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Welcome to a resource center for exploring the intersection of New Age thought and practices with data driven insights.

Offering intriguing original research related to New Age spirituality, esotericism, and psychic phenomena, we aim to challenge the perception of modern metaphysics as weird and woo-woo. This is the place we’re building a collection of articles offering insightful research, thoughtful analysis, and yes, sometimes even entertaining commentary on a movement we take very seriously.

Modern New Age Spirituality Meets the Mainstream

For too long, the idea that New Age spirituality has no basis in solid science and reality has kept industries like psychic services operating under a cloud of disrepute. Despite the endurance of media stereotypes, we’ve watched as practices rooted in spiritual consciousness, mysticism, astrology, sacred nature, divination, and destiny have moved into the mainstream. New Age rituals such as meditation, yoga, crystals, energy healing, and psychic services are more popular than ever.

At the same time, advances in technology and data science push us to look beyond the confines of what we perceive to understand. Like the astrologer piecing together the data points on a natal chart, the tarot reader integrating psychic perception with the story of the cards, or the public’s wonder at gazing at the latest Webb telescope images of the universe, it is thrilling to contemplate the nature of the mysterious and unknown.

Where the Digital Age Meets the New Age

As the nation’s oldest, continuously operating psychic service, Psychic Source is in a unique position to reflect upon the changes we’ve seen in the way psychic services are perceived, promoted, and utilized. As a company with deep roots in technology and data science, we love to geek out on data. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of data related to our industry out there. We aim to change that.

Through consumer surveys, data analysis, and a fresh look at modern trends, we’ll share our discoveries and insights, and as any good psychic does, welcome your inquiries and questions.

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October 10, 2023 by Psychic Source

Find out how often Americans check their horoscopes and which states search the most for astrological guidance

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What Happens When We Die

March 8, 2023 by Psychic Source

Exploring Americans’ thoughts on death and the afterlife, their near-death experiences, and how astrology might impact beliefs about what lies beyond.

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Psychic Children

December 7, 2022 by Psychic Source

Children are often more attuned to extrasensory stimuli. How often do kids exhibit psychic abilities, and how do parents feel about having a psychic child?

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