally put to sleep, but in my dreams – in his heavenly body – he is strong and whole, playing and leaping about as he did when he was young.

When people are close to death it is common for them to be visited by departed relatives who come to guide them.  As my mother approached her journey a couple of years ago, she had conversations with my grandparents and others who had passed.  The doctor said she was “hallucinating” but of course, I knew better. 

A day or two before Mom passed, I clearly saw her beloved silver tabby cat Miss Kitty, who had died a few months prior, walking down the hallway to her bedside.  She had come to bring Mom home.”

Psychic Renee Marie shares the story of her pets crossing the Rainbow Bridge

“Nina was a beautiful, rescued brindle greyhound.  From the day she entered our lives, it was all about her and my husband. She simply adored him.

A few months later we all went to a greyhound fundraising event to adopt another dog. I told Nina to go find a playmate to bring home.  Nina did find herself a large male greyhound that had just recovered from a broken leg.  He had his front legs on top of a picnic table and was trying to get a treat. He paid us no mind at all. I went over to the coordinator and said I would like to put my name in to adopt this dog.   

A week later we received news that we were approved to adopt him!  When we looked at his racing number and litter number, we found out that he and Nina were related.  We named him Shoobie and what a goofy, happy dog he was!  

Fast forward and it was time for Nina to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The vet came to our house so we could all be together for her. While the vet, my husband and I were in our living room with Nina, one of our dachshunds, Bridget, who was especially close to Nina, jumped out of the gate we had blocked and ran down the stairs to kiss Nina goodbye.  

At the moment she passed, I saw her spirit leave her body.  Then 30 minutes later, as I was putting things away, I felt a surge of energy that ran around my body. I looked up and saw Nina (it was like looking at liquid silver that covered her body), do a lap around me and run up the stairs to see the others.  For about two weeks she would wake me up at 12:00AM to bark and tell me she was still there. It was so loud, my husband even heard it.  

We were down to three dogs at this point.  Moving ahead to when it was Shoobie’s time to cross over, it was Eva, our other dachshund who adored Shoobie, who ran down the stairs to give him a kiss goodbye.

Shoobie is quite active in his spirit form always helps me with my animal communication.  Since he passed, there have been several times my husband and I would be watching TV and we see Shoobie walking in front of the fireplace with his reflection in the glass. So cool! But the best is when I lifted his dog bed to vacuum, and his spirit was in it. I did not expect it nor did I feel he was around. It felt as if his body was on the bed and he got up.

I’ve been visited by all my departed pets over the years. They are forever in my heart.”

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Ghost Stories About Places

Psychic Ghost Stories About Haunted Places

My Ghostly Sightings Aboard The Haunted Queen Mary By Psychic Raquel

“The Queen Mary is a majestic, art deco style ship from the grand old ocean crossing days. Construction began in 1930, and she was the jewel of the Atlantic. Celebrities, Royalty, and the wealthy graced her decks as she stylishly crossed the North Atlantic. At twice the size of the Titanic, she was a floating fortress of luxury. When World War II broke out, she traded her classic black, white, and red paint for a plain, flat grey.

She was now enlisted in the war effort and was given the new moniker of “The Grey Ghost”. Over the course of the war, she transported over 16,0000 troops, and ran countless missions. Only a few of those missions ending in disaster. One of the most distinguished wartime passengers was none other than Sir Winston Churchill. In what is now known as The Winston Churchill Suite, he signed the order for D-Day.

Touring the Majestic Queen

When I toured this now grand old ship, I was in awe of the history and the majesty of her historic decks. The beautiful Queen’s Salon, the art deco style architecture, the explosion of history around every corner took my breath away. But truth be told, I was not here for a history lesson, I was here for the ghost stories. 

My first encounter threw me for a loop. We had entered the engine room in the bowels of the ship. I noticed a little girl with blonde hair in pigtails, a pale blue dress with ruffled sleeves, around the age of 5 or 6 peaking around the room. I knew she was not of this world, and it took me by surprise. I had originally hoped to see the spirit of the sailor who was crushed in the watertight door, but she would suffice. I told my date, who was skeptical of my gift and the spirit world, about her. I explained my confusion and told him she doesn’t belong in this part of the ship. She was curious about us but kept her distance.

We were then guided into a huge, dark open space which once housed an enormous engine. The tour guide then explained that the most seen spirit in this area of the ship was that of a little blonde girl. Her origin is unknown, and she did not seem interested in communication. Feeling vindicated, my then date and now husband is no longer a skeptic, but a believer. 

An Evil Presence

As the tour progressed, we entered the first-class indoor pool. This location is a hotbed of paranormal activity. The women’s dressing room is the main source of energy in this part of the ship. The narrow corridor is long and dark. Dressing rooms with no doors line the walls. The air is thick, and hot. A feeling of anxiety filled my soul. Someone or something was causing a constriction in my throat and a tightness in my chest. A vortex seemed to have taken shape in these ancient changing rooms.

As the tour guide challenges us to each take a room and sit in the darkness, fear filled my heart. An oppressive male energy took hold of me. He is not a positive energy. I could feel as though he could reach out and grab me. He was angry, and foul. You couldn’t pay me to spend another minute or night in that small, cramped room. To my relief, the tour guide urged us to continue, and I exited the room. I regained my composure and said nothing to my partner of what I experienced at this time. 

A Second Lost Soul

The group walked out to view the swimming pool devoid of water. We are allowed to roam around and check out the design of the dimly lit pool room. I felt the air shift again, and a cold air pocket developed to the right of me. I felt a small child grasp my hand and heard her call out “mama?”. As I looked down, I realized I had come across another lost little girl. Not to be confused with the “Engine room Blondie”, this girl was slightly younger. I did not see her but felt her grasp and heard her speak. There have been reports that several people may have drowned in the pool during her tenure as an ocean liner. She may have been one of the victims, still reaching out and searching in vain for a mother. 

Other Famous Haunting Tales

We set off around various parts of the ship. The energy of this ship was intense. I heard different stories of hauntings around the ship. One of the most famous haunted tales of the ship is the banging on the side of the haul that is heard from the engine room. During the war, The Grey Ghost was put on radio silence to avoid U boats. A sequence of maneuvers was choreographed for a fleet of ships crossing the Atlantic from New York to Gourock. She was carrying 15,000 American servicemen when she collided with the HMS Curacao. The Curacoa (D41) had broken formation and more than 300 men perished. Legend says they banged on the hull of the ship, desperately begging for their lives. Their screams and pleas can still be heard. 

Another tale is that of room B340. Stories of paranormal activity in this room can date back to the final cruise in 1967. Reports of phantoms knocking at the door, lights turning on and off, bathroom fixtures burst to life with no one in sight, and a dark shadow that appears at the foot of the bed. When I was aboard the ship, the room had been closed off because of the activity. Originally, the room made up 3 third-class rooms. The rooms were remodeled to make one large suite. It had been used as an office, a hotel room, a storage room, and then left vacant for several years. No one would stay the entire night in that room, and no one wanted to use this room as an office. The room was completely bare. No carpet, no beautiful elaborate wooden walls, not even a bathroom. Just an empty desolate room.

The energy of the room was electric. You could feel the presence of not one, but three entities staring you down. I felt like I was invading someone’s sacred space. Not welcomed in that room, I respected their privacy and exited. Today, you can reserve room B340 and stay the night. It is no longer bare but made into a fully furnished suite.

The Queen Mary will always remain one of my most favorite places to ghost hunt, and my favorite ship to visit. Each time I journey aboard, I find I encounter someone new, and I make sure to say hi to the spirits I’ve met before. If you feel brave enough to walk amongst her haunted halls, they offer tours and host a full-service hotel.”  

Le Petit Théâtre in New Orleans By Psychic Rowen

Le Petit Théâtre opened in 1916 and is one of the oldest community theatres in the country. The history of the theater, like with many playhouses, has its share of celebrations and tragedies.  I could write four or five blogs on the various ghost stories associated with Le Petit Théâtre, but I’m going to focus on what happen to me. 

I’m an amateur actor in my own local community theater, so when our tour stepped on stage so that our guide could begin to tell us another scintillating ghost story, I felt a rush of pure joy. I just love the stage! My emotions were so strong and I wanted something… not sure what. But I wanted it SO MUCH. That’s when I realized that the “rush” I was feeling was not love for acting, but rather, a spirit sharing their emotions with me.

I looked up into the rafters, and there was a man. He was possibly the largest man I’ve ever seen in my life. Think: linebacker and then add more muscle. I was mesmerized by him and his overwhelming fear. As an Empath, I felt his fear. He needed to stay hidden. It was vital that he was not caught. I knew he was dead, but he hadn’t a clue. 

That was when my ghost tour guide’s voice filtered back my consciousness. She was talking about a runaway field slave named Perry who died in the theater from gunshot wounds. He was trying to escape his life as a field slave but unfortunately, he didn’t survive his wounds. He died in the theater completely unaware of his passing.  

For years, Perry was a constant presence at Le Petit Théâtre. He was the protector of little children spirits and a giant flirt with the ladies. His energy was beautiful to behold. He was eventually convinced to go the light and it is my hope that he’s with those he loves now. 

For me, it was a strong reminder of a dark time in our history. His story was sadly not unique, but his spirit was certainly one in a million.”

Three Ghost Stories from a Hotel in Hollywood, Florida By Psychic Dolores

"The White Lady" 

In the 50's a woman had committed suicide by drowning herself in the ocean behind the hotel. She was wearing a white dress and was barefoot.  The hotel was having an invitation only dinner, there was an attendant standing at the podium on the side of the doorway. A woman with a white flowing dress walked right pass the attendant not speaking or looking at him, he called out, "ma'am you have to have an invitation to go into the dinner. She then walked right by him and went up the staircase that was to his right.  He and another worker followed her up the stairs, the stairs led to a very small room that if you entered the only way out was that staircase that the men were standing on. She completely disappeared before they reached the room.   

"The Children Ghost" 

One of the security guards was making his rounds in the middle of the night and heard a loud bang in the ballroom. He went to investigate and it was three small children wearing old fashioned clothes banging on the outside windows peering in at the security guard. He was so frighted that he said he would quit before he went back into that room again. He did quit not long after. 

"The Bell Hop" 

One of my customers also had an experience at this hotel. She was with a friend walking around and ended up at the front door to the ballroom. Outside of the Ballroom on the wall there were pictures of the way the Hotel looked in the 40's and 50's.  An old bellhop approached and asked if he could help them. They noticed he was wearing a red uniform with gold trim which they thought was out of date, and that maybe he was wearing this uniform for a special occasion. 

My customer asked for brochures that included pictures of the way the hotel used to look. He said I will be right back and returned with pamphlets that didn't have the pictures she was interested in, but when she looked up to tell him that he vanished right in front of her.“

Art Gallery Ghost By Psychic Lily

“My friend Lorie said she did not believe in ghosts; I told her she might be in for a splendid surprise. 

Out in the wild, wild west, there once was a wild-as-the-wind American Indian Artist who lived a bountiful life. He worked in all mediums and there was never a dull moment when he was in a person's presence. One night when the full moon was a sassy saucer in the sky, Lorie and I ventured out to The Artist's Gallery, his gallery and not-so-final resting place. 

We drove up to his rustic wood fence and parked our car. With a touch of trepidation, we slowly drifted down the powdery dirt pathway to his grave. Now, this wasn't and still isn't, just any kind of ordinary grave site. The Artist's grave is covered in large and rugged turquoise stones with a four-foot-high wooden cross that is molded with enormous amber glass beads. Two of the beads protrude from the circular metal cross that hangs on the top of the cross. 

Lorie was brandishing her laser bright flashlight around the grounds, through the Chapel windows, and along The Gallery's sturdy adobe wall. She continued searching for signs of The Artist's Spirit and, in haste, she shined her light upon the circular cross. Like the liquid light of a dozen shooting stars, the two amber beads on his grave shot four-foot beams around her. Lightning had struck! She had finally met The Artist! 

Lorie gasped and I swear she jumped two feet off the ground. She ran so fast she left a small tornado of dust in her trail to the car like you see in those old-time cartoons. I said, "Lorie, it is just The Artist!" She replied: "And he is freaking me out so let's get out of here!" I must admit I did have the shivers as I ever-so-bravely stood before his grave and yelled: "D.G., you're forever alive!" 

I called The Artist's wife the next day and told her he had scared me and my friend. In her dry wit she replied: “So what's new? He scared you when he was alive in The Gallery and why should last night be any different." My friend Lorie now believes in ghosts and said she would not return to The Gallery without me even if it was bold daylight. 

The moral of this ghost story and our meeting up with The Artist is: One does not mess around with an Apache Shaman Medicine Man Artist. No wool was ever pulled over his eyes and never will be. The Artist in is The Light with his Elder Angels. He still walks around his Chapel and Gallery and if someone is looking for a blessing, they will get a jumpin' jolt of electric white light from his heart and soul. If someone is looking for him, they will find him!”

The Ghost Of The San Diego Zoo By Psychic Shanti

“Many years ago, I was on a tour bus at the San Diego Zoo listening to the guide talk about all the different animals. When she spoke about the zoo’s history, the guide mentioned how the zoo came into being. 

When exotic animal traveling exhibitions were abandoned after the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, a permanent tract of land in Balboa Park was set aside for a zoo. The zoo was ready to open in 1922. A woman named Ellen Browning-Scripps financed a fence around the zoo so that it could begin charging an entrance fee to offset costs. 

As the guide spoke about this, I saw the strangest thing just behind her head. There was a woman in an old-fashioned black dress with a black hat and veil, sitting on a chair in the middle of an empty exhibit. 

Our bus pulled up to the empty exhibit, paused, and the tour guide told us, "Later in the afternoon, you will find warthogs out. They’re in the back of their enclosure right now.”

I stared at the strange woman on the chair, and then looked around me to see if anyone else was curious about who she was, but no one seemed to see her. 

I decided that I was seeing things, until the end of the tour, when I overheard a little girl ask her mom, "Who was that lady in the warthog exhibit?" The mom looked confused and said that she had not seen a woman. 

Later that same day, I caught a glimpse of the same woman standing on the grounds by the flamingo enclosure, and then again standing among the trees by the Kudu exhibit. I wanted to speak to her, but I really didn't know what to say. I went on the internet and found a picture of Ellen Browning-Scripps and the resemblance was striking. “ 

Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome, Arizona by Psychic Renee Marie

“In June of 2000 I went to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my close friend and fellow medium, whom I will call “PD.” We decided to drive to Tucson, Sedona, and Jerome. The city of Jerome is in the Black Hills of the Yavapai County and is known as a historic copper mining town high up in the mountains.

As we got closer to the hotel in Jerome the roads became narrow, windy and mountainous. The hotel sits 5,000 plus feet above sea level. As we turned to drive up the steep hill to the Jerome Grand Hotel, there’s a large Mission style building that used to be a hospital, now a hotel.  I remember saying to PD “You have got to be kidding me, I’m not going to sleep tonight.”  There were a lot of children and women spirits there I could hear them!

We checked into the hotel at the front desk, and I asked the receptionist if the hotel was haunted.  She replied she knew nothing about it. We stepped into an old looking elevator.  We did not like it elevator one bit.  The energy was heavy and eerie, like someone was in the elevator with us.  But that was nothing compared to what we both would experience during our overnight stay. 

We go into our room, put down our bags and talked about what we wanted to do first.  As we are sitting on each of our beds facing each other, we thought we heard the bathroom faucet turn on.  PD got up and the faucet was indeed on, so she turned it off.  Before she sat back down on the bed the faucet turned back on again.  

We decided to do our own ghost hunting, so off we went. We placed the “Do not disturb” sign on the door handle outside our room.

I started to hear children running up and down the halls and felt female spirits all around as we walked straight down one hallway. The energy changed when we went down another hallway.  Both PD and I felt very heavy in our chest and legs. My friend felt we were close to where they set casts on broken bones.  

As we started to head back to the room, we saw other couples hoping to encounter spirits in the hotel. We approached our room and noticed the “Do not Disturb” sign on the floor in front of the door. PD said, “Oh, it’s probably just kids at the hotel messing with the guests.”  We hung it back on our door and walked in. That’s when the energy in the room started to change, it started to get cold, and our hair stood up on our arms. As we were getting ready for dinner PD turned to me and said, “Renee, I would not turn around if I were you. There is a woman right behind you, standing by the window at the foot of your bed.” I quickly moved away and turned to look back, but all I saw was the curtains gently moving.  

Before we left our room, we saw the bathroom door open then close. “I guess we are going to be awake all night” I said.  Mind you this was the first haunted hotel I stayed in.  

After dinner, we talked with the bartender and asked about the hauntings in the hotel.  We were told yes, it was a hospital back in the day and a lot of people died here. He asked us what floor our room was on, and he told us that is a very active floor in the hotel.

Sure enough, we did not sleep much during the night. It was a bit too active in our room and outside in the hallway, with voices of children running up and down the halls, yet no one was there when we opened the door. The “Do not disturb” sign on the handle outside our door was on the floor again. I recall experiencing feelings of being watched while we were in the bed, cold chills and the curtain moving again (and we didn’t even have the A/C on).  PD said that she felt a very heavy feeling in her chest, that it was hard for her to breathe, and she could not move her legs because it felt like someone was sitting on them.  

I think we finally got 2 hours of sleep.  

So, if you’re looking for a very active haunted hotel to spend the night in, this is it!”

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Residential Hauntings

Residential Hauntings

Sometimes, haunted places are closer to home. Last but not least, these two psychic advisors share ghost stories of their own homes.

Psychic Clare’s Story

Although I am not a medium and working with the departed is not my primary psychic gift, I am a minister and therefore occasionally am asked to assist with a haunting.  This is when a departed soul clings to their earthly habitation, which is both unsettling for the living residents as well as unhealthy for the departed, as it impedes their own spiritual progress.

I bought my current home as an estate sale; the elderly residents had died here.  It had been their vacation home and was a beautiful property at a very low price but had remained on the market for quite some time.  I felt very lucky to buy it.  After moving in I often heard footsteps walking around the house at night, but since I had a housemate, I assumed it was him.  However, after my housemate moved out, the footsteps continued!  It was only then that I realized the former residents had stayed here, which probably explained why the property had not sold.  Perhaps they had frightened off the other buyers.  But these were not “scary” ghosts, just an elderly couple very much in love, who had enjoyed their vacation home together and had many fond memories here.

So, on All Hallows Eve, I lit a candle and some incense, poured a glass of Cabernet, and sat down to talk with the ghosts.  I sensed that they were a bit confused and not fully aware that they were dead (this is not uncommon).  I prayed for them and their relatives and said, “You took such good care of this lovely home, and I am very honored to live here.  I don’t mean to be rude, but I must point out:  You are dead.  You have left your bodies and you’re kind of ‘stuck’ here.  I know you loved this place, but where you are headed is way better, and it’s time to move on.”  I prayed for them, and I could feel their joy as they ascended into the Light.

One All Hallows season a few years later when my husband and I had a psychic friend visiting, the ghosts who were the previous owners of our home dropped by briefly to say hello.  Clearly visible to all three of us, they walked hand in hand through the living room.  “Wow,” my friend said, “did you guys see that?!”  I explained who they were.  And then they departed.

Psychic Renee Marie - My Homes In New York And North Carolina

“Between 1994 and 1996, when I was living on a horse farm on Long Island, New York, there was a spirit that walked the property. 

It was a male spirit that I (and others) felt that had been killed on the property years ago. For some strange reason, this spirit took a liking to me. I called him George.

My friend Ellen and I would horseback ride in the back of the property. Each time we approached a certain spot on the outside of the track, we would get a very negative and strange feeling, as did the horses. Ellen, her children, and I all felt the same thing with this spirit.  

A few months went by and I had two new male roommates. That is when things started happening in the house. The house was set in the front of the property away from the barn and far away from the 1-mile track which was behind it.  George the spirit would start to mess around with the two male roommates. It was quite funny to me. They had no prior ghost or spirit experience before until they lived with me. They would hear banging on their walls so that the pictures would fall off, then run down the stairs and ask was I hammering something. “NOPE that must have been George!”  I laughed and said “I tried to tell you we had a ghost in the house, you told me I was nuts. Well, now welcome to my world.”

One night we were all downstairs watching TV and I went to get a drink. My other friend said, “Renee, you have a shadow following you.” I said that’s probably George. At this point he would not bother me and would only mess with my roommates. Then one day when I came home from work, I opened the front door to hear my answering machine click on and play my unheard voice messages. I thanked him for playing it for me and walked into my kitchen. Over the course of the following weeks, George would continue to play my answering machine messages, turn the doorknobs and mess with my roommates.

I called a few friends to come over and see if we could convince George to cross over. One of my friends was part of the New York Paranormal Society and asked that the group come to my home to do an investigation of the farm and house. Five members come to the farm, all receiving the same information from George that he was murdered on the property, that he was not out to hurt me, but that he did not like the males around me and was not leaving the property.

As time went on the property had bad luck; the owners lost the property for failing to pay the mortgage and it changed hands. Some of my friends who were intuitive no longer wanted to come over as they felt the spirit getting angered. Unfortunately, I was not able to help the spirit, George move on. To this day he is still on the property and this once beautiful horse farm is up for sale again.

Let’s fast forward to February 2016 when my husband and I moved into our just built home located in a development in North Carolina. Almost at once, the home felt strange to me. I thought it was due to the neighbors begin so close. We went from an acre of land to a postage stamp lawn.

In April, only 3 months after we moved in, things started to happen to me. At first, I thought it was my health. I felt very tired, I had no energy, and I was getting very moody and stressed. But when I went out and left the house, all that would go away. Then my husband would come home from work and within 20 minutes he would get angry out of nowhere. That’s when something started affecting my dogs in the house. 

By July, the energy had worsened. I started to get headaches which blocked my vision to connect with my guides. I began hearing footsteps in the house, and thought I saw my husband walking down the stairs from the third-floor bonus room…but he was not home! I had that feeling I was being watched constantly. It was not until I walked down the hallway looking at the mirror at the end of the hall that I saw a shadow behind me.

I finished working, cleared my space and when I returned to my office, I felt a very negative energy. I took a selfie so I could see what was behind me. There it was looking at me in between my stairs. It was a frightening validation that what I was feeling was not in my imagination.

Unfortunately, this was not the last encounter with this entity. About two weeks later as I entered my home I could feel it - a very heavy negative feeling as well as all the hair on my body stood up. My friend, another psychic said, “Stay on the phone and I will clear it.”  

As she was performing the clearing, we both heard a growl and then the phone disconnected. This scared the heck out of me; I had never encountered such an angry ghost. It took a few minutes for us to reconnect on the phone.  Then the same thing happened again, but this time I had warning from my friend that it was very angry and wanted her to stop. The phone again disconnected after we heard a growl. 

But before Kristin called me back, I felt a shift in the energy of the house. It was clear! My home and everyone’s health improved. And I was able to access my psychic gifts without the headaches and blocks which the ghost was putting in my way.


If you’d like to learn more about ghosts and spirits, check out this infographic and this article by Psychic Theo.



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