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Is Your Past Life Holding You Back? 7 Ways to Know

Date 4/23/2020
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Your past life can have a huge impact on your future

Your past life can have a huge impact on your future

We all have some issues in our lives that stops us from moving forward. A break-up, the loss of a loved one, or a situation at work can all be stumbling blocks. Did you know that what happened in your past life could be the cause of these present-day issues? Your past life experiences affect what happens now, so take a look at seven ways to know if it's holding you back.

You Find it Hard to Forgive Someone

Were people mean or deceitful towards you in the past? If so, it may lead to a lifetime of not trusting anyone. This past hurt makes it hard for you to believe when someone says "I'm sorry." Take a moment to revel in your past and forgive the ones who hurt you. For help in focusing on the present moment, try meditation. 

You Live In Constant Fear

A physical attack or verbal abuse that happened in your past life could be the driving force behind your present-day fears. These occurrences might keep you from taking positive steps toward bravery because you think they will happen again. Taking a self-defense class should help you learn how to brace yourself for any future attacks.

You Feel Like You're Not Good Enough

There are days when you do not feel positive. There could have been moments in your past life where someone said you weren't worthy of his or her time, be it a boss or a lover. Calling up a psychic hotline and chatting with an authentic psychic can help shed some light on this issue, which can start you down the path toward a more fulfilling life.

There's a Pattern of Bad Relationships

Does it seem like your past lovers are the same type? If they were not good to you, take some time to journal what their personalities were like before, during, and after the relationship. Seeing this on paper helps you realize the choices you made and ways you can make different decisions in the future.

You're a Perfectionist

You have ambitions of being the best in work and life, yet you feel stuck in your present progress. Something could have happened in a past life that you aren't aware of. Consider attending a past life regression therapy session to find out if your past activities are at the root of these stumbling blocks.

Your Health is in Trouble

A major illness can occur when you don't take care of yourself. A yoga session not only helps strengthen your body, but the rhythmic breathing helps bring about a state of calm. Regular practice helps your mind and body be more in tune with each other, which is vital for a healthy present and future. 

You Bully People Around

Bullying is more than beating up on someone physically. Bullies often shout, are rude, and step on others to get what they want. You may have this problem, but you do it anyways because something in your past life may have caused these actions. Talk to a psychic online for help getting to the root of the problem and determine ways to break the cycle.

Your past life can come back to haunt you in the present. These seven signs can help bring awareness, allowing you to break free from your past life for a strong and healthy present (and future)!


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