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Psychic Rhiannon's Sigils for Manifestation Ritual

Date 3/27/2021

An example of what your completed Sigil may look like.

An example of what your completed Sigil may look like.

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BEGIN RITUAL WORK BY CREATING A SAFE SPACE - USE ANY FORM OF PRAYER YOU DESIRE (Such as, the Light of God surrounds me, the Love of God enfolds me, the Power of God protects me, Wherever I am God is and All IS WELL).

The intention behind this ritual is to quickly, easily, create, activate and use a sigil to manifest (create into being or draw towards you), a desired relationship/object/situation, etc.

Materials needed: pen, paper

Intention is always key when using rituals. Especially now that Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius, we are manifesting (and or drawing towards our being), at a faster rate whatever or whomever we apply the most energy (thought/word/deed). That means carefully consider if you really need to create a sigil to achieve your desired outcome. Also, do not OVERUSE sigils. Sigils are NOT a replacement for positive action towards achieving your goals; they are but a tool. Resist the temptation to rely on sigils to achieve everything. They can be useful to create inner change, but you need to also apply responsible, thoughtful intention and action.

Next, you probably want to write your intention down. Look at it. Spend some time meditating on it. Evaluate it. Most important is that it needs to be literal and clear. An example of an intention would be to enjoy a more joyfully confident cooperative relationship with my child’s new teacher. Another way is to just write what you desire. When talking to the teacher I want to feel confident, prepared, heard, relaxed, effective, appreciated, included. Simplify it as much as possible by crossing out the ones LEAST important. Let’s use the example of confident, relaxed, effective. Of course, be realistic. Don’t list an intention such as, I want to be a millionaire by 7:30am tomorrow morning. (Well, at least not for your FIRST ONE - LOL!!!!).

Now that we have our sentence, “I am confident, relaxed and effective when working with my child’s new teacher,” we cross out all of the vowels leaving: m,c,n,f,d,n,t,r,l,x,d,n,d,f,f,t,v,w,h,n,w, r,k,n,g,w,t,h,m,y,c,h,l,d,s,n,w,t,c,h,r. 

Next, we remove all duplicate letters leaving: m,c,n,f,d,t,r,l,x,f,v,w,h,k,g,y,s. 

Be pleased with whatever you are able to create. Try not to focus on perfecting how it looks. That will create bad energy and vibrations and we only want to “attach,” positive vibrations and feelings to our sigil.

Activating your sigil will attach the intended energy. You can choose from various methods to activate your sigil. It is best to use whatever truly ignites your soul and spirit. When ready to begin activation, find a space to work. Some people include chanting, dancing, meditation, music, even sex! Be sure to include visualization of the outcome and focus on the intended feeling you desire when your sigil is successful. An easy way to activate your sigil requires only a few things: a fire-proof bowl, matches/lighter, your sigil (paper), and a SAFE place to work with the fire and smoke. Your ritual space (if you have one), will serve nicely as an undisturbed place for you to work and focus. Hold your sigil in your hands and close your eyes. Focus on your intended success and how you want to feel when it happens. Breathe deeply visualizing roots from your feet going down into the very center of the Earth. When you are ready, open your eyes, state your intention and burn your sigil safely in the bowl. Ignite the paper as you state your intention.

Imagine you have already achieved your success as you watch your sigil burn. Also visualize flames burning up any doubts in your mind until all of the doubts are gone.

Once the sigil has burned and the embers are out. You can choose to do whatever you desire with the ashes. Try not to focus on the problem any longer. Continuing to focus on an issue, person or situation AFTER you have created and activated the sigil may interfere with its success as your thoughts are things.

You can also use the sigil to remind yourself of your success or build confidence. How you use it is totally up to you! Check out this YouTube video for more information. 

This Ritual is designed as a suggestion for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only. The Author (Rhiannon) or Psychic Source accept no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make.

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Advisor Rhiannon is a Master level teacher and spiritual social worker with experience counseling children & families, aging and disabled adult individuals, mental health clients, HIV-positive individuals, and the dying. A life-long learner with a penchant for service to others, Rhiannon continues to explore new and innovative ways of acquiring and honing new lightworker tools. Recent intriguing topics include remote viewing, Chaos Majik, and her most current research on Sigils.


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