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Echoes of Past Lives by Psychic Rowan

Date 7/14/2022
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Echoes of past lives can manifest in several ways.

Echoes of past lives can manifest in several ways.

All of us have had past lives, even if we are Starseeds, or some other originality. We incarnate for many reasons, most often a combination of them. Our links to people in this lifetime can be painful and puzzling because of these links, if we do not learn to recognize these patterns and more importantly, what can be done to mitigate or negate them.

We must also stress that past lives and their echoes can manifest in several different ways. Let us discuss some of these:


One client of mine couldn’t quit smoking and he wasn’t really sure why. He knew the health risks, but no matter what he tried, he seemed unable to stop reaching for his next cigarette. The answer as to the “why” came to them from a past life echo.

This particular gentleman had been a survivor of a major cataclysm in the distant past. That lifetime had him employed post calamity, as a lookout for other survivors. The client’s small band of survivors clung to hope for many days, weeks, months and years, in hope for a glow of a coal on the horizon. Therefore, he had a higher than normal attachment to this unhealthy habit, as it evoked an ancient sense of hope and searching. Not surprisingly, the client stated that his favorite time to indulge in his smoking habit was at sundown and for hours after, as if it were a ritual. Hopefully understanding the reason from his past that he continues to smoke will allow him to be able to stop easier now.


Our dreams inform us, helping us shape future realities and introducing us to soul family members that have been, will be or are presently involved with us in our current time/space reality. In dreams, we can accomplish many things though it takes some skill and education in terms of exploring the dreamscapes with intent and purpose. It is helpful to keep a journal of our dreams, as we can easily track patterns and slowly a picture should form of our dream lives. If we encounter a troublesome person in this current timeline, we can address or resolve the issue through past life regression or dream work.


This is the most prevalent reason for the echoes of past lives. In basic terms, the classic karmic dance usually consists of something like this:

Jake hurts John (lifetime #1), therefore John hurts Jake (lifetime #2), etc.

But sometimes we are part of a group soul karmic cycle, which helps to explain things like a client born in northern Africa feels inexplicably drawn to a tiny Micronesian Island. Karma can draw people to careers they have practiced before and manifesting a talent from the past is also common. Feeling compelled to serve in certain ways can be karmic echo from past lives, and these subtle energies influence us daily.

A Date with Destiny

Sometimes we, as souls in the ether, before we are born to this body, make a choice to be incarnated at a certain time/space for a specific event or activity. You won’t know about it until it happens, but it was actually predetermined long ago.

Past Life Readings are helpful in identifying past life connections, however, we can focus on the past life in the altered state of deep meditation to extract this information from our very bones, where the memories of our ancestors’ dwell.


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Rowan has over 30 years of experience in study of the hermetic sciences. She is a professional intuitive, certified hypnotherapist, ordained minister and energy worker. She specializes in walking others through their darkness, sharing her candle's flame.


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