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3 Ways to Reveal Your Spirit Guides by Psychic Kittie

Date 11/12/2020
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Try flame gazing to connect with your spirit guides.

Try flame gazing to connect with your spirit guides.

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We never really know when they’ll show up in our lives, but your spirit guide is always there from the beginning. They make themselves known at different times in our lives. It could be because you’ve called upon them or they could come because you are in crisis of some sort, emotionally, mentally or physically and they sense you need them. No matter what you believe in, they are there to help when you need them most. To put you on the right path and to keep you going.

I’ve found spirit guides are different from spirits of your loved ones. I say this because as a psychic medium, I’ve noticed your departed loved ones just watch for the most part. Some do stick around and make themselves noticed and will come to you in dreams trying to get you on track. But spirit guides are something more. They are here to help you in your life, if you are open to it. They can be ancestors from hundreds or more years ago, they can be angels, and they can even be gods and goddesses of some sort. They are higher enlightened beings trying to bring you to a better way to live. A life that is good and full of love.

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

When it comes to Spirit Guides, you can have more than one or you may just have the one. But meditation is key to getting in touch with them. I have several meditation tips for you to try for relaxation and to help reach your spirit guides.

  • Flame Gazing: I love this one it works well for me. Pick a neutral tone candle (any size works) and light it. Make sure you have good quiet space to do this in. Then breathe deeply in and out and stare into the flame. Focus only on that flame and you will enter a very deep meditative state. The flame will show you things as well. I’ve seen my spirit guides in there before and they’ll show you things that you need to know, so pay attention. Keep a notepad handy when meditating so when you come out of it you can jot down anything you’ve seen or even sketch it out. Concentrate and ask your guides to come to you to help you on your life’s path and to show you what you need to know. After doing this for about 15 minutes, I’ve generally seen what I need to, and it wipes me out. So, start with less time if you find exhaustion creeping up on you.
  • Scrying: You can use a bowl of water or a mirror to do this. Scrying can be used to see visions as well same as flame gazing. I personally prefer the bowl of water; I tend to stick with the elements. I like music on when meditating this way, something that is soothing and stays at a solid noise level. Stare into the bowl or mirror. Do not focus on your reflection. Look through it which will come as you concentrate and relax. Ask for your guides to come to you. Call to them to make themselves known and to show you the path to go on. I’ve literally seen the water move and, in the mirror, I’ve seen ripples as well. It’s pretty amazing when you get to that point. This should also be done for around 15 minutes and you’ll be pretty tired.
  • Traditional Meditation: I love regular meditation for reaching the spirit guides too. This of all of the methods is the most relaxing and actually becomes more of an auditory experience so you’ll know also if you are a clairaudient too. You don’t necessarily need to sit on your floor, you can use a chair if the floor isn’t comfortable. You can even lay on the floor. I tend to do this because I can fully relax each part of my body letting it just lay there a few minutes. For this I like nature sounds, it helps me get to my happy place. That’s the thing with meditation you have to know your happy place. To get your body fully relaxed, listen to what you like that helps you get there. First, close your eyes and go to your happy place, a walk in the woods, the trees shading the path you’re on, a babbling brook nearby, birds chirping in the trees. Once you feel comfortable in your happy place, call to your guides. I say this out loud, asking them to come to me. Ask them to appear to you. I have to say this is the best chance of really getting a good look at them. The other methods will give you shapes and shadows, but this will bring your spirit guides clearly to you if they wish it. I can practice this as long as an hour if I have a lot to talk about. This method will be more balanced. You’ll be tired but refreshed.

I hope that you get out there and try these methods. I know there are other ways but for me these have worked and are tried and true.

Your spirit guides are here to help you, why not let them. We all want to live a better life and to know that we are on the right path, let them be in your life to assist you and live up to your potential. Once you let them in, your life will change in a more positive way. Just remember with all things if they feel negative or push you to a dark path, then they are not your guide, but something else. Tell any negative entities to leave you that you do not wish their help and cleanse.

I wish you love and light on your travels to find your spirit guides.


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